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 The Fox Strays

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PostSubject: The Fox Strays   The Fox Strays EmptyThu Aug 26, 2010 1:13 am

As he walked through the trade district, taking in the sights of the many different stands and shops, he took extra care to avoid direct contact, fearful of the reaction that was sure to happen. He was a Kitsune, with a bit of Draconic lineage thrown in, he had learned the full extent of his past after a very, conflicted fight for his life and those he had dubbed friends. After wondering the world for a good many years, he had forgotten the battle itself, and the city, in its constant motion had repaired the seemingly irreparable.

He walked past what he remembered to be an important spot from the fight and stopped. In the gravel were scorch marks, which were formed in a draconic rune. The memories seemed to flood back and before he could stop himself he felt the terror for himself and his friends, the joy of no longer being alone, and the rage of his enemy taking something he had deemed precious.

Before he could grasp onto his draconic nature and reel it in, IT disrupted the kitsune illusion he had on himself and his fox ears, as well as his nine black fox tails came into full view. At least to him, the crowds stopped, the commotion stopped, and all eyes seemed to be on him. He was worried, the last town he had been in had nearly killed him, after all, he was technically a demon.

He began to back up, hoping to avoid trouble but found himself moving only to the ruined district that had been left in honor of the fight that had happened so many years ago. His fox ears dropped placlatingly, and his whole presence seemed to apologize as he backed himself into the rubble and hid himself mostly from view, fearing the worst from the people he had inadvertently saved in the fight he had come to remember.
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The Fox Strays
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