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 Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.

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PostSubject: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:46 pm

The breeze blew steadily on the plateau as a warrior standing in monk Robes stood with his eyes averted to the sky watching the clouds roll lazily by pushing the UV protective glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose with his middle finger. Sniffing the air lightly he had come a long way from sulfur and brimstone. Even the gates of hell stood no match for his sacred blade which he toted openly over his right shoulder his belongings wrapped around the hilt of the nine foot katana.

His right arm resting upon the hilt caused his wrist to hang lazily over the belt buckles count of three over his vest like under armor. There was a sense of surreal peace in the air which the sword master learned long ago could not be very conducive to ones health if left unchecked. Walking further down the incline the master of swords came into view upon the horizon the garb billowing brilliantly in the mid day sun. There was much he had yet to discover in these lands his first stop however perhaps the most urgent.

Visiting the temple of light it had been engraved in his mind since his death that the temple of light was the key to all sentient life in these lands perhaps he could find some answers or perhaps was this too just another wild goose chase?

His eyes steeling over with resolve the warrior passed the gates to the kingdom with a look of little interest as he walked his aura fluxed and ebbed against the rising air currents effecting the weather in his immediate vicinity in the form of a low pressure system trapped within a small pocket of area which caused the light to bend and distort his features enough to reflect light. Revealing of all things Feather soft white wings. The closer to the temple of light he approached the more pronounced his true appearance became.

He just hoped whatever was waiting for him was friendly he was in no mood for a bloodbath
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:27 pm

As the morning sun came rose above the crest of the towns edge Riku was called into the imperial headquarters to get debriefing on the newest assignment. Climbing the tower stairs Riku noticed the rest of the rest of the guards leaving for their posts.

"Your target is a red robed swordsman. His weapon is a nine foot katana. Keep your guard up and escort him to the castle walls. After so return here to see his safe arrival. Dismissed." said the Captain of the Imperials.

Riku bowed and left the guards quarters. Leaving the tower he went and quickly retrieved his horse and set ride for hells gate. After a five day hard ride of battling and haste he arrived at what the map had described as hells gate. And as told their was only one man there and he was as described a man but had the same kind of aura that Riku had previously encountered in the Angelic people on the other side and the same as his.he was all too familiar but he could see that this man fought his way out of hell and is in top shape to kill more annoying demons that Riku inevitably knew they would run into.

"Excuse me swordsman. I have been hired to escort you to the city castle. I will provide any assistance you need." Riku said annoyingly because of the fact that he hated to imperial rules on being a good host even though it usually got him nowhere.
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:27 am

Deux was in the middle of meditation when the soldier announced himself his aura was focused calm and wavering almost fluidly from his body as it mixed with low pressure weather systems in the area seeming to dance across the heavens as his eyes snapped open the image of the ones he had lost snatched from him again as his solidarity was broken his concentration no more.

Turning to face the escort his robes had holes down near the base of the tapestry which had seen its fair share of combat letting his right arm rest in the seem of the robe he walked past the boy. He had seen almost two hundred years of battle as he walked he pushed the glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose with his middle finger walking past the boy silently. He did not care for introduction he was looking for someone and that was his goal.

His eyes moved to the sides of his vision as he watched the soldier carefully. There was nothing to be said between them but still he offered the single sentence.

"lets get this over with kid..."

He was tired and broken the Sword-master of Aledius wanted so deeply wanted to slumber but in his heart he knew it could never be so...The pressure system began to pick up as rain began to fall it was as if the very illusion of his emotions controling the weather how could one be sure?

No one knew anything of him....
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:16 pm

Syndee saw the storm system flowing around that seemed almost to come out of no where. Blinking, the curious child that she is, decides to go check out. Besides, there was a place that she hasn’t been too and hoping that she doesn’t burn when she gets there. Skipping all the way up there, periodically talking to Happy and having to calm him down a few times, she sees a man and then once she skipped a bit further up, a solider. It was just at this time that it started to rain.

“Well Damn it! See Happy.. This is what I get when I don’t pay closer attention to the weather when I wake up. Now I’m going to get all freaking wet and have to get some new clothing in the process.”

She was pissed as she scuffs her shoes against the ground.


Screaming in frustration before looking to the man and then the solider and once more back to the man.

“Do you believe this shit! It was clear skies this morning and now… Where the hell did the damn rain come from?!”

Those innocent looking eyes seem to shift into something more sinister before the eye contact she was trying to have with the man breaks. She starts to walk and then stops looking back over her shoulder.

“Come on you two… Don’t want to get soaked now do you?”

One hand on her hip as she has the other one in Happy’s paw.

“Besides, Happy is getting pissed that he is getting wet. You don’t want Happy to be pissed. He is really ferocious.”

With that, she turns and continues back towards the city. There went her chance today to see the Temple of Light. Maybe tomorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:32 pm

Watching the man pass him Riku turned to follow. He could tell this journey would be a stressful one being this man was corrupt by hell itself there would be lots of fighting to do. "We will travel faster on horse. Mine is down the pathw......" He stopped as the rain started to come down and hearing small footsteps behind him. Raising one eyebrow and turning his head he placed a small girl rambling on about the rain.

Riku reached toward his bag and pulled out a small coat for the young girl because of previous imperial escorts of young children out of various dangerous zones such as this one but another of his angelic senses went of telling him to be careful around these two. "Excuse me miss if your upset about getting wet you can use this rain coat" Riku said calmly catching up to her as she trotted her way in the direction of town. Riku waited on the rain to let up a little and pulled out a homemade pipe for herbs that repelled diseases and healed his wounds giving him energy. Given to him by the angelics he encountered as a kid. They told him that it would be in a pouch of holding that refilled itself after it was empty. Loading his pipe he lit it with a match under his hand and calmly puffed on it. Which instantly gave him energy to keep trotting on. All the imperials had inspected the medicinal herb and had no idea where it came from because no such plant ever existing before.

Walking down the path Riku saw a sight that he wish the young woman didn't have to see. His horse lay upon the hard rock floor ripped in half by god knows what and mutilated with its intestants laying beside its corpse. " Oh no....... this is going to set us back." he said calmly remembering the last fifty horses he found dead for various reasons. " We continue on foot then."
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:46 pm

Deux's power began to elevate at the sight of the mutilated animal his mind shifting into primal gear as he felt a familiar presence he thought he had escaped and left far behind in the gates of the underworld.

Apparently the fates saw it entirely different as his energy began to rise his aura seeped freely from his body oozing and ebbing with titanical force.

"Riku take the girl and run as far and as fast as you can..."

His muscles buldged violently his feet digging deep fissures in the ground as his teeth nashed together in a suppression of physical pain his aura begining its double helix ascension in to the heavens as he nearly doubled over. his robes flailing madly as his hands clenched into fist.

"In the name of the fallen I command these restraints to release in the name of Darkness BREAK THE TIES THAT BIND!!!"

Hissing loudly in rage his power ascended beyond that of any presence previously felt in the area as his robes began to disolve.

His skin began to crack violently and ebb with red aura as his heart rate accelerated and his pulse quickened the air around his body was drawn around him to create a tiranical windstorm. As he threw his head back laughing insanely. The demented level of laughter ceased almost ten seconds into the whole transformation as Deux took off from his hunched over position and sailed through the air grabbing seamingly at air as his fist closed around it as if crushing something before the spiritual cloaiing of the creature disolved into nothing as a high pressure windstorm would blow past riku and the child at a radius of 5 miles clearing trees and boulders for miles as if they were nothing to contend with what so ever.

As the dust finally cleared a man standing 6'0 but severly more athletic stood in Deux place his hand now holding a two handed bastard sword engraved with angelic runes all down the length of the blade. His hair standing longer now against his shoulders and his robes now replaced by tightly fitting armor and a shoulder pauldron forged of gold and angelic blood.

Piercing red eyes stared down the creature that had mutilated the horse the creature standing atleast seven feet in height Deux wasted no time in charging forward his feet only touching the ground once as if flying with unseen wings toward this tyrant of destruction as he drove the hilt of his two handed sword up into the jaw of the creature knocking it back before pummeling it with hammer strikes ranging from 1-100 as he drove his knee up he sent the creature skyward giving chase as if never breaking forward momentum as he flipped up and over this creatures shoulders. Before sending the toe of his boot digging into this creatures spine before sending it plummeting back to earth its muscular structure comprised much like human he felt bone break as his foot connected rocketing the thing toward earth coming down with a two handed thrust he drove the blade straight through the creatures upper torso perfectly through its lungs and heart and gave the hilt of the sword a quick twist.


Aura rushed from the blade and swelled the creature beyond recognition as entrails and gray matter along with bone and extravagant amounts of blood now littered the road way Duex in his new form now ripped his blade out of the reminence of spine and stepped over the severely eviscerated corpse.

"Damn Creepers...Get harder to notice every year..." His demenor was prideful as if arrogant or cocky it was as if his transformation was of one Shedding a disguise from the world walking past the little girl and riku now he shouldered the broad sword his lips pursed as he whistled a chilling dirge for the dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:26 pm

Looking to the rain coat that almost appeared out of no where, just due to her not paying attention, she turned and looked to it. Her eyes drifts up to the man holding it.


Eyes narrowing before shifting to the coat.

“It’s not acid… I’ll be fine. I just like to complain though I’m sure that Happy would like it.”

She walks over and takes the offered coat then up against the temple to shield her from the rain, or she hopes. Taking Happy, she wraps him up in the rain coat, buttoning and everything before placing him under her arm; the nose of the stuffed animal pressing against her shoulder.

“Happy says thank you for the coat Mister.”

Just as she looks up at the solider speaking, she sees the puff of herbal smoke then followed his eyes as she hears those words coming forth from his lips. Following the direction that he was looking, she sees it. The dead eviscerated horse. She can see the entrails being all shiny and still holding some of the blood on them before the rain diluted them. Her eyes seem to light up and just as she was going to walk over to it and jump in the puddles of blood, she felt the power ebbing forth as her eyes shift towards Duex. Feet stopping at the words that flows into her ears, she narrows her eyes once more.

“Look you… I don’t know who you think you are but I can take care of myself.”

Her hands move onto her hips as she felt the ground shake and start to rip. Blinking down and then covering a yawn as if bored or that she has seen all this power before, she turns and heads back towards the solider. Not cause she felt safer, no… It wasn’t that. It was that she didn’t want to get in the way of fight. She hated getting the way. It usually ends up with her being hurt and one of the opponents being dead. Granted all she would have to do is blink her innocent eyes and her healing would be taken care of by the nearest priest available. Resting one of her hands on her hip, she looks down to Happy.

“ I wonder how long this is going to take and I wonder if the rain will ever let up. It’s almost depressing. It was such a beautiful day and now look at it.”

Watching the display of energy usage and physical prowess, she just watches it cause… well… It’s the only thing to watch at the moment. It wasn’t even two moments that her attention was drawn to some… Keys!! Turning her attention to the keys, she sneaks over to the right side and reaches her hand out. Fingers wrapping around the largest key there, she moves her head in closer to examine it before moving it from side to side just to hear the jingle of the various metals together. Giggling at it, she releases it before her attention was turned to the wet sound of body parts hitting the ground. It was a familiar sound that was like music to her ears.


Clapping and jumping up and down, Happy gets dropped only for her to pick the stuffed animal back up and into her arms. She sees the gray matter and bones laying all around and sure even though the wind moved the trees and rocks and the transformation of the being in front of them, didn’t stun her, it was the images she got in her mind that made her run out from standing near the solider towards the massive destruction. Once close to it, she starts to pick up the bones with this elated look in her eyes and a very happy smile on her face. Bending over when she say gray matter, her fingers picks up a small chunk and squeezing it. Feeling how squishy and warm it still was. Bringing it up to her nose, she smells it before making a very horrible face.

“Oh ewe! This smells horrible. Almost like brimstone and urine. What the hell was this thing consuming?”

Shaking her head realizing that it is better to not know, she drops the gray matter before skipping around until she sees a few puddles of blood. Laughing, she runs over to one, jumps into the air and lands it sending the blood all over the place. It coats itself all over her. From her dress to in her hair and even on Happy. Repeating that action until there is no more blood in the pool, she goes in search for more puddles to jump in. Once two more puddles was empty of their contents, she turns her attention to the two males near her.

“Can we go now? I think I have gathered enough bones to make a really cool necklace for Happy and I. See!”

She holds her hand out as there was enough to maybe make one necklace and a bracelet.

“I just need to get some thread. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll go see the seamstress in town and she can help me.”

Laughing, she starts to skip off in the direction of town before stopping once more and looking to the one that seemed to shift in appearance.

“Why the difference in appearance dude? You know you looked fine before that. Trying to impress someone or was that just the side effect of using so much energy that you probably didn’t have to use. That demon didn’t see to be so strong.”

Shrugging, she smiles to him even if trickles of blood runs down her face. Turning, she returns to the skipping.

“Back home Happy. We both can get clean and go have dinner. Sounds good huh?”

She giggles as those brown curled tendrils bounce with each skip.

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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:51 am

Riku felt the energy rise around the swordsman and realized as the man's energy was effecting Riku's own angelic ability aura shield causing it to manifest into one giant silver wing that covered both him and the small girl. Realizing the moving keys on his back he saw the demise of what the imperials had warned Riku about. They called them creepers. After that he turned his head toward her the aura steadied at a high rate which made the wing smaller and like mist that unless you were really paying attention you couldn't see. She had stopped jingling my keys and had moved only into jumped into a puddle of blood. Riku's eyes widened and he shook his head remembering that even in several other jobs he worked that weird individuals always came around. He looked toward the swordsman to make sure he had seen what had happened earlier the dissolving of his former self and the transformation in which he had become younger and his original sword had changed into a two handed bastard sword.

"Your a corrupt angelic aren't you? Why are you out of heaven? I haven't seen one of yall in 11 years. What is your name?" Riku said toward the swordsman.

He was very surprised to have met another one after so long. This man was most definitely an angelic but he wasn't pure anymore which was very odd considering Riku was not corrupt nor come out of the gates of hell.
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:15 pm

Deux canted his head slightly to look over his shoulder his eyes shut lazily as he held the sword with ease of one hand the kid was an angelic creature pity he was weaker than most of the angels Deux had killed no matter he had other matters to contend with. Walking past the little girl tromping in the blood Deux shook his head before jumping slightly and taking his leave from the ground heading toward the castle at high speed his aura projecting around his body before he took his leave of this rag tag squad of travelers.

His body had traveled so far and so fast in a short period of time it caused a sonic boom to scream across the heavens closing his eyes slightly deux wondered faintly if his sister was still alive. He had watched her over the years as if a guardian but it was not always enough after emerging from the gates of hell Deux felt as if he lost a part of himself....

The sky began to darken as his emotions once more came into play thunder striking across the heavens as he flew lower in and out of the tree line as his boots touched down for but an instant before he took to the skies once more and off into the horizon.

He wanted to see if Riku was able to keep up if not he was going to smash through the gates and bring hell on earth...

After all it was all in good fun...

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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:38 pm

She looks to the man that just took flight. Blinking, she turns to the only other person there.

"Well Fuck... That was almost retarded. He just ignored me... Damn asshole. Arrogant bastard. He needs to be taught manners."

Shrugging, she blinks once again.

"Soooo... Let me guess. You are going to take flight too since I saw that wing of yours and that bubble of deflection.... or whatever that was... I'll walk. See you around Imperial pawn."

She skips on back towards the city.
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:11 pm

Riku saw the swordsman fly away and couldn't help but realize that this dude is about as assanine as the rest of the rogue swordsman he encountered. When the girl spoke toward him he couldn't help but hear the paticular words fly way and imperial pawn.

"I'm not an assanine angelic or an imperial pawn I work for myself. I'm fucking frustrated. I was told they would send the angelic swordsman Deux to teach me more about my angelic abilities and help me learn to unlock my restraints. I'm guessing hes not the guy otherwise he would have known who i was." Riku almost yelled.

He reached down while walking at a distance away from the girl that he couldn't hear her and grabed his pipe and fill it and started to puff on it thinking as to how to find the angelic once in town. He recaped the situation and it kept acurring to him that this man had the golden shoulder pad from the legend of Deux. Then why? Where is he going? Riku asked himself. Then he looked up to see an imperial messenger pigeon coming straight at him. It landed on Riku's arm and it had a letter from the imperial postman. It read ......

Dear Oblivion..


From The imperial postman.

"Shit."He said as he ran and scooped the girl up with his aura wing on instinct. He remembered her messing with his keys he jingled them in her diredtion just far enough for her to reach them.
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PostSubject: Re: Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.   

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Shade cast of light be not Truth but Divinity of Crucifixion.
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