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PostSubject: Lyra    Lyra  EmptyMon Apr 11, 2011 10:38 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: Lyra
Age: 105
Gender: Female
Class: Ranger
Race: Avariel Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Good

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5’
Eyes: Lavender
Hair Color: Violet
Hair Style: Long
Complexion: Fair but warm
Build: Slight
Scars: None yet

~ Personal ~
Weapons: Glass Dagger
Clothing: A white shift that comes to her knee’s and a strip torn off to make a bow on her wrist
Important Items: A slave owns nothing
Magick: None
Dialects Spoken: Common, Elven, Avariel, and Bird

~ Self ~
Fear: Small spaces and underground
Dislike: cages and bindings
Like: Open air, freedom, flight
Quirks: Due to a rather severe fall she has amnesia and only occasionally remembers bits of her past.
Flaws: Can go insane if caged too long

~ Family ~
Mother: ?
Father: ?
Brothers: ?
Sisters: ?
Soul Siblings: ?
Life mates: ?
Children: None, she is barely young enough to have left the aerie
Other Relatives: ?

~ History ~
Skills: She can fight with glass sword and staff as if trained, can play lute, lyre, and flute; and can dance as if trained. If given the opportunity she can talk, philosophize, and rant for hours on end without interruption.
Personality: Generally polite, if confused. Since she can’t remember being free or who or what she was she tends to not argue when told to do things. On the other hand she also tends to try to fly off whenever possible and can be entranced by the sky quickly. Unless told what to do she will respond instinctively according to the stimuli, often fight training seems to have been her specialty. She is absolutely intractable when it comes to getting into cages, going underground, and selling her body – and will fight until she is unable to when presented with those.
Character’s History: She was flying over a caravan when someone saw her and shot a rock at her head, when it connected she fell down into what she learned was a slaver caravan. On her awakening they found she didn’t remember almost anything and as long as they kept a rope on her ankle she stayed as she healed. She gets flashes of her family and life before, but not enough to even remember her name. The slavers checked her out and found her skilled in several saleable things, and if they can’t find a buyer for her live they know they can always cut off her wings and sell them to dark mages. She was bought by a powerful spectromancer named Jamus who named her Lyra for the Lyre she plays so well.
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