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 A remnant of time gone by

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High Lord of Tai'mira
High Lord of Tai'mira

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PostSubject: Re: A remnant of time gone by   Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:47 am

Thasrissian smiled pressing a hand against a panel on one of the consoles inside the bridge. "Oh this ship can move fast enough to leave the sound it makes straggling behind. Even faster if we use the plane-shift matrix to make a sudden position change." The dragon paused at that point turning his head towards the palace for a moment. "Which I think we will have to do in this case. Oh you might want to sit as well, making such a rapid shift can be a bit disorienting." Thas said pressing another panel on the console to cause a couple throne like chairs to raise up from inside hatches on the floor.

The plating covering the bridge view ports began retracting upwards allowing the evening sky to become visible though them. It seemed several areas of the skyship were reconfiguring themselves turning what had seemed like a peaceful flying ship into a beautiful but violent vessel of war. Thasrissian swiveled around on his heels, turning to take a seat on one of the chairs after which some sort of padded bars swung up and held him to the chair. Two glowing white crystal orbs then swung up from the under sides of the chair and locked into place at the ends of the arm rests onto which Thasrissian placed his hands.

Thas waited for Sharla to sit down and for the bracing to secure her to the chair before closing his eyes. A few moments later a humming sound began echoing through the ship, then with a brilliant flash of light the entire view outside the bridge turned white with a brilliant radiance.

Thasrissian, Lord of the Planar Nexus
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PostSubject: Re: A remnant of time gone by   Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:18 pm

She looked at the chairs and indeed had a seat. She watched the ship change with awe and gripped the seat tight as everything went white it stung her eyes and she felt her heart leap into her throat. Gods that humming sound it gnawed at her. She gripped the chair tightly and bit her lip as everything seemed to vanish.

Somewhere in her mind a part of her remembered. She couldn't afford that not now and thus pushed it aside. She trusted Thas, Locke it didn't matter he was the same person deep down inside. He wouldn't let her come to harm. He would protect her just as he had in years long past when perhaps he had loved her. Perhaps it was one of her delusions or wishful thinking.

She felt woozy as they appeared over the palace and she heard him talk projecting his voice far bellow. Se stood though she swayed. It was like drinking drow wine all over again. She walked over to the rail and looked down. She could sense the dull roar of the drow being cut down. She looked at the bodies it would require the stone that much was for sure. One might argue that the drow didn't deserve to be saved yet she hoped in giving them a second chance perhaps just perhaps they might change for the better.

The last time she had touched the stone it had nearly drained all the life out of her. It was a dangerous thing to use but then most powerful artifacts were. The stone took and gave power. To the more power it absorbed the more swollen it became. Last she looked it was the size of a medium shield or large serving platter.
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A remnant of time gone by
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