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PostSubject: Esmeradin Loconistal, Aspect of Truth   Esmeradin Loconistal, Aspect of Truth EmptyFri Mar 16, 2012 10:58 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: Esmeradin Loconistal

Nickname: Esme, Ezzy, or Crys

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Class: Battlemagi, Nature and Conjuration

Race: Primus Crystalus Draconus (Dragon Prime, Ancient first born.)

Alignment: True Neutral

~ Appearance ~
Height: Elven form...5'9"

Eyes: Ocean Blue

Hair Color: Stark white, with streaks of platinum.

Hair Style: Long, set in multiple miniature braids with hand-carven beads of semiprecious and precious stones.

Complexion: Fair, snowy white with the palest rose at the tops of her cheeks and delicate early cherry of her lips.

Build: Lithe.

Scars: A single pale line across her lower neck.

~ Personal ~
Weapons: A boe staff with tanto's set on each end. The staff itself is made of Yggdrasil's branch, looks to be ancient oak and the blades are covered with runic inscriptions in elder dragon tongue. A simple clasp of oddly colored platinum (Tungsten) rests at the very center of the staff, allowing it to be separated into two long handgrasped-tanto's for defensive use.

Clothing: Casual: Peasant dress in soft cream, maroon bodice, peasant slippers. Battledress: White scale mail armor, coif, and warpaint in blood red on her face. (If not in her dragon-form.)

Important Items: Sigil of Avalon, a small emblem embossed on a blue starry field, with a prism and seven shards surrounding it. It rests on a choker around her neck, the center piece where a brooch normally would be placed.

Magick: Nature spell-craft and conjuration/self-alteration.

Natures call: A summoning of the spirits of fire, earth, water and air to create a single being that answers her commands. (I.e. Pixie, fae, or willow-o-whisp type creature at her command, can summon up to three. They are non-combative, they do not hold any spells, only telepathy and teleportation for swift travel.)

Light of the True: Releases a blast of light that deals no damage to the living, but turns undead for three minutes, giving herself and those around her time to ready for battle. (Also useful for those really dark nights.*waggles brows and grins*)

*Innate Magick: Twice the speed of a normal human, in elven form, strength is doubled in that form as well. She can innately teleport, transform to different sizes of her draconic form and is capable to transform to several types of elven forms (drow, high-elf, planar).

-Aura of the True; People would find themselves comfortable around her rather quickly, due to her open nature and easy-to-get-along with presence. The effect also tends to set compulsive liars and thieves ill at ease, and more reactive on impulse due to it.

-Reincarnation; This ability is only usable if her tasks have been left incomplete. Her demise would mark the end of the Golden Age, and the beginning of the Dark Age. Only if the recipient of her spirit is willing, otherwise her death would last upwards to a century of ill fortune and war-time.

Dialects Spoken: Common, Drow, Highelven, Draconic

~ Self ~
Fear: Onyx Dragons

Dislike: Evil acts, destructive magick and abuse of people and nature, gold.

Like: Butterflies, Honey, Gemstones, Silver, Sunlight (Though she has been requested to keep her elven form in the sunlight...she can be quite a blinding sight in dragon form.)

Quirks: Enjoys singing and shrinking down to her mini-dragon size.

Flaws: Her smaller forms don't allow her to maintain her intellect, and the smaller she gets, the more outgoing and hyper a personality she becomes...nearly childlike in a sense. Otherwise, she is a very wise sage, and a wonderful friend to make in ones journeys.

~ Family ~
Mother: Tiamat (Sister of Darkness)

Father: Bahamut (Brother of Light)

Brothers: None are named.

Sisters: Serriss is the only one she has met and gotten close to.

Soul Siblings: None, yet.

Life mates: Damian the Shadow, A changeling that accepted the gift of dragonhood.

Recognized: Cirdan, Lyo, and a few others I may not remember to name right off the bat.

Children: Akera, and eight unnamed whelps of varying ages.

Other Relatives: Univeicest Annavianna, and the majority of the Annavianna family.

~ History ~
Skills: Diplomat, Seer and Rune reader, Counsel.

Personality: Curious, Easy-going, Outgoing, Compassionate, and Sensitive.

Characterís History:

Much of her past is a blurr to her now. What little she has recovered in memories since her last incarnation had to do with the Annavianna family and their contact with the Sin Empire of old. Esme was never one to allow darkness to touch her heart, but many of the Empire had taken to calling her family, even Generals, and the son of the emperor, Prince Evan. Though she has once again slipped from one time stream to another, she still remains one single constant in all the continuity. She is Truth, she has learned this much from her self discover ventures. As eternal as long as sentient life exists. Her earliest memories uncovered involved a difficult time in a place once called Ambrosia. Only fragments could be cohesively given, but she knows the important faces in her life by face rather than by name. Her father remains out of contact, too few dragons seek His guidance and we all know how dragons and dragosian's handle boredom....sleep, hibernation. In time He will awaken, but for now, His wayward crystal will seek for more fragments of her past, and her link to the Shard of Light.

Prophecy speaks of the shard, as a relic of times long forgotten. A time when magick once permeated every way of life, when fae had no reason to hide from human eyes, and merfolk swam the seas in schools that could be seen on the surface world's view. A time when centaur, and satyr could light a pipe and while away the duskfall with tall tales and joke that could leave even the most rugged of rogues blushing. The shard....is a key to the haven of all magical creatures big and small, the place that had hidden them away from corruption and hate of the material world. Esme doesn't know that it is a key, only that she has to seek out the shards to put them right again. As a whole...what she does remember, is that they each are embodiment's of the seven virtues. That alone is hard to narrow down, but in time I'm sure the rest of her tale will be unveiled.

But keypoints to make are below.
*Former queen of Avalon, was regent until the old king, Kator departed from ruling order.
*Mother of nine children but keeps her eldest nearest by in order to expose and teach him of the world.
*Wed twice, used to be close to Ryu but quickly distanced herself once her memories started returning.
*She is not immortal, as proof of this, her reincarnation ability is very limited.
*Is a familiar face to the elders of the community, and oft referred to for counsel.

*Work in progress, she is unlocking more as she uncovers more of her past and her memories.*
~ Bond ~
Name: --
Species: --
Gender: --
Age: --
Personality: --

~ Pets ~
Name: --
Species: --
Gender: --
Age: --

Esmeradin Loconistal, Aspect of Truth Esmeradin

Last edited by Esmeradin on Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:48 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Semi-finished, I'm not one to set past in stone with this char, she's had so many different places she's appeared at. Let's hope she finally stays here.)
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Esmeradin Loconistal, Aspect of Truth
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