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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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PostSubject: Baesonna - Adhaesium of Geth   Baesonna - Adhaesium of Geth EmptyTue Mar 20, 2012 1:04 am

Name: Baesonna Keanae

Biological age: 125

Species/Race: Elemental Elf

Tribe: Firedance

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 205 lbs.

Hair: Blood red, with copper highlights. Curly and waist length.

Eyes: Amber with a ring of ruby around the iris.

Skin color: Tan, almost coppery in hue.

Distinguishing marks: On the arc of her brow, and over the points of her cheeks and chin, she has smooth copper hued scales. At first glance they appear tattooed, but up close they are as real as snake scales and just as smooth. On her back, she wears the tattoo of a red dragon, in respect to her adhaesio.
*Note to those aura sensitive* She exudes a very strong aura of element alignment, and can be viewed as varying shades of crimson. There is also a lingering sense of in-completion around her, as if she were meant to become something much more than she currently is.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Class: Dragon Disciple

Armor/Apparel: *Battle dress* Foreign styled studded leather armor. Metal parts are coated with a strange red matte hue, one could only presume it is either paint, or the stain used in smithing the material.
(Imgs for visualization)
Baesonna - Adhaesium of Geth 331knc4Baesonna - Adhaesium of Geth 2damz41
*Casual* Suede leggings with a hipwrap that hides her beltpouch and any sidearm she choose to carry for her personal protection. Dyed a soft rusty brown, with embrodery along the legs up to her hip of vines, leaves in a fiery copper and gold. Her shirt seems to be a rather tightly bound type for her slender frame. Embroidery decorates the color and front closure with brilliant reds and golds upon an offset dark brown, whilst the rest of the tunic seems to be a softer hue of aged pine. Most of her clothing seems to be light leather, or coarse wool.
Baesonna - Adhaesium of Geth 2eezatcBaesonna - Adhaesium of Geth 10s7uwm

Weapons: A blessed dirk with an old flame crest of a tribe long forgotten, and a crossbow with embossed enlays of buffed silver. Neither weapon contains any iron, both are crafted of tungsten and wood.
(Imgs for reference) Baesonna - Adhaesium of Geth 34yocptBaesonna - Adhaesium of Geth Fbi2rm

Skills: Master marksmen(Crossbow, mounted and on foot.), Adept daggerplay(Dirk), dragon-riding, self-transformation(Elf to dragonkin / Dragonkin to elf), Adept fire control and conjuration, Minor flight(Dragonkin only), Low-light vision, Resistant to curses and fire spells.

Languages: Common, Undercommon(Hand and spoken), Ignan, Draconic, Elven,

Background: Baesonna was raised as the chieftains pride and joy. His eldest daughter born with the fierce fire in her spirit. She was loved by her family, and the tribe members taught her much of what she knew of the outside world beyond the tribal gates. For her Fire rite, she was sent to the capital city to receive a test to become a Guardian. Her journey took many days, and her success was not forgotten but her return to the tribe shook the stable foundation that she had lived by most of her time. Only the age of 70, and the young elf had witnessed the assault and decimation of her tribe, her home..by the Lost Ones.

Her people, everyone she had ever known and loved in her life taken from her and turned into Lost Ones. That fire she was raised to wield, was lost to her. Her blades useless to defend the very people she was chosen to be the guardian of..the loss was devastating, and sent the young elf running from everything she knew. Her loss, brought her a gift that saved her from becoming a Lost One herself. In the mountain valley that surrounded her tribal home, was a cavern in which a dragon slept. The dragon, named Geth, offered her protection, in exchange for her adhaesio.

Her home, no longer exists. Herself a nomad since, her past something that drives her to stay at the service of her Adhaesium.

Last edited by Baesonna on Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:57 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Geth will be joining fairly soon, I'll bring him over when he has the time and the net for it. Otherwise, ready to roll.)
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Baesonna - Adhaesium of Geth
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