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Aydan, Golem Commander Canvas10

~ Basics ~

Full Name: Aydan

Nicknames/Aliases: General, Commander

Age: unknown (presumed to be over one thousand)

Gender: Male (he is normally not anatomically correct, but given reason he can be)

Class: War Golem, Commander

Hometown: He was created in the capitol of Thessaly, Ayrshire

Race: Construct

Alignment: Neutral

Deity of Choice: None (divinity has never been explained to him)

~ Appearance ~

Height: Seven foot, Eight inches

Eyes: when not glowing are Gold and reflective. However, they can glow in many different colors depending on the spells he is using, and what he is doing.

Weight: 500 lbs

Hair Color: His body is devoid of hair
Complexion: his body does not have skin, however his armor plates are polished, but not reflective and his shown fibrous under materials are a darkened steel like color. His metal plates also have a very similar shine and coloration because of the materials used in his creation, and as a symbol of his rank .

Build: Ripped, his metal plates make him look tough, mean and menacing

Scars: Zero, imperfections are removed by bio-genetic repair

Physical Appearance: Aydan looks like some kind of knight; his body is covered in either metal plates or a synthetic bio tissue that looks like corded flesh. (Reminiscent of Dragon hide) his face looks like a very strange helm with long glowing green slits decorating it.

~ Personal ~

Armor/Clothing: Aydan’s entire body is covered in armor since he is a construct made for War, and where as he does not need to ever wear clothing he has learned of its use’s while blending in. To that end, he generally wears a leather war skirt about his waist and keeps a cloak pinned to his armor in case he needs more concealment. Though generally this cloak is worn very open and with its hood hidden to look like a regal cape.

Weapon(s): Aydan needs not carry any weapons as he can either create them from his own body, or simply summon them to him. However since he looks like a knight and human knights tend to carry them he does as well. To try to, again, look less conspicuous. On his back he carries a Bastard sword, and on his left hip a short sword. He is easily strong enough to wield the bastard sword in one hand.

These blades all sharpened to extremely keen edges and their hilts are inlaid with rubies. Inside of these red gems is where the enchantments reside to radiate their powers to the blades. Each blade is tempered in the ancient ways of his homeland, and was created in the traditional manner by a master Weapon-smith. But after that, the Spell-Slingers gave them even more power. The enchanted gems grant these blades their magical effects. The gems make the weapons more durable, and make their edges far stronger giving them the ability to often time, cut through most heat treated metals. But also when they draw blood they siphon out part of the life force of the beings whose blood they drew. This makes the being a bit slower, but over all makes the wounds effects on them more pronounced.

Aydan can also summon to him a battle spear, and war axe. The other weapons that Aydan uses are shaped from his own body. Because of his construct nature he can rearrange his body’s shape (this is how he can also make himself more anatomically correct.) His metal components shapes can be shifted to form many kinds of rudimentary weapons suck as spikes, claws, or even blades. He also carries two spare Enchanted Rubies so that he can create an additional pair of enchanted weapons. However the rubies return to Aydan immediately if summoned, disenchanting the items they were on..

Key Items:

The Soul Crystal: This gem is his power source. It must be feed once a month during either of the lunar peaks. (Full-moon or New-Moon). Unfortunately, this gem is only nourished by bathing it in blood. It does not need Gallons of it, but no less then a pint can suffice. And not to many beings are interested in giving up that much blood in one go. The gem absorbs the blood completely and after one pint has been given to it, the rest of the blood it taints with a foul enchantment to purify both itself, and its construct. The more toxins in its constructs body the worse it will defile any remaining blood. If no extra blood is offered then it will taint the very Earth leaving a spot of plague on the ground where no plant life will be able to grow for one Lunar cycle. The Soul Crystal also grants its construct some Psychic powers because of the soul used in the creation of it.

This gems main power is that it absorbs ambient Mana slowly from everything around it that is not shielded from this power. And stores it inside the construct for use in its other powers. (The powers it feeds will be explained later, however the effect that it has on organic matter will be explained here.)

When Draining Mana from the ambient air, nothing perceivable happens unless the Construct spends a lengthened amount of time somewhere, then the decay shows. After a single day even the hardiest of plants will begin to wither, other larger life forms such as animals or even people will start to grow sick as well. Though as long as they have a healthy immune system they can often regenerate the lost energies quickly they will just seem a bit more sluggish. Or feel slightly tired. However in the presence of those with less then healthy, or under developed Immune systems the draining forces of the Soul Crystal stone might possibly kill them.

Thankfully the construct can switch this draining power off as long as he does not need to recharge the Soul Crystal, or Does not want to replenish his Spell power. However if this power is turned off he slows down and will eventually enter a hibernation of sorts until a Mana source comes near enough to be drained and replenish his missing power. Unfortunately that process drains as much Mana from the source as possible, or as needed to refill the crystal, usually destroying said source.

The Crystal Shard: he who holds this piece of his soul crystal becomes his master, and is immune to his Mana-siphoning powers. They become linked telepathically, and are his master for so long as they are both in possession of the crystal, and alive. No being that does not possess a soul or the ability to share a mental bound with him can become his master. However any being that is his master can wield most of his powers through the shared mental link and by bearing the crystal shard. The ritual for becoming his master is however more complicated than simple possessing his soul stone shard. However it is only disclosed to the being that will become his next master.


Body Morphing: because of his construct nature he can reshape his body at will, or at the will of his master. He can form weapons, wings, tendrils, or even change his size (slightly). Said changes happen at various rates. There is no glyph as this is a power directly controlled from his soul crystal. However what ever part of him is morphed does glow during the changes.

Enhanced Strength: The fibrous materials underneath his armor plates form the majority of his body and when infused with extra Mana increase his already above human level prowess. The can run faster than a horse, hit harder than a giant, and lift more then five humans combined. When this glyph is activated he doubles his already exceptional physical prowess. The glyph is located over his heart, if he had one, however it does not glow as much as become visible. The remarkable change is to the fibrous material seen through the cracks and spaces between his armor. It seemingly pulses with life as the Mana is channeled through it. However as the power is deactivated his body mass decresses and he actually needs to take time to rest and regather the spent Mana. This power is extremely draining on his soul crystal and was not one he was ever intended to inscribe.

Enhanced senses: Aydan's sense of touch, sight, hearing, and smell can be increased dramatically via the small expenditure of Mana. He does not actually have a sense of taste however and it cannot be enhanced. When enhancing any one sense he can fine tune it four times any humans ability. However if he enhances two they will only be three times as powerful, and of course three would be twice as powerful. He cannot enhance all four at the same time as the glyph doesn't allow that form of modification. The glyph for this power is inscribed slightly lower then and between his collar bones, as if it were a necklace pendant.

Spells : All of Aydan’s spells are actually spell glyphs drawn under his bio-genetic armor. When used the glyphs glow through his armor and the power is siphoned off of the Soul Crystal to cast the spell. The Soul Crystal can generally cast fifty spells per lunar cycle. To cast more might harm the construct and the gem. However, more can be cast if the Soul Crystal is near a sufficient source of Mana. However not all of his powers are simply magical, due to the soul used to create him he also has several Psionic powers as well.

Spell Glyphs:

Dazzle Glyph
Dazzle: This power uses a nearly insubstantial amount of Mana and creates a distracting light, or motion in the corner of someone’s peripheral view. The glyph uses so little energy that it does not even glow, however is located around his left hand scrawling across his fingers.

Illumination: is a secondary power of his Dazzle spell. This spell allows him to either glow at will, make specific beams of light, or even create a will of wisp. However the wisp is merely a glowing orb that floats nearby at his mental direction.

Burning beams: This is the most intense setting for his Dazzle glyph. The beams projected form his left palm cause physical effects and burn through most things. The beams are made entirely out of a light charged with Mana, and is dangerous to anything it touches. They are immensely hot, however radiates no heat. And can cut through thick armor in moments. There is no physical impact, just tightly aimed, and directed heat and light.

Invisibility Glyph
Cloak: This power is like invisibility, but not fully. It hides things from even extremely active searching, as long as whatever it is does not move. The object, or person in question will even be subconsciously avoided by beings moving near it. However if one is scanning a room that this power is concealing something in it will be as hard to find as your car keys when your in a hurry. Motion immediately breaks the spell. If it could be seen the glyph encircles his right bicep, however if he is the target of said spell obviously the glyph just like he himself remains hidden.

Summon Glyph
Summoning: the power with which Aydan can bring objects to his hands, or person. It is a form of teleportation and summons said objects directly to his person or that of his master. Objects can only be summoned to him if they have been imbued with part of the souls stones essence. This Glyph resides on the back of his right hand

Dragon Glyph
Dragons flight: A glyph on his back sprouts winds reminiscent of indeed a great dragon. They are mostly comprised of the fibrous organic material under his arms, but are lined around the edges with metal protection. Whereas he can morph them into more weapon or shield like forms, they lack the power of flight in those modes. This glyph, spans the majority of his back.

Dragons Pyre: this spell allows him to either breath or project intensely hot flames. However there are only three manners in which said flames can actually erupt from him. The first is of course through his “mouth”, this is indeed the hottest and purest form of this spell, thus the most efficient and fastest. The second is direct eruption from the palms of his hands. This flame is equally hot as true dragons fire, but has a far limited range and can only travel ten yards. However the heat radiates further. The third and most costly form of this spell is an immolation. The flames surround his form completely. It can only be used very briefly before said heat will start to effect his own form. This glyph takes a place of honor on his cheek, and is the only facial glyph he bears.

Mana Glyph
Mana Deflection: This glyph is inscribe on his right forearm and is draining to use. It allows him however to slightly redirect or re-channel the magical energies in spells thus re-aiming them or leasing their powers. He cannot cancel out a spell unless it is relatively weak, and he can only affect certain things of extremely powerful ones. However in favorable circumstances he can rearrange the very energies of a spell to take half of its power away without affecting the casters ability to detect the changes until the spell is actually cast, and it is to late to change..

Irradiated Mana: this spell is so exhausting to his soul stone that it can only be cast once per lunar cycle. It reverses his standard Mana absorption and allows him to expel Mana at a rapid rate. However, this Mana being imbued with his own magical signature, gives him great control over the Mana in any given area. Effectively letting him cut off spell casters, and Mana users from all ambient Mana in area. It also renders enchanted items (even his own) none magical for a small duration.

Psionic powers:

Telekinesis: (Movement by thought). This is not a spell but one of his Psionic abilities, this power allows Aydan to grip, lift, drag, or push with his mind. These mental motions are generally used either like tendrils, or in short direct bursts of will solely aimed at the moving target to give it motion. However very fine control is possible. With slight concentration, he can generate heat through friction. Another use of this power comes in the form of shielding. By either altering a projectiles or incoming attacks path, or by simple making a wall of force before him. Generally, these barriers of will are only short-lived things, but he can make lasting ones. They just drain him and limit use of his others powers to weaker applications. Through deep concentration, he can make barriers air tight or heat resistant, but these are indeed more taxing. There is no glyph for this power, however the orb that rests on his forehead glows faintly during the use of this power.

Telepathy: this Psionic power allows Aydan to send images, thoughts, emotions, or memories directly to another unshielded mind. Several forms of communication are available as long as they two beings can find a simple reference point. This power also enables Aydan to look around inside others minds for information. When done gently it is very hard for a non-psychic being to know it is being done, but if needed, information can be forcibly ripped from a mind. However, this is as stealthy as a drunken elephant in a china store. They may not know Aydan is the source of the mental attack. However, they will know it is going on. There is no glyph for this power.

Mind Shield: This is the power Aydan uses to keep other Psions out of his 'mind'. His age has aided in mastering this art. Attacking his mind is like trying to open a Bank safe with a Tooth Pick. The magical, and Psionic shielding in place added to the extremely unique manner in which his “mind” even works makes telling what, if anything that he is thinking all but impossible to anyone other then a person holding a piece of his Soul crystal. This power has no glyph but is also not able to be taken down as long as the Soul Crystal is charged.

Natural Abilities: Aydan was created for warfare and as a general. His knowledge in troop dynamics, and tactics makes him a foe to be reckoned with mentally, and his mastery of his homelands fighting styles and weapons makes him hard to beat physically. However he is both trusting and uneducated in the ways of “Mortals” he doesn't understand customs of other empires, nor the interactions between their citizens.


Dialects Spoken: the telepathic link with his master if he has one allows him to understand and speak all of their known languages with the same level of understanding and proficiency as they do. However on top of that he speaks the native language of his homeland, of the metallic dragons, and the common tongue of this land.

~ Self ~

Fear: He does not understand fear in any manner.

Like/Dislike: He does not particularly like or dislike anything

Quirks: He does not understand normal interactions with mortals, and if given the chance will watch them inquisitively, and often invasivly.

Flaws: He does not have or understand emotions unless he is linked to a master, and even then his understanding is only as great as theirs.

~ Family ~

He is the Third Golem Commander to serve the Thessaly army. He has neither friends, family, or siblings.

~ History ~

Skills/Abilities: He is an extremely accomplished warrior even with out his spell glyphs, and and expert tactician. However it was not until a spell somehow altered his Souls stone that he truly became aware and more then a mindless slave.

Personality: he is vastly inquisitive and unfortunately because of his lack of understand viewed as incredible rude and morbid. He has no reason to talk to people unless addressed, and carries and air of superiority around him like a tightly wrapped cloak. Thankfully this air is part of why others assume he is of some form of noble blood and knightly lineage..

History: the Thessaly Empire was once the greatest in the land, and its powerful Spell-Slingers the ruling class. It was a land of magic, wonder and ease. As long as you were born into privilege. Slavery and poverty sadly ran rampant through most of its territory, but since it was the way of life by so many for so long it was not considered as odd as it should have been. Great inventors made life easier and easier, and life for those with out became worse and worse.... That was until the constructs were made.

Soon there was virtually no need of humans loss in war, and when the empire reached its most bloated in size and power there was no need for humans for anything. Sadly the empire had rotted to her core and soon turned on herself like a parasitic infestation. Golem armies waged war on the empires citizens at the command of their masters and eventually the entire empire was submerged in darkness. Her great wonders lost to time and forgotten in texts buried in ancient libraries.

Yet remnants of her remained through out the ages. One such piece of a great lost legacy was indeed Aydan, third commander of the army, infantry leader of the great dragoon brigade. A formidable force enhanced with the powers of dragons. Yet even they did not stand against time whole. Only their leader has managed to continue. During a grand battle of Golem battalion versus Golem battalion a great wizard be-spelled the entire legion at his door step and destroyed them. However because of the soul crystal that drove the commander to be so far superior to his troops he survived to carry out his orders as directed.

Unfortunately when he returned with the heads of the rouge Magus guild the capitol city had already been razed by her very own citizens... Thessaly was no more, and he a forgotten relic left to rust in the grand throne room of a dead Emperor. Time went by untold before an unknown Mana source revived Aydan and allowed him to once again walk the world. Now with out a master, and without orders he finds himself lost in a land so foreign he doesn't even understand her people.

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Aydan, Golem Commander
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