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 Black Dog

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PostSubject: Black Dog   Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:20 pm

She had been searching for a fortnight, now. Every night brought a new tavern and inn. Every day brought a long trek. This area was the worst she had ever seen. Happy little elves living their happy little lives. No one begrudging the others their accomplishments. No jealousy. No petty squabbles. No hate. Just joy and peace. It made her skin crawl. It made her bones itch. All in all, there was just something uncomfortable for her being in such a gay little domain.

Then, she stumbled upon the world of Che'el wun l' Tonashss. Two nights prior, she had heard whisperings of an underdark city. She did not bother to wait for much more information than that, though. And city in the underworld meant drow. And, where there were drow, there was most certainly going to be murder. It would be the perfect place for her to find some coin.

Unfortunately, upon entering the obviously drow-built city, she was shocked into stunned silence by the fact that there were very few dark elves to be seen. In fact, she first thought that there must be some sort of strange illusion cast over the place but that was not the case. There would be no reason for the drow to hide their race in their own homeland. Not that a race as proud as the dark elves would ever hide from the surface dwellers.

A sinking feeling weighted heavily on her stomach. No drow meant no senseless murdering. Which meant she had traveled out of her way to come across another boringly mundane city of hodge-podged races all living together in harmony deep within Mother Earth's bosom. The thought of it all nearly made her heave out the contents of her stomach right there on the pavement. More happy people doing happy things in their happy town right next to their happy neighbors. How awful!

Reasoning that there was no chance of her getting any decent pay this night and also feeling that it would be nicer to bed down in an actual bed than on the road, she decided that a room needed to be purchased. And, in order to wash away the taste of senseless joy in her mouth, something very potent would need to be imbibed. With those thoughts weighing heavily on her mind, she made her way to the Broken Sword Inn.

She walked into the place confidently but not proudly. There was no need for theatrics nor was there any want for slinking about within the shadows. No, for her, she felt most comfortable hiding in plain sight. Her movements were absolutely normal and insignificant in every way. She ordered ale. She paid and left an average tip. She even found a table somewhere in the middle of the room. As she strolled to her seat, she walked with a deliberate tapping of her boots on the floor. The soft thudding kept a cadence that was practically drowned in the din of the other patrons.

It was her goal to attract no attention. People tended to remember those with cloaks. And, bartenders always kept an eye on the suspicious fellows who clung to the shadows. No, this night, she was just a girl. Even her hair had been left loose and parted down the middle so others would not think to long on the female with a mohawk.

So, there she sat, quietly watching the comings and goings of the tavern, eyeing potential marks and imagining all the fun ways with which they could quickly meet their ends. But, for the moment, it was all just a fantasy. The Black Dog was not yet running through the streets of Che'el wun l' Tonashss. She licked her lips as a particularly interesting young looking man walked past her table. Oh if only there was a reason to have a little fun.......
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PostSubject: Re: Black Dog   Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:23 pm

Smoke filled the tavern from pipe, the hearth, and of course form the fact the chimney likely needed cleaning a century ago. Crowds of Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds and other unscrupluois types sat with their own ignoring many of the others around. Many eyes turned to the female that entered, but they left swiftly. Mostly. Some continued to watch some pretended not to .. but mos ignored her. But she was not as interesting to most as what entered a little bit later. “STOP pushing Harold!” Came a nearly shrill male voice fomr the door as a person was pushed through it as swiftly as it opened.

He had long white hair braided up in the latest styles. And wore an outfit of fitted silks in blue and green. A thick green wool cloak even though it wasn’t cold, and various bags pouches and charms about his waist on a silver belt. Between the runes on his clothing and the elongated oak stave in his hand his penchant for the arcane was all but impossible to miss. He was human, maybe half elven from the points to his ears, and obviously from the surface city base don how he looked scared around the room at the varied races and citizens in the tavern. He visually screamed VICTIM. At eye straining levels. In fact several things shifted in the room as they watched him stand there like a bump on a log.

“I swear to god Thain I am going to leave you in the next...” the voice trailed off as the second entered to tavern. He looked less conspicuous, but still not at home. Leather and chain mail armor with strategically placed rivets and rings of steel. Covered his chest and legs. A large Bastard sword at his back and a pair of shorts swords on his left hip. His face was covered mostly by shadow form a hood he wore and a mask over his mouth. Though he looked my ranger than rouge form the natural tans of his leathers. “Cavern”

The pair paused and looked over the crowd before again the Wizard was pushed in further by the man with him. The had similar builds, and heights. And enough features in common that could be seen to denote their clear familial tie. Though it was hard to tell which was older. “Just go si over there and get a drink and I’ll take care of food and rooms” spoke the armored one “But it s... its.......” the Mage didn’t finish as he looked around and tried to recover his wits. Then he whispered something to his brother and the one in armor shrugged and looked defeated. “OF COURSE they look scary, you're in the under dark. We are surrounded by villains, cut throats, murderers and thieves....... This is EXACTLY what we were looking for .. now shut up and find us a table.”

With much trouble the nervous Mage made his way across the tavern and sat at a table not to terribly far form the last entrant into this tavern it seemed. And after sitting he nervously looked around hunched down to make him self seem less like a target. Or in fear... either one.

Meanwhile the other walked up and spoke directly to the bar tender in a hushed tone, one that required leaning in so others wouldn’t hear, but so that the tender could hear fine. They carried a brief conversation that had much subtle pointing and gesturing, but was troublesome to make out. Afterward the leather clad one moved through he crowd easily and sat across from the table to his brother. “e says this is indeed the place we are looking for” he said as he sat and leaned in. though the other did not look happy by this revelation.

“Now what?”

“We wait for the right person and hire then obviously”

“But how do we find them in this.. This …. place?”

“We don't you oaf. They find us”

“Oh” the mage said, then looked startled. “But how do we know we have found the right person for the job?”

“Just shut up and drink your wine, for a change I am the brains, and that makes you the wallet...... you are just gonna have to trust me on this.... This underdark place is exactly where you find a person like what we need for this job. All we need do is wait, and a persion of less than high morals will seeks us out.”
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PostSubject: Re: Black Dog   Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:53 pm

Her fingers tapped softly on the unstrung bow at her side as she sipped the ale. It had a decent taste and the burn on her tongue was suitable enough for the night. It would help her relax some. And, by the gods, she needed to relax. Her eyes were heavily lidded and she was just about to grab her things and head up to her room when something very strange happened.

Harold? Her brow perked slightly as she looked towards the door just as almost everyone else did. Her fingers slowly left the bow resting against the table and tucked under her chin. She rested her elbow on the table and cocked her head gently to the side as she watched the spectacle unfold. Thain? Two names? Brown eyes narrowed just slightly as she continued to enjoy the entertainment.

It seemed too forced. Too strange. Too absolutely idiotic. This was theatrics. It had to be. They spoke too loudly. They moved to awkwardly. Goodly people who wanted bad things done did so in the shadows. The acted as though the darkness would hide their souls from the stains their money paid for.

Finally the nervous spell-slinger lowered himself into a seat and looked as though he was trying to fold himself up into a ball. She wasn't sure why but she was almost drawn to the weakling? There was something about him that had her curiosity. Mages were not someone to be trifled with. And, as a half-elf, he probably had the drive of a human and the life span of the elves. There was no doubt in her mind that he was a capable caster. So why was he behaving so nervously?

Her tongue ran over her top lip as she pieced together the puzzle. Still, something didn't sit right. Something was not adding up. Too many variables for her. Too may inconsistencies.

Part of her wanted to wait and see what sort of idiot they would attract. What sort of murderous prostitute hellbent on selling their no-doubt exper-level skill set to anyone with a few gold coins to toss. But, when things turned sour, and she was certain they would, she didn't want to be around.

Her eyes scanned over the crowd quickly, and with an almost uncanny ease, she all but dissappeared from her place. After finishing off the last dregs of her ale, she flipped the cup over on the table and took up her things. With silent steps, she moved quickly while others were looking away or distracted. To some, it might seem as though she vanished into thin air. But, in reality, she simply avoided the direct eye contact of the patrons. It was an easy feat considering most people who didn't want to be seen didn't do much looking.
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PostSubject: Re: Black Dog   

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Black Dog
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