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Character Information
Weapons and Armor (a general list please):
Title: Aneya

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PostSubject: Queen Augusta   Queen Augusta EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 9:59 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: Queen Juliana Augusta of Adwelian
Age: 399 years
Gender: Female
Class: Dragon Knight
Race: Blessed Human
Alignment: Neutral Good

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5' 8"
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Style: Full lush waves dropping just past her shoulders
Complexion: Darkened by the long days in the sun
Build: A fighter's build while the remnants of female curves remained.
Scars: Many scars across her body from battles.

~ Personal ~
Weapons: Two handed sword along with a battle dagger.
Clothing: Either in her battle armor or in a green tunic dress
Important Items: Seal of Royalty, a band of silver with an emerald stone inset on it.
Magick: Ability to summon her dragon companion. A lengthened life due to her bond with her dragon. As well as dragon fire breath.
Dialects Spoken: Dragon, Common, Goblin.

~ Self ~
Fear: Spiders
Dislike: Cats
Like: Dragons and swords
Quirks: Sharpening and shining her weapon
Flaws: Lived an entire life of war and knows not how to handle peace.

~ Family ~
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Brothers: General in her army
Sisters: None
Life mates: Thinks Cirdan is.
Children: 1 daughter

~ History ~
Skills: War, battling, and war
Personality: Firm yet knows when gentleness is needed
Characterís History: Inherited a war from her parents and spent her entire time in battle camps or battlefields.

~ Bond ~
Name: Known as Tor
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown but is Wyrm
Personality: Detached

~ Pets ~
Name: Swai
Species: Equine
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Personality: Warhorse but Gentle with children

Queen Augusta Dragon_rider_by_eronzki999-d31r14l
(Credit given to eronzi999 from Deviantart)

Queen Augusta Warrior_queen_by_David_Willicome
(Credit given to David Willicome from Deviantart)
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Queen Augusta
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