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PostSubject: Akara, Empress of Ravenlock   Akara, Empress of Ravenlock EmptyMon Feb 11, 2013 7:08 pm

Expect this thread to updated constantly. But for now here is what I have.

Akara, Empress of Ravenlock Ar_zps118d5dff

Name: Akara Ravenlock
Age: 20

Titles: Empress Akara Ravenlock, High Priestess of Ravenlock, High Priestess of Epicurum.

Parents: Christoph of Ravenlock and Trisha of Kristalis, High Priestess of the Holy Isle of Epicurum.

Siblings: Akira, Akeema

Race: Human, Half Dragon now after one of the Eldest Dragons (Taliana) of her realm merged with her to give her the strength for her to overcome one of her greatest enemies at that time.

Alliances: ShadowBane

Children: After having the worst luck you could ever possibly have with men (I.E. her husbands having left, died, or their players quit RPing) In result there has been many children. Maurynna, Damian, Jaid, Katrina, Raquelle, Maquasta, and Celeste, Khallayne.

Religion: Based on Welsh/Celtic Pagan beliefs.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. She does what she has to whether it?s good or evil. To her it doesn?t matter and it's all the same.

Why the Ravenlock Family ages so slowly: Lady Raven the first of the Ravenlock line was a demi-goddess. So she aged much slower than mmortals. this trait passed down through the line but waned with each generation. Upon the reign of Trisha, Akara's mother there had been an enchantment placed upon Trisha by her mother Umbrea. Umbrea knew she would die in child bed and never wanted Trisha to go through the pain of never seeing her children grow she placed a spell upon Trisha, a spell so powerful it was sealed with their blood. With the only strength she could muster she cast the spell with only the hope that it would work. Upon Trisha getting pregnant with Akara, Akira and Akeema she was only pregnant with them for 4 days. Once she gave birth to them the little girls grew so fast in only a matter of a week to the age of 16. The rate at which they age now is mch slower. Over a normal mortal's aging of 6 mnths the Ravenlock women would only age 3 months. Akara ages even slower than that now do to the fact that she is half dragon. She ages about 1 month in comparison to a mortal's 6 months of aging.

Akara, Empress of Ravenlock History_zps40171daf

Akara comes from a very interesting bloodline and so do the rest of her family...Her father Christoph was a Chaos god. His knights were loyal to him as they would be loyal to dear friends and still loyal to Akara when she needs them. Akara's mother Trisha was a Fear goddess before she died in battle with Christoph when Ravenlock was destroyed many years ago. Foreseeing that Ravenlock would be under attack, Trisha sent Akara and her twin sisters off into the darkest part of the forest knowing no one would follow them in that forsaken place. Of course she was wrong, and Akara had her first taste of bloodshed that fateful day. She was but six years old when this happened. The triplets Akara, Akeema, and Akira each ventured forth on that day in their own direction.

Akara waited in the forest til it was safe and all had left. Even then she refused to leave her home and run away like a dog with it's tail between it's legs. The castle was in ruins and she walked across the battle field strewn with dead bodies to find her parents. Christoph and Trisha were laid side by side each with their own fatal wounds. It appeared that one had crawled to the other wanting nothing more than to die by the other's side. It was on that day, after seeing her parents lifeless bodies Akara swore to rebuild Ravenlock and make it stronger than it ever was as a tribute to her parents and a testament to how strong they really could be. Later on Vivianne Christoph's mother found Akara and took her to Epicurum, the Holy Isle, where she trained her as a high priestess there and after that using the magicks that she had learned she rebuilt the castle.

Rebuilding the castle was a process of power coupled with endurance. It took many days for her to rebuild with magick what had been turned to rubble in the course of a few hours. It wasn't long after she had finished rebuilding the castle that people began to frequent the Ravenlock lands and seek sanctuary within the castle walls. Out of some of these people Akara found skilled knights, mercenaries, assassins, royal guards, mages, sorcerers, sorceresses, oracles, mystics and others of the like. †

Akeema however found sanctuary wondering throughout different realms and taverns and inns meeting some strange people and others she found quite good to her liking. She went through many of her own troubles as well. After roaming for quite some time she found that she was most comfortable in the wild with nature. Over the course of her years living in such places as forests and caves a realization came to her, people when brought down to their most basist of instincts were very much the same as the feral animals that she had come to know and love.

Akira however remained in the forest learning from the creatures within it, every so often wandering out to interact with the people she watched from afar.She was a scared child at the time and even when she came across a predator in the forest they would either leave her alone or treat her as one of the pack. The animals had come to protect her. She only spent a couple of years out in the forests before she ventured into towns and villages and became accustomed to people again. After another year of wandering she heard of the feat her sister had performed in rebuilding the castle and sought out her true home and was welcomed with open arms by Akara when she arrived. †

But being a Ravenlock woman does have it's prices. Ravenlock women have very hard pregnancies that derived from the progenitor of the Ravenlock line, Lady Raven. When she had finally been ready to have an heir to her throne every attempt ended in one of two ways, a miscarriage or a stillborn. In order to remedy the problem she cast a spell upon herself so that she might bring a healthy baby to full term than end up heart broken over and over again at the death's of her babies. This spell not only affected her but the entirety of the females in her bloodline. Ravenlock women are only pregnant for a week at the most before the baby is born.When the baby is born they age quite fast until they are between the ages of 10-16. After that they begin to age much slower than other humans. For every ten years in age for a human they look to have aged maybe two years at the most. Twins and triplets are very frequent for the women to have. (hence akara, akeema and akira)

When Ravenlock was a small kingdom there was a brief love affair between Akara Ravenlock and Drake Drakious Athame, Emperor of BlackDragon. The result of this affair was Akara's death at the hands of Drake. Having fooled her into thinking some sort of reconcilliation was possible. It was not long after, that Akara was resurrected by a faithful servant of the kingdom (I believe the character was Dagoths however I cannot be sure, sorry it was 10+ years ago, I just don't remember exactly who).

As the kingdom grew so did their alliances. Among them were Xexoria, Darokin and Kristalis (which later became a province of the empire). The alliance with Darokin was due to a marraige between Akeema Ravenlock and Shenfald Destrakghery. Akara took many lovers over the years and even a few husbands. The most notable of these is Itousaaku Ariata Kuayko III of Morleia. They married and had several children. The only child of theirs still living is Maurynna. The kingdom had grown by leaps and bounds thanks to this fateful union. Morleia was added to the empire as another province. Among the other provinces added to the empire were Lunitaris, Epicurum (the Holy Isles), Malbeth, and Soinari. A new alliance has been struck between the kingdom of Masala and the Empire. The bond between the Empire and Masala was forged by a friendship between Akara and the Shadowbane sisters Ceredith and Gwyndolynn.

Akara, Empress of Ravenlock Castle_zps2e7bd6a8

Ravenlock Castle: The castle of Ravenlock is the size of earth itself and the realm of Ravenlock is 4 times the size of earth... The castle also floats on a platform as well and has a rather large stairway up to it... Forests surround the castle and the Darkest of the forests many do not enter for fear of never returning...Many dangerous creatures live inside that castle...anything you could imagine...Dragons and things of that sort protect the castle and the ever watchful Raven flies about the realm watching and waiting for anything to happen that it may need to inform Queen Akara of.. A lake lies beneath the castle and has many caves and caverns hidden beneath it and the waterfall that runs into it...

Layout of the Castle: The East wing of the castle is where the servants chambers lie. The South wing is where the Royal families chambers are. The West wing is where the royal guards chambers lie. The North wing is where the knights and assassins courters are along with the mages and others of the armies of Ravenlock.. There are numbers of secret chambers and rooms and sometimes you just stumble into them. At the center of the castle is the Courtyard, Armory, Great Hall and Throne room. The dungeons lie deep beneath the castle in the mountain it was built on. Or what?s left of the mountain being that now all that is left is the top of it and it was enchanted to float.

Akara, Empress of Ravenlock Pets_zpsd40fdf6b

Akara has gathered many pets throughout her travels. They're sneaky under handed and just down right mean to anyone that has not earned their master's respect.

Pengy and Pengu (Pengu's pic to come): Akara found these cute cuddly evil penguins while she was traveling to malbeth to speak with the Ice Dragons of her realm. Starving and abandoned Akara took them in, fed them and ever since they have remained loyal little spies.

Red and Merdyn: Tending to an injured Dragon in the dark forest in Solinari Akara stumbled upon the adorable kittehs. The tribesman informed Akara they had been wandering the forest for days. She brought them back to the castle and they now follow her wherever she goes. Even when she deliberately tries to leave them behind for their own safety. They stow away and she discovers them after it's too late for them to be sent back to Ravenlock.

Psu: Akara found him lurking around the dungeons and let him eat one of her prisoners. Since then he's been her eyes and ears around the Empire.

Akara, Empress of Ravenlock Gt_zps1a5bcaeb

Ancient spells and magicks reside inside this book. All the magic that Akara has learned in her life has made some sort of reference in this book. None except the royal family have had the pleasure to delve into its depths and learn its secrets. Akara's sisters, Akeema and Akira have also contributed to the wealth of knowledge that lies hidden in the grand tome.

Akara, Empress of Ravenlock Weapons_zpse0d321f2


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