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 A long ways from home.

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Thalos Carnisor
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Thalos Carnisor

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PostSubject: Re: A long ways from home.    Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:08 pm

He watched them leave, and he was alone within the crowd for the time being. He heard a voice behind him and sighed shaking his head ‘’ I am fine ‘’ he said calmly though he lied he was not okay about what had happened. He turned to regard Lanna and her companion as they neared him ‘’ Just ran into some soldiers who wanted to escort me to the Palace or around the Empire, they are rather paranoid sort of people. ‘’ he explained casually motioning them forward as he walked to shoe place ‘’ There is the shoe vendor here, sure he can pick you out nice pair of shoes to replace your old ones ‘’ he pulls out something to reveal to the vendor who only seem to nod ‘’ Greetings your highness ‘he dipped into a low bow and Thalos frowned at that, as he eyed the man with some contempt and embarrassment. ‘’She has lost her shoes while we were off fighting Orcs in defense of the city ‘’ He seem to have exaggerated the story a bit to the man, who seem to have enjoyed the tale he given ‘’ Oh yes I can get you some nice pair today anything for the young lass ‘’ the old man closer to take a look at the young girl and feline companion. ‘’ yes, yes! We got the right shoes for you…’’ he repeated as he motioned for her to join him. Thalos looked at Lanna ‘’ It is OK, I have already taken the liberty of paying the man, you won’t’ have to pay. ‘’ he offered with a slight smile ‘’ I do owe you after all for saving my life ‘’ he winks at her slyly as he walks past ‘’ Just told him that you saved my life and you’re a great warrior, just play along mi’lady ..’’ he said calmly as he watched to see what she would do.
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PostSubject: Re: A long ways from home.    Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:51 am

Lanna would follow him into the shoe venders shop her eyes would glance and gaze at the room around her wall to wall with some shoes that she liked others she did not. Hearing him speck to the vender and telling him a tall tale was something she was not accustomed to at least not in the way he might think. Sighing softly she would give him an I will get you back for this type look as she would follow the shoe vendor for a pair of shoes. Once alone with the shoe vendor she would notice the cheery face of the elder man and a smile would play on her lips. “So young lass what will it be ?” he asked of her. Lanna would look at him and in a very soft voice just barely above a whisper but loud enough for him to hear her she would say to him “Something simple please” she would tell him.

The elder man would nod his head able to say she is not one for much talking at all so would decide to not bother her with the details of her adventure with his Royal Highness Prince Thalos. Kain however would give Thalos an odd look shifting from one paw to the other trying his best to show an offer of friendship to Thalos. Kain would roll over onto his belly wanting his belly to be scratched. In the mean time the elder man would bring Lanna a pair of shoes simple yet elegant she would look at those for a moment and brush her hand along the outer rime of the shoe . The pair looks just like the ones she had before blue with a hint of white to them a smile would curve her lips as she would try them on and stand up to look at the elder man.

With a hearty chuckle the elder man would motion for her to walk in them to get a real good feel for them so taking a few steps she would walk around in them graceful like a cat. Pleased with her choice of shoes she would look for the old man who would be smiling at her at the moment. She would look around for Thalos for a second wondering if she should say seething to him or not . So instead she would quote a poem “"Even a man who is pure in heart, And says his prayers by night May become a Wolf when the Wolfbane blooms And the autumn Moon is bright" She would say as she looked down at kain for a moment.
Feeling awkward she would reach into her pouch and pull out several gold coins and place them on the counter to not only to pay for the shoes but to get the odd feeling she was having off her chest so that she could go about her day normaly.

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Thalos Carnisor
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Thalos Carnisor

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PostSubject: Re: A long ways from home.    Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:34 pm

Thalos grinned slightly as he watched her enter inside the building to where the shoes are; he entered in with her of course as he leaned against the wall. His arms upon his chest as he watched her pick out her shoes and rolled his eyes for it hardly mattered on how expansive they were to him; he knew he could afford either way. He did catch her eyes though and laughed slightly to himself as he turned towards her pet and started to pet his stomach absently as he requested it would seem ‘’ Such a cute animal and smart it seems, often rare to find these days..’’ he seems to be talking to him as he would talk to a normal person.
He wasn’t sure how or why he was doing this. ‘’ She is a pretty lady your friend is, I am glad I met you both; it is as if fate had played some role in this? ‘’ He wondered to himself as he continued his conversation with the animal ‘’ I know you are protecting your friend; I assure you I won’t harm her in anyway. So long as she is with me you both are my responsibility ‘’ he added with a smile as he rummages through his bags as he produced some food for her pet wolf. He tosses some Venison his way ‘’ There you go my friend some food for you.’’ he nodded some as looked into the wolfs eyes as if studying it for a moment almost losing himself into his eyes
He was not really aware of what was going on of course at the moment as he spoke to her wolf companion seeming to find some reasonable ground so they can get along with each other. He hoped he would become friends with him as well. He gets up from his spot offering a bow, as he turned to regard Lanna watching her closely as his eyes as well turn to the shadowy areas of the city watching the burglars lurk about.
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PostSubject: Re: A long ways from home.    Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:35 am

After Lanna had picked out her pair of shoes, she would have noticed that Thalos was talking to Kain. Not sure how to react she would stand by and watch as Kain seemed to respond to him. Watching Thalos she would notice how gentle he is with Kain and it amazed her that he even offered Kain some food which Kain would take from his hand with biting him on accident. What really got to Lanna was the complement that Thalos was giving about her which nearly made her turn red in the face, However Kain would snort at him. After Kain got a good belly rub he would roll back over and lay there staring back into the eyes of Thalos as if he was trying to communicate back to him with soft yips and huffs and growls but after a while Kain would give a full on bark of approval to Thalos.

However the look that Lanna would give Thalos was one more of concern more than thing else. She would regard them both with care as she would move a bit closer to Thalos and her wolf Kain. Who seemed to start to get hyper as she would kneel down beside Thalos and whisper just enough where both can hear her “Kain did you make a new friend ? “ Kain would huff and lick her face. Laughing softly she would pet Kain and ask him another question “Do you think he is handsome?” again Kain would answer with a bark this time . Lanna would look to Thalos and giggle a bit seeing how Kain was in the apparent mood to answer questions at the moment.

After a long moment of playful banter with Kain Lanna would notice Thalos eyeing the shadows once again. Standing up she would move to stand beside Thalos for a moment as Kain would get up on all fours and move in between them softly growling. Lanna would turn her gaze away from the shadows to look at Thalos and Kain for a moment placing her hand on the top of Kains head. “Thalos…..are you alright?” she would ask him fully knowing that he is not for it would seem to her that he had things on his mind.

Lanna could only pray to her faith that things around her would remain calm for a while just long enough for her and Thalos to get to their next stop. Kain however would move to the out side of Thalos and lean against his leg as if nudging him. Lanna would look down and see what Kain is trying to do and she would give a Look that said nope dont even think about it. However knowing Kain as well as she does he had already thought about it and will act on it regardless of the look Lanna would give him. Sighing softly Lanna would mutter under her breath to Kain "Crazy" before she would go back to looking around once more.
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PostSubject: Re: A long ways from home.    

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A long ways from home.
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