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 Through the Burn

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PostSubject: Through the Burn   Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:46 pm

The pace quickened, the camels made their way through the Burn. The sun beating down on the covers siel, where the slaves were kept. Illyana pulls back the curtain that was drawn closed, when the slave master cracked his sira (a stick with animal hair at the end) at the bars of the enclosed cage. "Know your place girl!" Through the curtain, she could feel the leer in his voice as she looked down once more. Another city, another noble. She and the other girls remained quiet, wondering how much longer. They were hungry and thirsty and the curtain did not aid in any way from the heat. She could feel the unsteady land as the animals hurried across it. The nights were not any better, still hot but bearable. The storms were now expected, she's felt so many. She heard from the masters that a few of them had died along the way and some of the slave as well. Closing her eyes, she tried to conjure up the smell of jasmine. It calmed her almost every time, and yet eery time a single tear fell. She could not understand why. She opened her eyes and looked down at her hands. Though the air was dry and hot, her ashen skin was still soft as a flower's petal. She stayed away from most of the slaves because of what she was. What that was, she had no clue. She only knew that she had the power to draw what she needed. She tugged at the collar around her neck. A slave trader, smart in his experience, found a way to curb this power, to make her less than she was. Only he knew how to break the bond. She laid back against the bars, glancing at her hand, her long nails, the small rose tattoo on the back of her hand. It had been there as long as she could remember. She could still feel the pain of when it was seered into her. Perhaps this new land would be different. Perhaps she would leave her captors. Perhaps her friends may live.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:12 pm

The heat of the mountain was intense and Narrad's hair was drying out despite the endure elements spell he'd cast to lessen the discomfort of the area. His piercing royal blue eyes kept glancing around as he continued his walk along the pathway that cut through the mountain. He'd been tracking some sort of cart being accompanied by several bipedal creatures. He was hardly a ranger but he'd learned a few of the obvious signs in his lifetime. Cocking his head to the left he listened to a sharp voice echoing slightly. Narrad could only figure that he was close and that there was some sort of disagreement going on. Moving at a slightly faster pace against the terrain's heat wave Narrad would slide around the rocks of the mountain and into view of a caravan. A large man would be standing near a cart full of PEOPLE! Narrad's eyes would widen with surprise and anger. Never in the history of his people had they ever taken slaves. He knew what he was looking at. Narrad would continue to stare at the guards surrounding the cart. There were a total of nine men standing with weaponry out. Narrad would think to himself that they were probably the hired protectors of this mistake of commerce. Narrad would take a few moments watching the men and analyzing their movements. When the men and the cart would begin to move again Narrad would step out from behind the rocks having gathered his serenity. He needed to be in the right frame of mind in order to correctly cast his spells. "I would free the people in the cart if I were you, " Narrad's voice would echo. He would stare down the man whom seemed in charge of the others. The man had more ornamentation and more conductive armor on. Narrad's white hair would become luminescent as the magickal energy would begin to surge through Narrad's body. The tattoo on Narrad's face would begin to glow from the energy coursing through his body. He eagerly awaited the pompous looking mercenary's counter.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:09 am

Hearing the voice echo through the emptiness, the one in charge looks up. Waving his hand for the cart to continue, he stands at attention. "You will let this cart pass. It has nothing to do with you as you have nothing to do with it." His eyes narrow, changing from brown to black to white. The slave master's own energy was building as his muscles flexed in the sunlight. It is too damn hot to be standing in the burn for very long as they were. He must keep the slaves alive and vital as it dampens their business not having slaves well enough to work. The slave master watched as the stranger's tattoos begin to glow and he raises a brow, nice house trick. He turns and continues with the cart, the sound of coins jingling in his mind.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:43 pm

Narrad would look at the cart a little insulted that he was ignored. His hand would raise and a wall of flame would block the slave traders pathway that proceeded down the mountain. His eyes would flash as he would prepare another spell. His concentration would be sharp ensuring that his wall of flame would not go down easily. "You want to try that again child?" Narrad's voice would almost be mocking as he would continue, "A life is not to be sold or traded. Not by you or anyone else sub-creature...." His voice would trail leaving a challenge to the leader and anyone stupid enough to challenge him. His next damaging spell would be sure to hit whomever would challenge him and a few of his friends. Narrad would shift his feet having seen then cart stop and the slave traders with it. He was sure that he had the attention of the cowards. Hopefully the people in the cart were not so broken and useless that they may understand the value of their own lives possibly thanking him after he saves them.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:34 pm

The sun would be high in the mid afternoon sky its warm golden rays shining down brightly warming the earth below. The temperature would seem to be in the mid 70’s just warm enough to be enjoyable. The low soft sounds of a hawk circling overhead would cause Baenth to shield her eyes and look up at the beautiful bird ding lazy circle in the sky. A slow smile would cross her lips as she stood there watching for a moment longer before the majestic bird disappeared behind some white cumulus clouds. Saying a small blessing Baenth would continue about her journey to discover her own dreams and maybe even find out what her destiny really is.

Beyond that there was nothing more important other than to help wayward elves and fellow living beings with guidance and achieving peace. Prosperity was something given to most who worshiped and prayed to their God or Goddess but it is also earned through the acts of kindness and righteous deeds that are done each and every day. Considering herself very wealthy in many ways Baenth would slowly take a few more steps in the northerly direction having a near catastrophe with a snake that is sunning when her foot just narrowly misses the snake's head.

Oblivious to the danger she put herself in she would stop just inches away from the snake when at last she would look down and find herself face to face with a rattlesnake eating a small rat. Though the area is mountains and the terrain is rough at best Baenth was able to make her way down the mountain trail that she had discovered which made getting down a heck of a lot easier than climbing down. Once at the bottom of the large mountain Baenth would stop and lean against a large boulder. Reaching for her decanter of endless water and removing the top Baenth would speak the command word “fresh” before bringing it to her lips and taking a nice long cool drink from it. After a long moment she would pour a little down the back of her neck to aid in cooling her off , before placing the cap back onto it.

How strange was it really to see a cleric like Baenth traveling alone in an unknown area with untold dangers lurking around every corner just waiting to pounce an unsuspecting traveler . It was normal to have nothing and steal be wealthy especially for a cleric. Baenth would move away from he large bolder after a while seeing the trail of a caravan having came this way a smile would play on her lips as she would look around for it hoping that she would soon run into it and maybe get a ride to the next town.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:13 pm

"Sub creature?" Who was this man to talk to him as such? "It is none of your business, my merchandise is just that. " Looking at him a bit, up and down, the muscles, the power drawing from his weapon. "What have you to trade for say a small morsel within the kitchen? Do you like light? Dark? In between?" A brow raised, the slave master furthered his challenge to the young man, who was certainly pushing his luck.

From within the caravan, Illyana could hear the words outside. She wanted to scream out, to let the new comer know what was behind the curtains. For the time being, she was busy comforting some of the other girls. She was always comforting the young ones. She never cried, she knew her fate as well as her place. It was a dream now that her freedom be granted. Secretly, she still holds the hope for the younger girls. They were still fragile porcelain, not clay dolls.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Sat May 25, 2013 7:32 am

Illyana heard the scuffle, the fight between the two. She wanted the trader finished, for he had tasted the wares of some of these girls, taking their gift from them. He tried with her, but she only weakened him and so he had a special collar made for her. She hugged the girls tightly, reassuring them they would survive and find new masters who would treat them or they would be free soon. She could taste freedom, and yet didn't know what it was like anymore, the taste was not as strong as it had been before. She closed her eyes to think back to before she remembered her life as a slave and only a face appears, loving her, kissing her, brushing her hair and then it disappeared into nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:23 am

The day seemed to drag on Baenth tired and sleepy would stop to sit down for a moment's rest. "Just a little further" she would tell herself. Looking down the winding road of dirt, rock and grass a sigh would play over her lips as she would shake her head trying to relax some. Reaching into her pack she would pull out a loaf of elven bread and pull a piece off and nibble on it. The bread would taste sweet and it would be very soft to eat and filling. Granted it was something new for her but its keep her from going hungry this entire time thus far. Which was a good thing since she was no hunter of any kind. Leaning against a rock she would look up to the bright sky, seeing how clear it is from where she is setting. "Goddess above give me direction" she would only whisper in the wind. Feeling warm suddenly she would look to her left and see a trail of rose petals leading the way a smile would play on her lips as she stood up and started walking once again. When at last she would start to hear voices and what seemed like to be shouting. Picking up the pace a little she would rush down the road a bit looking around she would see the caravan and two men having it out with magic. Sighing she would cast the spell calm emotions in order to get the two men to stop before someone got hurt. Moving in closer her voice soft unearthly like "Please there is no need for such violence I  am sure you we can come to some kind of solution  to whatever seems to be going on here." she said to them stepping in between the males. Looking over at the wagon she would notice females in chains this would anger her a bit but she would not allow it to show. "Now please tell me what is going on here and if you don't wish my help I will just be on my way." Seeing as both men are not saying a single word she would shrug and slowly move on from the area and down the trail where she could be at peace once more.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:03 am

Seeing someone come towards them, her heart jumped a beat. She wanted to shout out, wanted to call out. She watched the two men as they were having it out with their wits and spells and when the figure was turning away, she let out a little squeal, as one of the girls in the back had also seen her and pinched her. She shot the girl a look as she shouldnt have done that and the girl jumped back. She leans in and whispers to the girl "i will get us out." She jumps up, her eyes narrowing as she watched the girl and called out a word no one else knew and she hoped it was who she thought it would be. "GHalei!"
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:17 pm

Hearing the phrase she would stop and turn her head for a moment to look at the women as she would blink a few times before going over to her " Usstan tlun Baenth vel'uss ph'dos?" ( I am Baenth who are you?) she asked in drow not sure if the women would understand her or not. Eying the female she would reach out and to touch her hand seeing panic and fear. Turning her head to the left she would watch the males for a moment seeing they are preoccupied with fighting to notice her. Looking her over she would hold up her hands and use drow sign "how many of you are there?" she would ask saying nothing else as she would ready her coin purse just in case they got caught trying to leave.

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Burn   

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Through the Burn
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