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 A hard road

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PostSubject: A hard road    Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:41 pm

The warmth from the setting sun was welcoming since coming down from the mountains, where the snow and rain had taken to make one's clothing damp and colder than comfort would like. But there was no reason to grow angry over such things as nature, for nature did what nature had to do to remain in balance. It was those that took such things for granted that caused the balance to be thrown. The scents of the changing world were welcoming, helping add to the relaxation. A few bees buzzed near the flowers she walked by, careful not to disturb them. This place was peaceful. Very welcoming in nature or at least that is how it seemed. As the sun would shine, she would look up and growl very irritated as she would be walking. Looking straight ahead, she would notice a line of tree and she would make her way to them being thankful that she would soon be enough shade to relax and recover in for a while before she continued on her journey through the thick forest. It would only be a hundred yards away, which she would be thankful for but still time was of the essence she needed to rest and get some water in her soon lucky for her she packed a bag full of food and water for when she got hungry having very little money she would just have to make due with what she has just like she always has done before. Entering the forest she would stop and lean up against a tree the nice cool shade would be enough to allow a moment's rest. Reaching down to her side she would pull up her decanter of fresh spring water she got from the last place she stopped at drinking a little water would slowly cool her system down enough to where she would not be as moody any more. Looking around she would notice a red robin sits in a nearby tree looking at her softly singing along with the other birds in the area. Looking up at the sky she would notice the vast array of color from the setting sun the lovely lavenders and royal blues mixed with golds and oranges would make it seem like a work of art in her mind as she would sit down against the tree to tired to go any further tonight.Her pale alabaster skin would glisten in the moon light as she would gaze up at the stars that are starting to peek out and twinkle in the black ink sky. Her normal powered blue eyes would turn red as she would sit there looking around hearing the heart beat of all life around her. it would take her a few hours to calm herself but she would manage to do so as her eyes would return back to normal once again.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:39 pm

Flying far overhead carrying a few large pouches that were slung around his claws, a young dragon made his way through the skies. His blue/silver scales glittered in the light of the setting sun. They still had miles to traverse, but for now, his wings needed a rest. Diving down gracefully, he gracefully landed near the tree the female was under. His haunches shifting until he was sitting. The bags dropped to the ground as he flexed his paw. Straps holding something to the back of his neck came loose finally, allowing the dragon a big more freedom of movement. The dragon looked towards his left as night descended. Finally laying his head down, he looked under the trees, spotting this other female, he snorted in surprise. His ice blue eyes blinked as he watched her. Large wings stretched, opening as if he was going to take off without his things. Only to settle once more as a soft murmur reached the female’s ears. The dragon lifted his head. Looking towards his left once more, he blinked, before lightly nudging the ‘thing’ against his side. The ‘thing’ stood, then moved around his muscular frame. The ‘thing’ turned out to be a young female Drow. Her ebony skin matched with the darkness of the night. The moonlight added accents to her white hair and brows. Her deer hide outfit shifted slightly as she reached up and began massaging his wing muscles. The dragon relaxed in what seemed to be pure delight. The dragon seeming to take no more notice of their company closed his eyes contently. The female however had. Once his wings were settled, she turned away from him. Pausing to listen to the world around them for a moment, she carefully moved towards the female. Her eyes, a lovely shade of red, seemed to glow in the darkness.

“Isn’t it a lovely evening tonight?”

She spoke sweetly, her voice ringing with amusement. Slowly she pushed her hip length hair back. How her mother could stand longer hair was unknown to her. Boots scuffed with age, and wear shifted as she removed them, allowing her small bare feet to touch the cool evening grass. Dainty steps brought her ever closer to the other female. Pausing before the other, she shifted until she was sitting across from the other. Watching the other female’s movements, as if trying to guess what this other female would do. Seeing as the two had just interrupted her ‘private time’ there. Hopefully this new female wouldn’t take offense to their rude barging in. But then, she had yet to say something as it was. Perhaps this other female was just shy.

“I’m Maya Arkenneld. The dragon there is Silvrus.”

She spoke, introducing both of them. The dragon, Silvrus, however, acted like he hadn’t noticed. Instead, he rolled to his side, acting as if he’d been flying for days non-stop.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:52 pm

Opening her eyes suddenly she would look around spotting the young dragon and the rider that would be no more then a few feet in front of her. A polite smile crossed her fanged lips as she would stand up hearing the women introduce herself properly she would then look to the dragon and back to Maya again before she would start specking.

"My name is Lilly Nightshade. It is a pleasure to meet you Maya and Silvrus." she said with a bit of an accent to her.

"It is nice to see other travelers along this way its been days since I have had any contact with any one I hear there is a kingdom not far away from here but its just getting their that will present a problem.

Her poweder blue eyes would shine in the glow of the moon light her soft alabaster skin would glisten as well her clothing simple travlers clothing nothing more nothing less.

"Might we travel in a group and maybe we will get their safely with out or at least with little to no trouble at all.?"
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:07 pm

“The pleasure is ours Lilly.” Maya replied easily.

Looking back towards Silvrus, she smiled. He dragons ice blue eyes were open once more. Looking over towards them, he licked his maw. Rolling to his belly, he extended his neck. His nostrils stopping near Lilly, inhaling her scent, the dragon glanced towards Maya, before returning his gaze to Lilly.

“Which kingdom are you trying to reach? On dragon back it would take less time. And of course, you’d have our company to keep you entertained. Besides, what trouble could befall a dragon and his companions?” He spoke up. His voice a deep rumble. His rough tongue rasped along his scaly maw.

Rolling her eyes, Maya sighed. “He can be such an arrogant dragon at times. But he really is a sweetheart. But I do agree, we could help you get there no problem. Who knows, we might pass over our home so we can drop these packages off as well.”

Silvrus shook his head. “It depends on where we’re flying to Maya.”
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:27 pm

"Oh I am sure there could be plenty of things that could cause trouble but for the sake of sanity I wish to only get to the kingdom before my problem gets any worse I need to make up a cocktail to control what is wrong with me and I am fresh out of herbs to aide me in making the medicine I need." she said with a smile

"Other then my own personal problem and what ever we might run into the kingdom I am looking for is still several days away in either direction. As for on dragon back that is alright I will walk nothing personal I just dont want to be tosses off and land to my doom. " she would say with a slight smile to her pale lips.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:53 pm

"That might take a bit longer then. However, we'd be more than happy to travel with you. I'm sure Silvrus wouldnt' mind flying overhead, Maya replied with ease. "Would you buddy?"

"Not like I have much of a choice. These roads are too small for me to walk along. He replied. Standing once more, his tail lifted only to curl slightly at the tip."The only way I could travel along side both of you is if I polymorphed. Which I'd prefer to refrain from doing so."

Maya chuckled lightly. "Such a picky dragon. Afraid we'll get attacked from the air? Well, we might. So good idea. Thank you dear one. But you won't be able to join in any conversations way up in the air."

"You'll probably just talk female things as it is. I'd prefer to not hearing your feminine issues. Thank you very much." He replied with a look of distaste before sitting upon his haunches once more.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:06 pm

Lilly would look over at Maya not really saying a single word but instead would start shaking her hands would clench into small fists as she would swear softly under her breath with each passing moment she would risk more of a chance of going into a blood frenzy and hurting innocent bystanders. It would be a race against time now for her to find what she needs to create a cocktail to survive with out causing harm to anyone. Looking at Maya she would only nod her head not saying anything about what is wrong with her at this time instead she would just smile and walk beside them searching around in her belongings for something anything that would help her control the vampire part of her nature.

"So you are a dragon trainer ?" she asked trying to think of something else and not worry about what fate might have planed for her.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:36 pm

Maya nodded. "Aye. Dragon Trainer, Keeper... At home I have 60 dragons that help out. It's just Silvrus and I have a special bond. He's been with me from day one." She replied easily.

Looking over, Maya had a knowing look upon her face. As if she understood what the other was going through. Patting Silvrus on the snout then as he settled around her, she smiled slightly.

"Of course, Mother doesn't always enjoy having so many dragons around. However, they polymorph to make it easier on the House members, staff, and visitors... However when they're off on a mission, they're always in their true forms."

She continued, looking towards Silvrus. Watching him a moment. she grinned once his eyes slid closed. Slim fingers trailed along his scales.

"Of course, only 59 of them are actually my dragons... The other is my Mothers. But, she humors me by correcting my '59' to '60'. So... Hm... That dragon is also Silvrus' mother... Guess she likes me as much as the others."
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:58 am

"Must be nice to have all of them dragons. I thought about trying to befriend one once he was a good friend to someone very close to my heart, but now that seems like a life time ago." she would say with a hint of sorrow to her voice.

"Still one must go on with their life even if that one is not around any more. Funny how this forest seems to be alive and full of movement even the shadows dance across the forest floor taking on a personality of their own." she would say.

Shaking still she would look around paying close mind to how the shadows moved and swayed almost like a dance it was not every day that one just simply walked into the woods to find life busy and it would almost seem that the shadows have taken a interest in what they are doing here in their forest. However as they walked along the forest floor Silvrus flying over head Lilly would continue to try to make polite chit chat knowing that she would need something to control the half she hates which is her vampire half. She could hear the whispers of it trying to get her to give in and to feed. Growling softly she would shake her head as she would slowly start to work her blood magic using her own blood to control the need to feed.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Mon Mar 18, 2013 6:13 pm

“It can be, until a fight breaks out with them, or one of Mother’s staff members. Then it’s pure chaos. To say one of those never ends well is putting it lightly.” She replied. Looking around carefully, her bare feet hardly making a sound as she moved.

“Tis a shame when those people are no longer with us, but you know they’re not truly gone. I mean, the gods must let them get out and have adventures once in a while...” Pausing, she glanced around once more. “Truthfully, it slightly worries me. We’re still out far enough that we’re able to be attacked. I’d rather not bloody my blade on a lovely night like this.”

Looking up towards Silvrus, she watched him glance down towards them frequently. As If he was unsure of their whereabouts. Cautious as can be, Maya looked towards the shadows. Not needing to rely on her infravision with the moon lighting the way. A small grin crossed her thin dark lips.

“That’s not saying that if something were to happen, I would hesitate to act.” She finished speaking on that subject. Only to engage herself in the idle chit chat this other female seemed to desire. Not that it bothered Maya. Poor Silvrus would have taken wing if he had been following along on the ground. Such a lucky dragon at times...she thought with a quick glance upwards once more. The evening sky being swallowed up by the tree limbs with their budding leaves.

“He’s circling overhead. The trees are thicker here; he might be having trouble seeing us.” She spoke suddenly. “And with it being spring, he’ll have a harder time smelling us as well. Hopefully he can find us again once we’re out of here. If not…” She trailed off.

One small hand reaching up to the necklace around her throat, two thin fingers gripping at one of the stones adorning the piece.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:05 pm

Lilly would laugh a bit imaging how it must be to take care of dragons all the time especially when they are fighting .

"Well its good they have someone like you to take care of them"

Looking down she would notice the shadows are moving a little closer to them a slow drawn out growl would pass over her lips as she would look to Maya once more.

"But you are right no one is ever really gone unless you forget them"
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:29 pm

Carefully loosening her blade in it's sheath, she looked into the shadows once more. Snowy brows furrowed in concentration. One hand losely gripped the hilt. Just in case these shadows were not what they appeared.

"Mother says I spoil them. I just laugh. The dragons don't need spoiling to be well... Arrogent. Like most of them are." She spoke easily. Acting as if she was unworried about anything trying to attack. "Mother's dragon is the worst of them though. Luckily she tries to behave... Doesn't usually work though."

Laughing softly after that, she looked off into the distance. Her red eyes seemed to soften just a bit. Enough to show a bit of sorrow within them. "Even if they live on in your memories, it's hard to keep them around. Memories fade in time."
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:21 pm

Soon the snarling would stop as the shadows would go back to dancing like they were doing earlier that day. She would look at Maya for a second smiling seeing her hand slide down to the hidden blade with in her clothing.

"Well if trouble is going to find us I have a feeling it will be at dark when it does."

Looking to the air for a moment she would sigh softly wishing she had her friends with her during this trial by fire for her. After thinking for a long moment of time she would smile weakly.

"You right they do fade with time but those you truly love will always be here." she would point to her own heart.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:26 pm

"That is true. As long as they remain, there, most people can continue. I know a few that couldn't even then. It's sad really." She replied easily.

Keeping one hand on the hilt, she snarled towards the shadows. Untrusting yes, but one never knew what the shadows could hold. "That is when most trouble arrives as it is, unfortunately, Silvrus won't be much help when it comes, aside from protecting us overhead. The trees are too thick for him to make a safe landing."

"Although, if it gets too bad, he might break a few limbs just to join in on the fun." She chuckled softly.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:12 am

The soft snarling would continue as she would allow for her finger nails to grow out her fangs to come down as she would come to a stop in mid walk. The shadows seemed to move closer as she would narrow her eyes she would see the shadows start to take shape in the forum of orcs a low hiss passed over her lips as she took note that they are surrounded. Looking to Maya she would only give a slight nod as she would keep maya talking as she would chant a spell the ground behind the orcs would slowly start to rise up and undead skeleton warriors would rise up with swords in hand. Once the warriors are in place she would look to Maya and give a sly grin.

"Well you know its almost lunch time and I am very hungry what about you?"

she said as she would allow her eyes to gaze up at the dragon flying over head her irritability with being out in the sun for to long would show at last as she would look to Maya once more her eyes gleam of crimson red her skin would remain pale as the moon.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:04 am

Looking around seeing that her traveling friend has left her side loneliness would settle into her cold bones once more. It was hard to keep a living person around when all your natural instics tell you to feed and not to trust anyone as far as you could throw them. Still it was a nice thought to have a warm body around for a short while. Look onward she would notice the road ahead was still a long one and yet she knew that she could cut the time in half by running at full speed getting to the end a lot  quicker. The thought seemed to amuse her as she looked around and bolted off through the trees and shrubs leaving no trail behind her. It was a short burst of energy but it felt great the coolness of the night air the pale of the moon light the shadows dancing about her feet playing games with her. It reminded her of home and how her life took a twist and now leads her forever down a dark path. Still the question remained how much longer before she came to a city where others might be of use to her in some fashion. She could only hope that things would look up for once rather than be disappointing. "Oh what is this ?" She looked around hearing voices not far off from her current location looking around she would creep up on to the sound she was hearing interested in learning what was on the other side of some shrubs. She hoped it would be someone helpful that could point her in the right direction and if not food is after all on the menu.
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PostSubject: Re: A hard road    

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A hard road
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