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 A sign of hope (Open to anyone )

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PostSubject: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) EmptyFri Aug 23, 2013 3:16 pm

Baenth having left the caravan to its fate would continue walking along the mountains trail her sandals lightly brushing against the gravel and dirt each step take would lead her further down the path to a place unknown to her.  The gentle breeze would blow keeping her onyx skin cool and long white hair off her should as the tree tops of what  tree can be found would blow bending and swaying with the wind.  With a light song in her heart she would stop for a moment and look around seeing the trail splits off in two different directions.  One would look like it leads deep into a dark forest and the other looks well traveled and leads to a town.  Looking both ways she would take a step to the wiser of the two choices and makes her way down the well traversed trail.

Once out of sight of the caravan she would stop and look around reaching down to her belt loosening it bit so that her robes are not so constricting to her slender frame.  Whispering to the heavens above “Goddess my your light guides my feet and your words guide my heart and let your light be the candle that lights my path in the darkest of night.” She would whisper her soft eyes closing as she would enjoy the peace and serenity she felt standing there for a moment.  After what seemed like forever she would finally take a step down the pathway heading to the nearest section of town.  Gripping her staff tightly with her left hand she would start walking down the trail keeping her head about her so not to fall into trouble and if someone was to need help she would be able to help with what she could.  

“So this is what you meant when you said that you were spent? So this is where you fell, and I am left to sell the path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell right to the top. Why my friend did you give up you was so close to achieving your goals.”  She would whisper in the wind as memories would flood her mind as lily syndrome  would start to affect her movements.  Breathing in deeply she would exhale as she felt something drip from her nose to the ground below it was stained a crimson color.  With a heavy sigh she would lean against her staff as a wave of dizziness would take hold causing her to sway back an forth. Looking around she would find a nice shady spot under a clump of tree. Slowly moving over to them she would ease herself into the shade and sit down closing her eyes.  Her words would be a whisper “I won’t give up I will not give in. I must not fail in my task.” Her eyes would close as she would reach into her pouch and pull out a white cloth putting it to her nose wiping away the blood from her nose.

It would seem like hours as the day would slowly pass by as she slept under the shade of the tree when she would hear a soft voice in her mind telling her to wake up. Turning her head from left to right Baenth would slowly open her eyes and see that the sun is going down and she had slept long enough.  Watching the sun go down as the vast sky turns to its many different shades of blue, red, yellow, and even a shade of purple. As the sun sinks down behind the large vast crystal clear blue ocean with some of the rays of sunlight bouncing off the mountains it just seems to go on for miles without end. The sky would give way to brilliant black velvet with stars bursting to life twinkling brilliantly; some of them even make up the many constellations that vary in shape and size but nonetheless can be seen on a clear night. Surrounding the most beautiful orange full harvest moon that gives off a romantic glow as it shines down brightly upon the earth below embracing it softly like a mother's touch. Across the lush green lands below a playful North wind dances over the dark green blades of thick grass causing them to bend and sway much like the tree tops bend a sway knocking down a few leaves down.  

The playful wind would blow carrying the leaves down the mountain side. Rays of light shimmer over the mountains before sinking down behind some trees and fading from view. At the first kiss of nightfall when all the stars have come out and the moon is high in the black velvet night sky the woods and forest would come to life with the songs of the night. A symphony of music such as frogs croaking, crickets chirping, as the rhythm of the music comes to life the howl of a pack of wolves can be heard across the open meadows and fields of cotton and wheat echoing off the base of the mountains. Baenth knew she had to get moving before she got lost. Standing up she would look around her dark vision allowing her to see up to sixty feet in the pitch black of night would be grateful for the beautiful harvest moon looming overhead.

A slow smile would come to her lips as she would start to move with cat like grace down the trail that seemed to be well traveled she only hoped it would lead her to town or at least to some place where she could get a decent night's sleep and some decent food.  It's not that she was starving or anything like that but having to cook every meal she has one day at a time was starting to wear her down and for once she would not mind eating someone else cooking that is for sure.  Using her staff as a sort of guide to see she would lightly tap it along the ground ensuring she was not near the edge of anything. Baenth would softly start singing to her self as she walked along the darkened trail tryen to ease her nerves.
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PostSubject: Re: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) EmptyThu Sep 12, 2013 3:49 pm

As darkness covered the land in its black velvet blanket of twinkling stars Baenth moved further down the trail not really concerned with what the shadows do at night. Moving with the grace of the pale moon at her back she would stop at the bottom of the trail and look around to see if she should go left or go right.  Reaching into her robes she would pull a small coin from the inside and look it over giving it a flip in the air and allowing it to land in the palm of her hand she would look down and smile a bit. “Left it is.” She would whisper softly.  Moving slowly down the dusty trail she would allow for her staff to lightly tap the ground allowing it to help guide her footing.  Sighing softly she would for a moment gaze up to the heavens and wonder why? She was there to begin with. 

Knowing the heavens do things in time she would shrug her perfectly rounded shoulders and make her way down the trail some more in the darkness with the moon high overhead.  With keen dark vision she would notice that the trail was thinning out to almost nothing as she would be nearing the forested area. A slow smile would curve at her lips as she would be thankful for trouble avoiding her like the plague for once. Well maybe not all trouble as she would notice a pair of eyes watching her movements stalking her matching step for step. Not sure as to what it is and not really willing to find out she would grip her staff once again and the second she turned to face the eyes they were gone.

 “What a strange place this is.” She thought to herself, as she continued walking.  Reaching into her shirt she would remove a amulet that would be made of platinum  smoothed out to fine wire as the center would hold a diamond  that is perfectly rounded in shape and no bigger than a half dollar coin.  Blowing on it the amulet would start to glow a soft vibrant white and blue as Baenth would chant a few words the spell would take effect and a personal barrier would come about her body  ten feet by ten feet just enough to protect her from danger. Once this action was done she would place the now warm object back into her robes and continue walking down the forested path way.

That seems to be leading some place but where she did not know for sure. Without having a map to use as a guide she would have to rely on the animals of the forest to get her to where she is going and safely at that.  Not that she would have any trouble handling herself but as a cleric she had to refrain from violence if at all possible. She was no paladin that was for sure but she had a few tricks up her sleeve that would allow her to aid someone who might be hurt.  Not seeing anyone with in the distance she would keep walking making her way to what she hopped would be a town or at least some place with people nearby.

It was not so much the traveling that bothered her no it was the lack of company that bothered her and mostly the lack of sleep as well. She knows that she has to be careful fatigue setting in.  Looking around she would see a nice clump of trees that would appear to be alright to rest under as she walked down the path way her feet move over sticks and twins without snapping a single one.  A slow smile would come to her lips as she would think back on her days starting out in life and how she was left to die in the forest but was saved by a group of elves.

It was little memories like those that keep her sanity in check most days but on other days her mind was not her own and things would get hectic around her due to the divine sickness that messes with her mind alters her personality and slowly but surely making her go mad. She often wonders if there is a cure for such a thing but not many know about the touched such as her and many others that suffer from it as well. Shaking her head she would put the thought in the back of her mind and try to think of something else more pleasurable.
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PostSubject: Re: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 9:04 am

By the light of the moon and stars Lanna left the palace like a thief in the night a forgotten soul upon the wind. Avoiding the undead in the streets she would make her way out of the city and into the forest. It was a dangerous task but she had to take the chance and go find the cleric that wonders the mountain trails alone. She could make out shapes in the darkness that would be tree branches and rocks the litter the ground. Stopping for a moment she would try looking around as she calmly walked on she only could hope that the cleric was nearby and safe. But what was she to tell the cleric once she found her? How would she explain the city is under attack and needs help? For that matter would this cleric even care at all or would she be the one giving aid to the undead. There was no real way of knowing this for sure until she was found and asked directly. Or was she too late and the cleric was captured or worse dead. So many question ran through her mind as she walked along the trail hoping against hope that she would be the first one to find her and not the drow. Goddess knows that would be a pain as well if the drow would suddenly take notice of the both of them and with any lucky they would have bigger problems to worry about then a princess and a cleric but only time was going to tell and right now time was not on anyone’s side but the undead.  This so far proved to be a simple journey but as she looked back and out of sight of the city she would realizes that come dawn everything will look different again.  “Damn “ she would say as she moved along through the trees her feet lightly brushing over the blades of grass the wind howling through the tree tops making it appear a little creeper than normal.  Lanna would stumble into a clearing and the tall blades of grass would reach her knees as she surveyed the area for a moment for any traps that could lay in wait for her.  Taking a deep breath she would start running again throw the meadow. Once across the meadow she would let out a breath and sigh trying to relax her nerves already worked up by what is happening in the city. “Where are you?” she would ask on the wind having no real idea where she should be looking. When the sound of humming would reach her tender elven ears eyes growing wide she would turn and follow that sound hoping whoever it was would not stop humming until she arrived.  Turning on her heals she rushed to the left reentering the forest again the humming getting louder  as she got closer.  Off in the distance Lanna would see a figure moving down a trail slowly as if time held no meaning to the person or the person is completely oblivious to the problems at hand.” Maybe the undead have not reached this far out yet “she thought to herself. “There is still time” she would say as she would bound off in the direction of the humming sound being made. As she would draw closer she would get a terrible feeling that something was wrong shaking her head she would ignore it for the time being and push on. Exiting out of the forest and on to the trail behind the cleric she would move over the rocky ground with ease and swiftness. No sound would come from her as she moved with grace and agility long muscular legs would bend perfectly as she ran her eyes though not able to see too well in the darkness would see just fine thanks to the moon light. She would call out to the person who would be humming “Excuse me!” she would say as she would slow down her pace and walk carefully up on the person before her. It would be as if the person did not hear her at first for the female dressed in robes did not stop so she would try again “Pardon me!” she would say aloud. Hoping the female would stop.
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PostSubject: Re: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 9:21 am

Baenth would have heard the female the first time as she would stop humming her steps would slow down just enough for the female following her to catch up to her at last. Turning her head slightly to the left she would notice the female is elven and from the way she is dressed very important at that. “But why travel all the way out here and alone for that matter she wondered.” Well no time like the present to get answers.” She thought to herself.

Sighing softly she was so close to her destination she could feel it and yet she was being stopped by someone who looked panicked and need help. So out of pure reaction she would pull a canteen of water from her robes and offer it to the young lady so that she might take a moment to calm herself before she had a heart attack. It was not hard to tell the difference between the two of them at all one had pale skin and she herself has onyx skin.  

Even in the moon light you could not mistake a drow or elf for that matter but one never knows what kind of crazy will come out of someone’s mouth and by the looks of this elf she had a lot to say and little time to explain it apparently if she was way out here looking for her.  Leaning against the staff she would offer a warm smile not sure of this elf’s intent.

“Take a moment’s breath child and tell me everything slowly” She would say to Lanna. Seeing as she must have ran well over half the night to get to her for it is nearly dawn now.  Baenth was no fool and not easily taken in by people so she was prepared for this elf as well just in case she tried anything out of the ordinary.
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PostSubject: Re: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 9:56 am

Lanna would look at the dark skinned female and realizes that she is drow. But after a long moment of study she would also know that she is a surface drow not a under dark type otherwise she would be offering a blade and not a canteen of water. Still for some reason she felt safer now then she had before for some reason.  Politely taking the offered canteen of water she would open it and take a very small sip from it before closing the lid and handing it back “My thanks to you” Lanna would say softly.  “Oh good heavens the taint has not made it out this far yet” she would say softly as she looked the cleric over for a moment “My name is Lanna” she would say to the cleric. “Why I am out here looking for you is well let’s just say the undead are up and about walking the streets. I know this sounds crazy and I know its hard to believe but what I am telling you is the truth. Will you please help?" she would ask in a very soft low voice.
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PostSubject: Re: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 10:25 am

Taking a deep breath Baenth would look at the young women listening to her story of why she is out here all alone and looking for help. Nodding her head she would think on what is going on for a moment before she said anything at all. “Nice to meet you, my name is Baenth. I believe what you are saying to be true so I will help you. But I am not heading to the city currently I am heading to the under city to see if I will be of any help their first and you my friend are well it will be a little more difficult, but I will figure out something I always do. “She would say giving a slight laugh about it all. “Let us hope the drow are too busy to notice us and maybe just maybe we shall make it out of their alive and with our souls intact.” Baenth would smirk for a moment. A glimmer of light would cross the eyes of Baenth, as dawn would be approaching slowly the black velvet sky would turn to a light red orange in color as the stars would fade out for the coming of day. Sighing softly she would look over at Lanna who came all this way for help shaking her head she would start walking they would be approaching the under city in a few hours time.

(Exit this thread moving to under city)
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PostSubject: Re: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 10:44 am

A wicked glimmer shone off his eyes in the extreme distance. The two women would not see him, even with their elvish eyes as he watched wit the aid of a scrying stone. The Two women met exactly where he was instructed to watch, and now it was time for him to start acting out his assigned task. Would this truly change the stake of the war? Alter the course that he hoped for in a manner he needed? He did not care, Richter was merely a tool at the use of his masters whims. He was instructed to wait to watch and to guide them as needed towards the end goals of his better. Did it concern this extra planar person to be headed into a realm of darkness, death and Drow? Not in the slightest...

(Following to next thread.)
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PostSubject: Re: A sign of hope (Open to anyone )   A sign of hope (Open to anyone ) Empty

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A sign of hope (Open to anyone )
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