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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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 Akeema Ravenlock

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Empress of Ravenlock
Empress of Ravenlock

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Title: εмρяεss σғ яαvεηℓσcк, нιgн ρяιεsтεss σғ яαvεηℓσcк, sεяρεηтιηε мσηαяcн

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PostSubject: Akeema Ravenlock   Akeema Ravenlock EmptyFri Aug 23, 2013 4:42 pm

Name: Akeema Ravenlock

Age: 20

Titles: High Priestess in Epicurum, also once known as the Empress of Darokin.

Parents: Christoph of Ravenlock and Trisha of Kristalis, High Priestess of the Holy Isle of Epicurum.

Siblings: Akira, Akara

Race: Human

Alliances: Currently none.

Children: Menea

Religion: Based on Welsh/Celtic Pagan beliefs.

Alignment: Neutral. She does what she has to whether it?s good or evil. To her it doesn?t matter and it?s all the same.

Ravenlock Castle: The castle of Ravenlock is the size of earth itself and the realm of Ravenlock is 4 times the size of earth... The castle also floats on a platform as well and has a rather large stairway up to it... Forests surround the castle and the Darkest of the forests many do not enter for fear of never returning...Many dangerous creatures live inside that castle...anything you could imagine...Dragons and things of that sort protect the castle and the ever watchful Raven flies about the realm watching and waiting for anything to happen that it may need to inform Queen Akara of.. A lake lies beneath the castle and has many caves and caverns hidden beneath it and the waterfall that runs into it...

Layout of the Castle: The East wing of the castle is where the servants chambers lie. The South wing is where the Royal families chambers are. The West wing is where the royal guards chambers lie. The North wing is where the knights and assassins courters are along with the mages and others of the armies of Ravenlock.. There are numbers of secret chambers and rooms and sometimes you just stumble into them. At the center of the castle is the Courtyard, Armory, Great Hall and Throne room. The dungeons lie deep beneath the castle in the mountain it was built on. Or what?s left of the mountain being that now all that is left is the top of it and it was enchanted to float.

Brief History of Ravenlock and its Royal Family: Akara comes from a very interesting bloodline and so do the rest of her family...Her father Christoph was a Chaos god and his knights were loyal to him and still loyal to Akara when she needs them..Akara's mother Trisha was a Fear goddess before she died in battle with Christoph when Ravenlock was destroyed many years ago...but, one night Akara was performing a ritual and something went wrong and instead Trisha was ressurrected..but when Ravenlock was under attack, Trisha sent akara and he twin sisters off into the darkest part of the forest knowing no one would follow them...Of course she was wrong and Akara had her first taste of bloodshed that fateful day...She was but 6 years old when this happened. The three triplets Akara, Akeema, and Akasha each ventured forth on that day in their own direction...Akara waited in the forest til it was safe and all had left...The castle was in ruins and she walked across the battle field strewn with dead bodies to find her parents...Christoph and Trina were laid side by side each with their own fatal wounds...That day Akara swore to rebuild Ravenlock and make it stronger than it ever was...but Akara never would have been born if it werent for her mother being from the Kingdom of Kristalis... Later on Preia Christoph's mother found Akara and took her to Epicuurm where she trained her as a high priestess there...after that using the magicks that she had learned she rebuilt the castle...It wasn't long after that people began to frequent the Ravenlock lands and seek sanctuary within the castle walls..Out of some of these people Akara found skilled knights, mercenaries, assassins, royal guards, mages, sorcerers/esses, oracles, mystics and others of the like... It was then that she went looking for a king and that will be left for another day...

But being a Ravenlock woman does have it's prices....Ravenlock women have very ahrd pregnancies that derived from Trisha herself because of the Kristalis family...Trisha casted a spell upon herself so that the pregnancy would go quite fast otherwise the baby would end up dieing...complications usually happened and every so often they still do....But Ravenlock women are only pregnant for a week at the most before the baby is born...When the baby is born they age quite fast until they are between the ages of 10-16...then they age normally just as any humans would...sometimes a bit slower...Also twins and triplets are very frequent for the women to have...(hence akara akeema and akira)

†нεяε ℓιεs нүsтεяια, α ℓαη∂ ωнεяε cнασs яειgηs.†
Akeema Ravenlock Pbucket
†gℓσвαℓ ∂ιsтυявια, вσωs ∂σωη тσ тωιsтε∂ ωαүs.†

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