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 Escaping the undead.

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PostSubject: Escaping the undead.   Escaping the undead. EmptyTue Sep 17, 2013 11:15 am

He looked upon the women with a nod he’d get up as he takes out his bow loading it up with an arrow ‘” Come the more we linger here the more chances left for us to get caught by the undead, we must make for a safer passage I am sure our friends have done that already ‘’ he move over towards the window as he over looked what seems to be an empty street the darkness still lingers above Tallendon as if the sun never came out, he feared perhaps that someone powerful must of conjured the sun to vanish the time of the undead he thought, the vampires, as well as the Drow if they show up. ‘’ We must either escape the city or find another safer place where we can rest we will run out of food here for long and I know you have to be hungry at some point.’’ He moves away from the window to take a piece of bread as he begins to eat it some as if he was starving which he was it’s been a long day for him already. ‘’ Grab whatever provisions you need and we will begin our journey out of here ‘’ turning on his heels he begins to walk towards the back to grab some food supplies for the journey grabbing a sack on the ground that he could carry well enough with the provisions.
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PostSubject: Re: Escaping the undead.   Escaping the undead. EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 11:26 am

Bianca arched her brow as she watched the male gather food, she would shake her head but not say another word. What use did she have for food, was this male missing the obvious. She wouldn't bother to protest as she followed behind him, grabbing up some bread and fruit shoving it in her pack as he spoke.He was either really brave or extremely foolish to want to go off with her, he was right at some point she would need to eat but did he realize that it would probably be him. Clearly he didn't care, he had already offered himself to her once.

She would give Whiskers a light pat on his rear, making him bury himself under the length of her hair along her neck before pulling her hood up."Ready when you are.." she would hold open the door to the tavern looking out to the cobblestone streets to appeared to be damb with a light drizzle. She knew better, the could smell the foul odor of rotting flesh, blood and many other things she would rather not try and figure out making a toxic mixture that made her stomach turn. He was right with one thing, she didn't seem to worried about the undead she had yet to see, she was concerned with the fact they were sitting in a trashed Tavern surrounded by dead bodies his friend had left behind, and explaining it wasn't an option.

She wouldn't say a word as she waited for the male, her thoughts racing with his suggestions. Maybe leaving this damned city again would be wise, each time she was here she would have nothing but trouble also she had told Vy she would return for him. She nipped at her lip."Vy..." she whispered, she wondered if he was okay, had this strange mist that had the others concerned reach him. Did he have food, water everything he needed for his own survival. She leaned back against the doorway, she had left him with plenty to pay his way if needed but, he was expensive as hell and ...her lips curled back into a smile. Tasted wonderful, maybe she should suggest back tracking to get her little pet.
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PostSubject: Re: Escaping the undead.   Escaping the undead. EmptyMon Sep 23, 2013 10:04 am

After stacking up for their journey the archer contemplated on taking Bianca away from here from the dangers that linger within the Empire. The thought crossed his mind several times already especially after the battle they had against the undead legions that now been slaughtered: he’d assume the Palace would not be a good place for Bianca to hide in perhaps they placed holy wards upon the whole entire area he sighed as he thought on it as he gazed upon the Palace as the security seem to intensify clerics and paladins alike working together. He pulled back his string as he unleashed an arrow as it made impact upon an unsuspecting undead causing it to implode on impact with use of his magical arrows. So much has changed within the Empire and yet Cirdan was nowhere to be seen nor was the women who entered the Tavern for both have vanished for they seem to know each other quite well. ‘’ We must get you to safety Bianca the Empire is not safe for you especially if this is not your fight ‘’ he said calmly as he turned to stare at her ‘’ And so that the others would not attack you by mistake for what you are..’’ he let that in the air as he surveyed the scene before him.
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PostSubject: Re: Escaping the undead.   Escaping the undead. Empty

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Escaping the undead.
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