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 A moment of Peace (Open RP)

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A moment of Peace (Open RP) Empty
PostSubject: A moment of Peace (Open RP)   A moment of Peace (Open RP) EmptyWed May 21, 2014 12:42 pm

Having made her way out of the city and into the forest, Nightshade would look around her crimson eyes studying the forest for a moment. Sighing softly she would start walking again her steps barely gracing the ground underneath her. Putting both hands in her pockets she would keep moving deeper into the forest admiring its beauty for what it is. Lightly kicking a rock with her left boot she would watch it move quickly over the soft earth and into a bush startling a few rabbits, watching as they hopped along for a moment she would only give a slight smile. Trying to relax and unwind she would fine a nice hill top with a large pine tree standing tall and proud with soft grass covering the mound of earth. Walking off the beaten path Nightshade would move gracefully over to the hill top, and start making her way up it. Once on top of the hill she would be amazed at the breath taking view she is given of the forested land and the kingdom below. Moving just enough she would ease her self to the ground crossing one foot over the other as she sat their over looking everything as far as her vampric eyes would allow for her to see. Thinking about how she arrived in this kingdom she would wonder if she could ever go back to her life...her home. So many questions that have been left unanswered and yet at this moment peace was all she was wanting it was small and meaning less but it made things simple and pleasant for her for the time being. Nightshade wound allow her mind to drift with wonderment about how everyone else down in the kingdom is doing and if she would find her way back home. Indeed this place that she was sent to is magical but it could never replace her job back home or her friends and loved ones who by now are missing her terribly, as she is missing them. †She would think about all the people she has encountered and how she felt such a strange coldness from most of them was it perhaps that she is one of the undead or nearly their it would not take much for it to be completed or was it perhaps she is a stranger from another world...one never really can tell about people including herself. Still as long as she was left to her own devices she did not really care what any one thinks about her. †Leaning more against the tree putting both hands behind her head. Whispering to herself "So this is what a moment of peace is like with out the chaos...its nice." Sighing once more she closed her eyes enjoying the cool air blowing against her semi warm skin and clothing. The sound of birds filling the air as she would drift in between reality and the dream world.
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PostSubject: Re: A moment of Peace (Open RP)   A moment of Peace (Open RP) EmptyTue Jul 29, 2014 11:56 am

After having found a moment of peace with in herself she would look around at her environment and sighs deeply. "What a pity" she would say to herself as she would stand up again from under the large pine tree and starts to make her way back to the city slowly looking around at the wild life as she would walk she would her a rustling sound in the bushes ahead of her narrowing her eyes she would move close to it when out would come a young fawn scared to death and looking for its mother. Nightshade would smile and relax her hand away from the blade behind her back she would watch the fawn for a few more moments before it would trot off into the forest looking for its mother. Sighing she would slowly move onward taking her time to admire the forest and the soft glow of life that it offers . Thinking back to when she was much younger then she is now she would shake her head and laugh a bit at a few memories that would cross her mind. Along the path way she would see a few foot steps a couple days old she would reach down and touch one of them and smell the earth not able to tell who it is she would shrug it off and move on. Looking ahead she would see the city walls coming into view once more a deep dread washed over her as she would start seeing the people in the streets hearing the laughter and gossip of every day life.
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A moment of Peace (Open RP)
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