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PostSubject: Thoril Darksbane   Thoril Darksbane EmptyWed May 28, 2014 7:05 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: †Lord Thoril Darksbane
Age: †200
Gender: †Male
Class: †Paladin
Race: †High Elf
Alignment: †Chaotic Good

~ Appearance ~
Height: †6'1
Eyes: †Silver
Hair Color: †Silver
Hair Style: †Straight down over his shoulders.
Complexion: †Fair
Build: †Muscular
Scars: †None

~ Personal ~
Weapons: †
Heavensword - when he wields the sword it would enhance his magical abilities and enhance his knowledge in combat. †(That would be all for now till he discovers more about the sword. A gift from Kara reference http://tallendon.forumotion.com/t1377-some-rest-at-last-open-rp-and-some-adult-humor-or-content)

Clothing: † Thoril wears golden plate armor with a white cloak that wraps around his body, and dark leather boots knee high.
Important Items: †Silver Necklace a cross it would seem, a symbol of his goddess
Magick: †
1. . †Healing
2. † †Devotion Aura
3. † †Exorcism
4. † †Deflective shield †( Once he casts this most magical attacks would be deflected back at the opponent. )

~ Self ~
Fear: †Thoril is almost fearless, †at least he pretends to be Fearless for it is in his job as a Paladin. Though his greatest fear is watching his friends get killed in battle or those he cares most for.
Dislike: †He dislikes people who are not selfless and evil beings
Like: † He enjoys practicing his sword fighting, for the most part and †likes to relax †nothing really interesting as far as his likes..
Quirks: †When someone doesn't seem to listen to him, and when evil begins to attack the innocent.
Flaws: †He would not listen to Orders when given too him and he would quickly be there to rescue any innocents even if the mission seemed helpless, some think this would end up being the death of him.

~ Family ~
Mother: Lady †Caithyra Darkbane
Father: †Lord Margeon Darkbane
Brothers: †Davice Darkbane
Sisters: †Brestina Darkbane
Soul Siblings: †None
Life mates: †None
Recognized: †Lord Thoril Darkbane
Children: †None
Other Relatives: †None

~ History ~
Skills: †Thoril's very skilled in the ways of the light and good at fighting, he's also a good blacksmith as well and can forge weapons †if the others give him materials to do so.
Personality: †He's a noble character so he's very good with people as far as communicating with them goes, very diplomatic when he needs to be. †Other than that he tends to keep too himself.
Characterís History:
Thoril was born in a noble family, †his mother was a well known sorcerer †Lady †Caithyra Darkbane, †and famous for her knowledge of the arcane magic and a famous Scholar who tends to travel through different Empires or Kingdoms, †his father however is a famous Paladin Lord Margeon Darkbane he's well known throughout the land as a good commander, Thoril was there son and he was too become like his father and follow the ways of the light and in hopes to follow in his father's foot steps
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