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 To Save a Child.

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To Save a Child. Empty
PostSubject: To Save a Child.   To Save a Child. EmptyFri Jul 18, 2014 3:16 pm


“Fly Child of the Wind” Richter's voice cut in from before her and the sickness of the teleportations would seem to abate. “Show them how the forest bends to the breeze, the seas to the currents and how the wrong shall fall to your blade.....”

The world would come into focus again and they were in a ruined town, some farming village just on the outskirts of normally safe lands, up until now safe and well patrolled. The smell of fire and waste would scorched her nose as it blasted the city. Houses were like pyres sending smoke and ash everywhere. The village was besieged by the forced of the undead, the enemy captain standing with his sword in the dirt before him as he ordered his ghastly soldiers to rend, rip slash and destroy.

The last bastion of fighting survivors were shielded inside the lone stone building in this village, a temple to their patron deity.. Yet like the rage in the undead's eyes the flames touched the  wooden shingled roof and started even it to burning as the horde came with rams to batter the doors and splinter the wood. This entire fight was one sided at their arrival, clearly the humans here were all going to die because of the overwhelming  army they stood against..... but maybe he and she could tip that balance?

Even as he felt his grip weaken and her freedom come closer to her he spoke again “Save the child at all costs. He must not die, here." Could she hear the inflection in his words? That all this was for not? The child would surely die anyways in another battle at another time..... But maybe that death would burn in the hearts of others, tempering their steel later for some final pitch in hopeless times?

Just as soon s the girl was freed and Richter fell away form her some hundred feet in the air she would hear the piercing cry. “FATHER!” Its creator, a boy, pointed of ear in a tattered brown cloak, green hair poking out from inside his hood. And behind him as he was thrust out of a second story window towards a pile of refuse, blood sprayed out the window from some one less fortunate.  The person surely who gave their last breath to give this child one more chance at living.

The enemy leader.

To Save a Child. Skeletal_Warrior_Wallpaper_1q8ss
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To Save a Child. Empty
PostSubject: Re: To Save a Child.   To Save a Child. EmptySun Sep 07, 2014 8:23 am

As the nausea stopped and the world focused she would take in the scene – feeling it with bitterness, knowing it looked much like her home had when her life changed. When he released her, she launched herself through the air fearlessly – a violet and steel falcon circling the pyre of the city.

She saw the child and dove for him through the smoke and ash of the destroyed town. Before he could even hit the ground she would catch him, a small thing , up in her arms as she swooped back into the air. Without thinking she would reach into the rainbow well of magic lingering in her veins since the accident, and whisper a quick spell of sleep onto him.

She looked around for Richter and found him fighting and swooped down to join him with the child, it would be the safest place. As soon as her feet touched the ground she shelter the child beneath her and drew the twin blades, beginning to dance with the undead warriors with the assurance of a trained protector. She smiled fiercely and waited for Richter to tell her the next step.
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To Save a Child.
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