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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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 Cirdan Carnisor

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Cirdan Carnisor
Emperor Of Tallendon
Emperor Of Tallendon

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Character Information
Weapons and Armor (a general list please):
Title: Emperor of Tallendon

PostSubject: Cirdan Carnisor    Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:37 am

~ Basics ~
Name:  Cirdan Carnisor
Age:  900
Gender:  Male
Class:  Sorcerer / Psionicist / Some druidic abilities as well.
Race:  High Elf
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral

~ Appearance ~
Height: 6'1
Eyes:  Blue
Hair Color:  White / Silver highlights
Hair Style:  Pulled down over his shoulders
Complexion:  Pale
Build:  Average
Scars:  None

~ Personal ~
1. Light bane - Enchanted sword which heals the wielder of any wounds upon command the effect only happens once a day however.  Strong enough to where it can cut through most objects so long as it's not protected by sorcery, other wise it would of been pointless to attempt and the possibilities of shattering the sword as well.

2. Dark Elf Made Crossbow : Has enchanted darts that puts the target to sleep within a few seconds, and should take a good few hours for the target to awaken providing if the wielder doesn't decide to kill them first.

Black robes that go down to his feet covering them, underneath his robes he wears leather pants, and boots, he keeps hidden daggers in a special case within them.   He also has a black cloak  when he wraps himself  upon the cloak it provides protection from spells and magic thrown at him, however it doesn't protect him from pyshical attacks, he has a cowl that is attached to his robes that he keeps pulled over his face covering most his features.

Important Items: Silver necklace gives the person who wears it the ability to grant them any wish they want, except of course wishing for more wishes...


1. Call Lightning
2 Ray of Frost
3.  Levitate
4.  Arcane Orb
5. Fireball.
6. Fire Runes
7. Summon Elemental.

Dialects Spoken:  Common, Drow,  Draconic

~ Self ~
Fear:  Losing everything he had worked hard too achieve.
Dislike:  The ignorance of human's about the world around them.
Like:   Enjoys searching for new artifacts of power.
Quirks:  Does not like incompetent people makes him angry, does not enjoy showing any signs of weaknesses  
Flaws:  Most his spells only works once a day depending on what it is and it drains him,  Also he has a bad habit of getting into situations at the wrong time.

~ Family ~
Mother:  Unknown
Father:  Elros Carnisor
Brothers:  Drake Carnisor
Sisters:  None that he knows of.
Soul Siblings: None
Life mates: None
Recognized:  Former King of Siannodel, Emperor of Tallendon, Traitor as well.
Children:  Lazuli Carnisor and Riisaka Carnisor
Other Relatives:  Unknown at this time.

~ History ~
Skills: He's a skilled diplomat, has to be considering he rules an entire Empire, He's skilled when it comes too his knowledge with the Arcane or even some powers concerning nature.
Personality:  He's calm and arrogant at the best of times.  He can be very charming when he wants to be, especially towards the opposite sex, and when he desires something weather it's power or a powerful weapon.
Character’s History:  Cirdan was born in an Empire called Lensia born there and eventually once he grown up taken his place as part of the council there, however drama unfolded during that time and wars and fighting breaking out, an associate of his talked him into leaving and there he  and him formed a Kingdom and named it Siannodel and it ruled for several years before tragedy struck the Kingdom, Cirdan was betrayed by the same person who helped him achieve the power he sought so long ago. After the betrayal a group attacked the Kingdom without  Cirdan's permission for he fought against it to the best his abilities and was advised too stay out of it and get as many people as he could out, they were only after one person, the man who also betrayed Cirdan as well.  He watched helplessly as his Kingdom was torn apart, many believed that Cirdan was responsible for this attack, that he planned it the whole time. That wasn't true for Cirdan attempted to prevent it, but the council on his team decided that someone had to be punished and Cirdan happened to have been the scapegoat in the situation,  after all the betrayal and tragedy that befallen the Kingdom after the exile. Cirdan decided to take a leave of absence and simply vanish with no word or trace where he could of been, after awhile he eventually came back and helped his son reform an Empire known today as Tallendon which now resides to this day.

Do keep the present in thought, an illusion can kill you if you believe in it.
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Cirdan Carnisor
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