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 Wounds, to more than pride. (Open and not related to current forum plot)

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PostSubject: Wounds, to more than pride. (Open and not related to current forum plot)   Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:13 pm

A bloodied hand came up over the rocks and gripped the sharp cracked stones tightly.  Soon another one came up over the edge and with a grunt of pain a being with wild hair and a glare of anger in his eyes pulled himself up over the edge.  A sharp whimper of agony left the Muzzle of a great beast caught in deadly combat. A giant wolf was fighting for its life against a large, hairy troll. As it darted  forward to try an attack once more the monster grabbed it out of the air and tossed it aside like a pillow. The wolf let out one more anguished cry and fell barely breathing, nearly limp on a jagged rock on the cliff side trail. Blood soaked gray and silver fur from cuts all over its hide.

The troll let out one more great howl as its dull brown eyes fixated on the Dire wolf before it. A large rock was hefted up and held over the monsters head as it got ready to crush the beat it fought. But form behind the man, or maybe he was a boy, had finally found his way back up the cliffs edge and onto solid ground. Rage filed his eyes as he saw the wolf near lifeless. His hands glowed, his left blue and his right purple. With a great scream of is own that nearly echoed a wolves howl he lunged into battle with a monstrosity nearly twice his size and likely four times his strength and weight. From his left hand lightning crackled and arced. And then from nowhere in his right an evil, jagged sword appeared.

The wild man thrust the sword completely into the Trolls left flank and left it there as the great monster roared and dropped the heavy rock beside it. The boulder cracked and fractured on the ground turning into many smaller fragments as the granite crumbled. The man jumped backwards and both of his hands glowed with that same pale blue light for a second before the lighting flowed forth again. Crackling through the air and scarring the Trolls ugly hide. The great beast dropped to one knee as it cried out in pain and the wild man pulled a large hand axe from his hip as he lunged forward one more time.

 With a great leap he sprung forward and up the trolls knee and then chest. With an upward swing of his right hand a CRACK echoed off the mountainside.  The steel hand axe he bore sunk deeply into the trolls head from under its jaw upward. It split and broke the front of its jaw bone as the axe bit deeply into the monsters head and was wedged inside its skull. The troll fell over backwards, its hands still twitching as it spewed gurgled grunts around the blood flowing from its wound.

The boy landed heavily on one knee himself, breaths labored and shallow as he wiped blood from his eyes and looked over the downed monster. With slower, but deliberate steps he moved towards the great wolf and fell beside it, then over it. The wolves whimpering could finally be heard in the stillness of the air. Slow soft and pathetic it cried in pain on the jagged rocks beside the mountainside of the cliff face. The boys hands started to glow again, but this time a warm orange-yellow.

That light would course over the wolfs form next and the growing pool of blood under it seemed to  slow and lessen, it would neither fade or reverse course but it stopped growing. The animals breathing came easier second by second. Its whimpering abated. With magic the wild man cured his friends wounds and healed his aches. But now the boys breaths came harder and shallower as the beast grew stronger. The glow lessened, but persisted as the wolf tried to move. Eventually it failed and vanished altogether as the wolf moved up and stood. But the boy fell to the cold granite ground, barely breathing and eyes closed.
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Number of posts : 3
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Registration date : 2015-07-09

PostSubject: Re: Wounds, to more than pride. (Open and not related to current forum plot)   Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:58 am

Time passed, but not as much as an age. In fact the same sun form the same day was still over head as the boy moved again slowly. The blood in the fur of the wold had dried, and the boy looked a mess himself. A few flies had gathered over the trolls carcass but nothing larger moved in to scavenge as it was all scared off by the massive, nearly horse sized wolf protecting its defender. A cough and the boy sat upright. “I hate trolls” he muttered with a feint accent and he pet the wolfs scruff as he moved. Unsteadily he rose to his feet and then looked over the small mountain side trail.

The rocks all over cracked and strewn around the path. His pack buried part way in debris, as with several of his weapons scattered. First he would need to go about finding his gear and retrieving it all slowly before he turned to the trolls Caracas to get what he could from its stinking remains. The fat from its arms and legs made a great poison once distilled. Its meat however disgusting made good fishing bait but little of that would be taken. And once done to help other travelers he would force the great rotting remains off the side of the cliff to whatever it fell on below before he moved on.

The boy had many hours walk to reach the forests below the mountain range he was atop currently. He did not know anything of the lands he traveled towards now, only that this giant mountain range might shield him from troubles he left behind it. It had taken many weeks to cross thew range by the path he'd taken, but once this road was discovered it got easier, though he still avoided patrols and merchants as he moved. No sense in finding out how they took to his kind here yet. He was just a lone tribal here, no need to bring up his past, no need to be known as he was back home.

Here he could hunt and live in peace he hoped, away form the misgivings of others ill informed opinions of his breeding and heritage. He could begin as new as the spring, washed clean of the past Here he was just another woodsman, another outcast outside the cities. Neither rouge or thief, not trespasser or traitor. He simply was. And being simple for a time sounded like such peaceful heaven.
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Wounds, to more than pride. (Open and not related to current forum plot)
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