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Character Information
Weapons and Armor (a general list please):

Marquis O'Debrenth The Wanderer Empty
PostSubject: Marquis O'Debrenth The Wanderer   Marquis O'Debrenth The Wanderer EmptyFri Jul 24, 2015 12:10 am

~ Basics ~
Name: †Marquis O'Debrenth The Wanderer
Age: †36
Gender: †Male
Class: †Alchemists/Mage
Race: †Human
Alignment: Natural

~ Appearance ~
Height: †5'11
Eyes: †Crystal Blue
Hair Color: †Jet Black
Hair Style: †Long/Unkempt
Complexion: †Light tone
Build: †Slender
Scars: †Gash scar from right shoulder down to left breast. Slim scars on each fingertip.

~ Personal ~
Weapons: Twin Blades transmuted from the soul of his deceased father. Marquis is capable of communicating with his father while wielding the blades though due to guilt he seldom does. The blades also invoke elemental properties based on the energy Marquis focuses in them.

Clothing: White long sleeve button up, covered by a black V cut vest. Black slacks and dark brown steel toed boots. Keeps a long split cloak to conceal his identity when needed and shelter him from weather.

Important Items: †Multiple flasks and potions mainly for mending ailments and poisoning and distracting his opponents. Wears an amulet given to him by his sister Elizabeth, from his mother. The use of this amulet is still unknown.

Magick: As an Orion mage from a far off realm, Marquis uses the power of his soul to manipulate the elements of the world around him. Similar to alchemy, Marquis can channel elements in order to make various attacks such as: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, and Wind based on the materials around him and the time he has to channel his attack. If an element is already present, such as, a body of water or a burning touch, these types of attacks would be far easier to use and at a greater scale using less effort. This power also allows him to connect with nature, calling to her for more power and communicate with animals, at some times manipulating them to do his bidding. Using the life energy of his soul he can perform more advanced forms of magick, such as paralyzing an opponent, changing the weather, or giving himself increased physical parameters like strength, speed, and agility. Few Orion Mages have even been known to slow time to a near crawl. Telekinesis. Can house souls within his skeletal structure (See history) and use them to gain massive increase in power, but this leaves his physical body extremely fatigued sometimes taking weeks to recover.

Dialects Spoken: †Human (common), Elven (Well versed)

~ Self ~
Fear: To lose himself to his past.

Dislike: †Upsetting the balance of life, and causing harm to the world.

Like: †Thunderstorms, taking hikes though the forest and around mountains, and the dream of some day falling in love and living a simple life.

Quirks: Taking advantage of, or using someone selfishly for their own benefit. Hurting the world.

Flaws: Unconsciously protects the innocent, especially children. Putting him self in harm's way to save lives that are other wise irrelevant.

~ Family ~
Mother: Sandria Albiet (Deceased)
Adoptive Father: †Elijah O'Debrenth (Deceased, soul in a weapon)
Biological Father: Zane Vanrock (Killed by Marquis)
Brothers: None
Sisters: Elizabeth Albiet
Soul Siblings: Vaan Kiltar
Life mates: None
Recognized: None
Children: None
Other Relatives:

~ History ~
Skills: Highly trained martial artist, Marquis is capable of holding his own in hand to hand combat against multiple opponents at once. Though favoring bladed type weapons such as his signature Twin Blades, he has experience with bowstaffs, and has been known to dabble in archery when needing to strike from the shadows.
Marquis has spent a large portion of his time learning the art of Alchemy, due to his skills as an Orion Mage. Marquis is capable of concocting nearly any type of potion or flask granted he has the materials to do so.

Personality: Marquis is a modest man wishing to live by simple means. He seems arrogant and distant at first meet, but once he warms up to his company he treats them almost like family. He is crippled by mistakes from his past and tends to be harder on himself then others. He wants to find peace in the world, having lived a life of blood and tears, he dreams of a world where the killing and genocide will end and he can find the joy he never had. Due to his dark history Marquis does have a knack for losing his temper and when enraged becomes a force to be reckoned with. No one save his best friend Vaan has ever stood before him and survived to tell the tale. When it comes to advice Marquis is straightforward. He would rather speak a harsh truth, then tell a pretty lie.

Characterís History: Marquis was raised to become a military super weapon. As a child, his biological father Zane placed runes across his skeletal structure, which could be used to house souls to give the soldiers massive power. His mother Sandria feared what would become of her son, stole him from her former husband's laboratory and gave him to her secret love, Elijah. Elijah took Marquis to the center of a desert and raised him as his own. Marquis grew very fond of Elijah and though Elijah had told Marquis of his real parents it did nothing to change his opinion of the man he called father. One night a group of assassin's sent by Zane found their camp and took Elijah's life. In a rage Marquis used the Orion Magick in his blood to unconsciously summons a sandstorm and wiped out his attackers. Before taking his last breath Elijah turned his soul over to Marquis. After days of traversing the desert he was attacked again only this time saved by a young man by the name of Vaan. Vaan explained to Marquis the power inside of him and took him to Solace, a city full of people like himself. Marquis and Vaan became great friends and he took his time in Solace to train as an Orion, a warrior with the task of cleaning the world of evil with the power of souls. He placed Elijah's soul in a pair of blades given to him by Vaan. During his journeys he came in contact with Zane himself and eventually after many struggles killed his biological father. He now journeys a realm far from his own in search for peace.

~ Pets ~
Name: Sandra (After his mother)
Species: Bird (Raven)
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Personality: Sandra is prone to attack anyone who isn't Marquis. She is always scolding him when making brash decisions. She is cold, to the point and holds nothing back in honesty. She acts as a messenger for Marquis but mostly a great friend.
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Marquis O'Debrenth The Wanderer
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