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PostSubject: Kyovan   Kyovan EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 6:16 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: †Kyovan
Age: † 5000
Gender: †Male
Class: †Psionist / Sorcerer
Race: †Drow
Alignment: †Chaotic Evil

~ Appearance ~
Height: †5'9
Eyes: †Red
Hair Color: White Hair †
Hair Style: †Pulled down over his shoulders.
Complexion: †Ebony
Build: †Muscular
Scars: †Several on his back

~ Personal ~
Weapons: †Handheld crossbow with darts that puts the target to sleep., †Scimitars twin blades, and also now currently through story plot he now wields Stormbringer.
Clothing: †He wears black leather boots which had enchantments placed on it that allowed him to move silently or loudly upon will. †He also wears chainmail suite of armor Drow specially made which he can use too camouflage himself to blend in with the environment.
Important Items: †None
Acid Splash
Ray of Frost
Ghost Sounds.
Spider Walk
dispells magic
explosive runes
Phantom Steed
Mind blast
Teleportation / opening portals †( This only will work during non combat parts of the stories. )
He can also summon creatures within †hell itself

Innate abilities
Globe of Magical Darkness
Faire fire

Dialects Spoken: †Drow , Common

~ Self ~
Fear: †Snakes and spiders of any kind. †Also the snake headed whip from Drow Priestess, †also fears failing in his missions afraid of the results
Dislike: †Has a strong hatred for anyone not a Drow, †and dislikes the Sunlight as well.
Like: † Good Wine, † Female Servants , Enjoys torturing the surface Dwellers in some form of way.
Quirks: †Being disrespected or humiliated.
Flaws: †Sometimes his brash decision makings can cost him dearly, and he has limited time with his spell casting which drains him once he uses the spells.

~ Family ~
Mother: †Dead
Father: †Dead
Brothers: †Dead
Sisters: †Dead
Soul Siblings: †None
Life mates: †None
Recognized: †As a rebel within the Undercity, a tyrant .
Children: †None
Other Relatives: None

~ History ~
Skills: †He's skilled in the use of the Mind and Sorcery, †and alchemy as well. †
Personality: † On occasions he can be quite calm, and he's very intelligent
Characterís History: †Not much his known about Kyovan only that his family was killed off during a raid, he was the last surviving noble of his kind. He realized how much he hates his own Kind as much as he hates the surface dwellers. †He eventually built himself a army of the most capable Drow renegades as possible, he wanted nothing more then too †take over the Undercity, †to become the most powerful Drow and be above the females of his station that he would do almost anything to achieve this goal he wanted to become a Patron †of the City, †he also desired to control the surface world and take it back for his Kin. †

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