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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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PostSubject: The Search (Open)   The Search  (Open) EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 11:13 am

Llandra would see a bright vortex of colors swirling before her eyes with sparks of energy flickering off it moving closer she would look at it a moment Palar resting on her shoulders. The beautiful crystal colors would shimmer in the sunlight of Evermeet curiosity getting the better of both her an Palar she would put her hand out in front of her when the vortex shifted and sucked her and Palar into it. It would seem like endless falling and spinning out of control when the vortex would suddenly open again dropping them into thick soft grass before snapping shut again. It would be very dark out having a hard time seeing Llandra would touch the tip of her staff making it glow just enough for her to see whats around her. Slowly getting to her feet a sharp pain would rush through her as she would fall to the ground again looking at her right foot she would see she has sprang her foot someone she could only assume from the landing. Getting to her feet once more she would see Palar in a distant tree. "Palar take flight and see where we are and if their is a town near by please" she would say to him the great white hawk would take flight his wings flap only once as he would do circles around the area allowing Llandra to see through his eyes. "Great nothing for miles hmm well I can only hope to find things along the way." she would say trying to stay positive. Taking a moment to bend over she would tap her ankle healing it quickly so she would not have to be in pain any more as she walked. Looking up she would see the sky is still dark for some reason. Moving along silently so not to be noticed by something in case their is trouble she would keep going inching her way though the forest so not to disturb any one or anything for the time being. Hoping she would be able to reach town shortly.
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The Search (Open)
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