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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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Serenity Carnisor
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Serenity Carnisor

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PostSubject: Serenity   Serenity EmptySun Sep 06, 2015 10:28 am

~ Basics ~
Name: Serenity Carnisor
Age: Late teens
Gender: Female
Class: Assassin in training
Race: Elf

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5'0
Eyes: glass blue
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: Long and flowing, loose spiral curls
Complexion: Fair
Build: petite
Scars: none

~ Personal ~
Clothing:Changes often.
Important Items:
Dialects Spoken:

~ Self ~
Fear: none yet
Dislike: none yet
Like: The thrill of it all.
Quirks: Serenity is a lip nipper, be it out of curiousity, fear, knowing she is trouble it has her pouty pink lips always red and puffy.
Flaws: Her curiousity has her possibly putting herself at risk sometimes, instead of believing what she is told she wants to see and experience things for herself. She finds beauty in everything and will often dive into situations head first with out taking the time to think about it.

~ Family ~
Mother: Meledere Carnisor
Father: Elros Carnisor
Brothers: Cirdan Carnisor
Sisters: none that i am aware of.
Soul Siblings:
Life mates: none
Children: none
Other Relatives: Lazili, Alzeron and Thalos Carnisor

~ History ~
Skills: ((To come once the rp is complete))
Personality:Serenity is a curious young woman, not shy in anyway. She isn't afraid to ask questions and loves to push others to see what their limits are possibly another trait from her father.
Characterís History: Born in Tai'mira, Serenity was the daughter of Elros and Meledere Carnisor. Her parents had left Tallendon in search of somewhere to raise their child without fear.They had more then enough time, showing her love, kindness and teaching her the best they could. Her father often training her to defend herself the best he could improving the skills she had inherited from him. Where she was born did bless her and who knows possibly curse her in the same. Once Serenity reaches adulthood her aging will slow in the end coming to a stop leaving her to watch those around her grow old, except for her parents who remain in Tai'mira.

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