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 The Cursed One

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Lyo the Shadow Whistle
Patron Father
Lyo the Shadow Whistle

Number of posts : 702
Reputation : 15
Points : 709
Registration date : 2007-05-24

Character Information
Weapons and Armor (a general list please):
Title: Lord Master, Patron Father

The Cursed One Empty
PostSubject: The Cursed One   The Cursed One EmptyThu May 24, 2007 6:11 pm

~ Basics ~

Full Name: Lyo the Shadow Whistle

Nicknames/Aliases: NONE

Age: 520 (looks about 100 in elven which is 19 in human years)

Gender: Male

Class: Rogue/Psion

Hometown: Kear (Destroyed, and Abandoned)

Race: Being a Wood Elf means he is stronger then he looks and resilient. Like all of his Elven brethren, he is incredibly fast and agile... Can see near perfectly in the dark, and has very sensitive hearing. Born with empathic powers and can read another’s soul through their eyes determining what is on their mind. Even if the mind cannot be read with telepathy. His Inner Demon is part of his blood. When it comes out Lyo becomes far stronger and blindingly fast. His inner demon has vampiric tendencies, but neither drinks blood or is harmed by sunlight. Instead, it feeds on emotions, generally dark, evil ones, such as fear, pain, and hatred. For the most part this demon lies dormant inside of Lyo’s subconscious, but during moments of extremely heightened emotion, it tries to escape

Alignment: Neutral Good (The Demon is Neutral Evil)

Deity of Choice: Arn’Inth

~ Appearance ~

Height: 5'8"

Eyes: Deep Green

Weight: 134

Hair Color: Purple

Hair Style: Rather wild most of the time

Complexion: Fair with a deep tan / Ashen and covered in tattoos

Build: Very lean but muscular

Scars: Over most of his skin save his face and hands

Physical Appearance: Lyo is short, 5’8” with his boots on, and he looks small in several ways. Even though he is old for his breed of Elf he looks very young, around 19 in humans years. However, he is very well toned, and tanned. He has long (middle of back when worn free) deep purple hair, generally hides in a ponytail tied up in a black velvet band. Enchanting Emerald eyes, and a very obvious tribal tattoo that covers most of his left cheek, wraps around his left eye, then vanishes into his shirt. Frequently all of this is concealed by his traveling cloak. When his demon takes control, his entire body becomes covered in tribal tattoo's... The most predominant are the tribal howling wolf on his chest and the demon wings on his back.

~ Personal ~

Armor/Clothing: Enchanted mythril bracers, and mythril greaves. They are enchanted to make the already very durable mythril even stronger, and warded against breaking, or being cut through by even most magical means. He normally wears a black suede doublet and loose black linen pants. His doublet has overly ornate silver embroidery covering it front and back in intricate patterns that roam over it. Moreover, is modified to have many a pocket inside it, hidden very well in the liner. On good days, he wears a bright red silk swordsmen’s shirt. His boots are very finely crafted but concealed under the case greaves he wears. However, his very soft leather soles are built to with stand a lifetime of wear. In on his right side he wears a set of locking, hard-leather pouches. Both are smaller bags of holding. Each containing a small pocket dimension a bit larger then the average household closet in size. Nevertheless, neatly tucked inside are his traveling supplies.

Weapon(s): Lyo carries two yatagon swords with holes in them so that they whistle through the air when swung correctly, both worn on his back. The hilts of these swords are adorned with silver rings. These rings are enchanted to give spell like effects to the swords. Both carry the same enchantments, one makes the swords far more durable and harder to break, another offers them never dulling, keen edges, this later enchantment allows them to also cut through un-enchanted metals if enough force is applied. The final enchantment ring coats the blade in a sickly green glow. If the blade draws blood this magic has two actions. The first is that it greatly reduces innate or spelled regeneration rates. Thus making a wound not heal and bleed out far longer then it should have, and it also induces a sickness into the wound that makes it VERY likely to grow an infection of the most dire nature. One that could very likely spread through even the most resilient of beings

A knife in both boots, and several throwing knives (Four total). A silvery whip on his hip that can change length based on his needs that he acquired while in his escape from his slave master. The whip is barely sentient and can be telepathically controlled. It has a very sharp blade on its end for ensuring slave obedience.

The final weapons he carries are the rarest to ever see him use.. An extravagantly ornate set of blunder-buss pistols. Each one is a master crafted weapon capable of firing a very wide variety of objects from their barrels…. In fact just about anything he can drop into them will come back out easily. But also a very hidden effect is that either of these weapons has the ability to fire once per day, a flame spurt very akin to dragons breath. The spurt only lasts a few seconds, and obviously cannot be done while they are loaded with black powder, this flame is extremely hot, hot enough to melt most metals in its brief existence. At the maximum range of 45 feet this cone is ten feet in diameter.

Faith: His Mother’s sword. One of the great relic swords of Therosia. An extremely ornate fencing sword passed down through his family line for an unknown amount of time. She has several functions that have been found out by the over curious elf. The blade herself is only marginally note worthy. It’s very sharp and VERY well balanced. In the light, her entirety has this strange reddish gleam to the metal. But even though enchanted for durability it’s not the edge that holds her special feature. Faith was designed to be a reflection sword; the sword can absorb magical attacks thrown towards it, and re-release them out more powerful than before through a foci based around her grip and a projector that sits atop the blade near the basket guard.

Other Key Items:

The Talon Queen. An air ship gained in Sigil the city of doors hub of most planar travel. The ship looks like a bird when in flight. And its sails hold an odd angle because the masts are near the rails edge and are kicked off at a bout a 50 degree angle. Far more like wings then masts. She sports deep blue sails to show she is a vessel of some uniqueness. And her upper rails are heavily adorned with runes that trigger magical effects.

True most of those runes are actually counterparts to the spells that let her fly, but they also drive her motion. Letting her sail with or against the wind, or in places of no wind. The runes glow faintly when they are triggered, but no so brightly to dry the eye, its more of a color change form black when dormant to blue when active. If she were ever to be crewed then she would only need a skeleton crew of four hands. But with his psionic powers (and the Aidan crystal in her holds that increases his powers) Lyo has never taken ona crew when he uses her.

The Aidan Crystal: the power source of the Talon Queen. This large purple stone is about four feet tall, and two feet wide. It is housed under the main deck in the holds, and looks like the ship was virtually grown around it. this powerful gem pulls radiant energy out of the very air or sea around it and powers the ships spells. But onto of that it acts as a focusing device that greatly increases an attuned beings psionic powers. And even allows them to be focused about the ship with great ease. The last part of the magic about the Aidan gem is that where as it is not fully sentient it is partial. Allowing the whims of the captain to guide the ship even while they sleep. True it cannot pilot itself completely, but it can maintain a course speed and elevation with out the captain needing to do it themselves. Much like an autopilot.

Ravens Bane: So named for its first lasting victim. This extremely ornate collar is crafted out of the purist mythril by nearly godly skills. Truly even with out any of its enchantments it must have cost a fortune. On the front it bears an expertly cut ruby heart with many more facets then needed to catch the light and hold the eye. But for all its beauty and skill that was involved weaving the mythril links of this choker its true use is in the enchantments it holds. And it holds MANY of those.

The first one is that only with a special word can it be taken off of any whom it is on, because once it is fastened around someone’s neck the clasp in the rear vanished and cannot be called back with out the right word. Disenchanting it in this state is extremely dangerous as an eventual choking hazard. But that enchantment is light compared to the others. Once the clasp goes away the pendent wears away at the wears resistance until they fall into a compliant sort of “puppy love” with the user seeking to make them happy at all costs. And since the pendent also greatly brings up a magical co dependency if they ever fail to make the owner happy it will do its best to bring on great fits of depression and self hating ideas.

A further enchantment on the mythril chocker is that it displaces the uses magical, psionic, and chi powers. What this does it make it nearly impossible for the wearer to actually WANT to use these powers unless it aids the owner of the choker. Though to an extent even that is harder to do because of the sentience of the choker. The only time using a power would ever be truly easy would be at the will of their newfound master. Once it is clasped onto someone, it will fight any willpower they have until it can get into their mind so it can help control their choices. The final power of this magical device is that it will constantly siphon off the wearers magical chi and or psionic energy and offer it up to their master so they can use it as they please.


Spells (if any): Lyo knows very few actual spells, and so casting anything more involved then his basic ones takes at least a moment of concentration and drains him slightly when they are cast. However, his Psionic skills are far more trained and honed and where as he tires from use he can keep up those powers far longer before any ill effects become appearent. Let alone when out..

RAWR: this is a basic cantrip illusion. It can be used to make noise or maybe a flash of image in the corner of your peripheral view. Its illusions are very short, and where as they can be extremely realistic never last more then a few distracting seconds

: This illusionary spell is used to conceal things from passively being found. One must be truly hunting or searching to find objects hiding by this power. However if one is merely scanning a room that this power is concealing something in it will be as hard to find as your car keys when your in a hurry.

Cloak: This power is like Obfuscate but can hide things from even extremely active searching, as long as whatever it is does not move. The object, or person in question will even be subconsciously avoided by being moving near it. Motion immediately breaks the spell.

Shadow Walking: This powerful illusionary spell grants its target anonymity. This spell makes one over look the target as if it was not there. They become subconsciously over looked and avoided as long as no combative actions are taken. In addition, the being cannot do anything that would draw attention to it with out breaking the illusion.

Minds Eye: This is half spell and a combination of his Psionic powers. It is a constantly changing illusion that takes concentration to be maintained. This places a false visage over the target that is subconsciously ignored. However not because it is not there. It makes the target just that unimportant. They become what ever it is the least likely to draw attention. From scullery-maid to pageboy, any background, invisible in the standard daily routine image. This is the most powerful Spell Lyo ever learned.

Telekinesis: (Movement by thought). This is not a spell but one of his Psionic abilities, this power allows Lyo to grip, lift, drag, or push with his mind. These mental motions are generally used either like tendrils, or in short direct bursts of will solely aimed at the moving target to give it motion. However very fine control is possible. With slight concentration, he can generate heat through friction. Another use of this power comes in the form of shielding. By either altering a projectiles or incoming attacks path, or by simple making a wall of force before him. Generally, these barriers of will are only short-lived things, but he can make lasting ones. They just drain him and limit use of his others powers to weaker applications. Through deep concentration, he can make barriers air tight or heat resistant, but these are indeed more taxing.

Pyrokinesis: by using his telekinesis the excite molecules through friction he can create flames, or just heat objects up with out said open fire sources. This power is simple an extension of his telekinesis.

Cryokinesis: this power should be listed under his Pyrokinesis but since it is the exact opposite. The slowing and taking of energy from molecules, and was learned latter in life he thinks of it as a separate power. However, truly this is still just another extension of his telekinetic powers.

Telepathy: this Psionic power allows Lyo to send images, thoughts, emotions, or memories directly to another unshielded mind. Several forms of communication are available as long as they two beings can find a simple reference point. This power also enables Lyo to look around in side others minds for information. When done gently it is very hard for a non-psychic being to know it is being done, but if needed information can be forcibly ripped form a mind. However, this is as stealthy as a drunken elephant in a china store. They may not know Lyo is the source of the mental attack. However, they will know it is going on.

Psychoporation: this powers other name is teleportation. Lyo can summon up a but of his psionic power and simple blink out of existence in the Prime Material Plane. Then he is almost immediately (time does pass, the longer the jump the longer the time) appear at his new destination. Whither a crossed a room, or maybe in another country, even possibly into a different dimension. As long as Lyo can see exactly where he is going this power is infallible, though if he is basing his jump off of a different method. IE picturing the location, it’s a roll of the dice for his outcome. Several times, he has accidentally landed in LARGE bodies of water.

Mind Shield: This is the power Lyo uses to keep other Psions out of his mind. His age has aided in mastering this art, and so did his times in the planes where Psionics seem to be more numerous. Attacking his mind is like trying to open a Bank safe with a Tooth Pick.

Empathy: This power is actually one Lyo has innately had since birth. But it is more then just feeling the emotions of others around him. This power is what opened the eventual floodgates of all his psionic powers. Generally this power only senses motives or feelings of those around him but if eye contact is made surface thoughts or even the impulse thoughts that create actions are known to him as if they were all said aloud.

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Lyo the Shadow Whistle
Patron Father
Lyo the Shadow Whistle

Number of posts : 702
Reputation : 15
Points : 709
Registration date : 2007-05-24

Character Information
Weapons and Armor (a general list please):
Title: Lord Master, Patron Father

The Cursed One Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Cursed One   The Cursed One EmptyTue Nov 11, 2008 1:42 pm

Natural Abilities: Being a Wood Elf means he is stronger then he looks and fairly resilient, and like the rest of his elven brethren he is incredibly fast and agile... He can see near perfectly in the dark and has very sensitive hearing. He was born with empathic powers and can read another’s soul through their eyes to determine what is on their mind, even if the mind can't be read with telepathy. The eyes are after all the windows to the soul, which is hard to hard from those whom know how to find it

Skills (list): 1 Weapon Style, 2 Weapon Style, Alertness, Ambidextry, Armor Proficiency (Light and Medium), Blind-Fight, Brew Potion, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Craft Magic Items, Deceitful, Deft Hands, Double Swing, Dual weapon block, Enhanced Magical Resistance, Fast Casting, Gambling, Improved Critical, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Trip, Intimidate, Iron Will, Lore, Magical Fortitude, Opportunist, Pick Pockets, Potent Magic, Stealth, Street wise, Toughness, Vast Mind, Weapon Finesse (Daggers and Swords), Whirlwind Attack

Dialects Spoken: Lyo has traveled most of the world... He may be rusty but he knows lots of languages. Though his favorite is Drow... At least for being obscene

~ Self ~

Fear: Very little

Dislike: Lyo is very untrusting of women... Though he loves to flock then around him

Like: Causing Mischief

Quirks: Lyo is a man whore... Not paid for sex but has many problems with staying monogamous for long

Flaws: Over Confident

~ Family ~

He has one living blood relative. His identical twin... Shaiith

~ History ~

Skills/Abilities:Lyo is both a master at intrusion and sword play. His grace is better than the average elf and he moves like the flowing water or like a ravaging fire. His training in the gladiatorial rings becomes very evident when he is angry because it turned him into a bezerker and he can be savage for an elf even when in control. A long time ago Lyo picked up several illusionary techniques , some magical, some not, and has become very adept at creating falseness's of all kinds He also has been trained in psychic abilities. Lyo's berserker side comes from a demon that is bound to his soul from birth. The two share the same souls now but have almost separate minds... They have the same experience's but view them differently...

He is very adept at bladed weapons and two handed combat. However, he never really trained in any other type of weapons. He is passable with two-handed weapons, but very clumsy with axes, maces, or staves. Moreover, his archery skills leave more then a lot to be desired, he might be able to hit the broad side of a barn if very close to it. In opposition to that, any weapon he can figure out how to fence with is very deadly in his hands. He is a good shot with throwing weapons but there is a reason he carries so many. He is also a very good martial artist, but nowhere near expert. His travels have lead him to discover the need of alchemic potions, and where as he is by no means good at this he has learned to generate two distinct potion types with frequent success. Healing potions, and dispelling potions. The later interrupts magic channeling and greatly hinders Psionic’s. But only briefly unless ingested. (Four posts, for simplicity only count mine)

However every now and then he gets other types correct as well and writes down the formula’s, in his arsenal are MANY spell like vials he has made that work well.. and a few that don’t do what he thought they should. Most of the time though he wont try one that he is not certain of. Of course to go with these strange vials are MANY herbs, ores, and other materials that he uses to actually create the alchemical vials with

Personality: Lyo is normally a nice person. He conceals a distrust of women by flocking them around him, but he will never settle down with any one for longer then a few months. His distrust always seems to get the better of him. He is not exactly over confident in his abilities, as he is unafraid of death. It is something he has experienced before and does not avoid its next coming. He has been known however to give all so others wont have to experience it. He is not a very good person and is very easily described as an anti-hero. If properly motivated he is regrettably just as likely to kidnap, rape, and kill someone he has never meet as he is to knowingly throw himself into harms way to save a different stranger.

History: Lyo was raised in the Elven city of Kear during a time of Great War. He was 45 when Dwarven Raiders sacked his City, and he was taken to be put in the fighting rings of Kul'nordun. After being forced to fight in their gladiator pits for 50 years, he released the demon that was in his blood. All of his people have one, his just came out far younger then most. After the 50 years in the pits, he escaped with a band of a few others, It was a very bloody process that cost the lives of many of the slaves. During what was going to be the slave’s last attempt to take the gates and escape many were cut down by the elite guards of the master slaver. Nevertheless, through unyielding determination Lyo and a band of 10 others broke through. During the bloody struggles, Lyo killed the Slave Master and claimed his whip for himself.

Seeking to get a better understanding of this thing that dwelled in the back of his mind he sought to return home. He traveled through many long months until her returned to geography he knew. Eventually as he crested through a mountain pass, he saw it. Though, it was not what he wanted to see. Kear lay in ruins. It took many hours for him to gain enough courage to finish his journey and enter the once great city. The first things he saw was the battered wall and broken gates. Time had thankfully hidden the bones of the defenders that died there. He did as all lost children did , and went home.

Lyo was the son of the high priestess. His home was the temple. After walking through ruined block after block, he came to the gardens and found the Statues and temple unscathed. Even against the ravages of time. Quickly he ran inside and called out to any one there to answer. Surely there was no way this had been done naturally? He searched high and low for signs of life. Nevertheless, were as everything was spotless there were no other signs of life. As he entered the interior gardens, he found something that broke him. Skeletal remains, two sets. His heart aching he drew near. They were still adorned with the jewels they bore before death. In addition, had so long not passed they would conceivably still have been dressed. Where as he could not tell by the remains whose bodies these were. Nevertheless, the jewelry he found on the older one all but confirmed their identities to him. These must have been the remains of Tristan and Elysian. Better known to Lyo as Brother and Mother.

His heart shattered. Never had he imagined that he would find his family dead. Not inside the holy walls of the temple, he was raised on stories of how their warrior goddess would always come to the aid of her followers. How that with in these very walls any he sought shelter would be gifted divine protection. Apparently, the dwarves did not know this, or his goddess was not as powerful as he had been told. In desperation he gave his beast everything.

His demon had a field day. The pact that bound him with his host and been tainted by this treachery. Day the next dawn the beast had talked Lyo into confronting Arn’Inth, and calling her out for the obvious lack of care she had given to her people. After spending the day in preparation for what was obviously a fool’s errand, he doused the temple and lit it ablaze. After all what better way to get a deities attention?

Needless to say, Arn’Inth was less than pleased with her formerly devote follower, and she tried to show herself to him so he could explain his actions taken against the holy shrine. Like a bull headed teenage boy he spat in her face and issued a challenge. Had Lyo been less hot headed he might have understood that not only could he lose, but what was at stake.

She chose trial by combat, a fitting way to teach her disciple his place. He still not thinking clearly took this trial head on and before she could summon a champion, he attacked her with the seized bullwhip. In retrospect, drawing the blood of a distracted goddess is not an activity for the feint of heart.

Very obviously, he lost the challenge fast; this is not saying he did not put up a hell of a fight before he fell in battle, but fall he did. Regret filling the heart of a goddess about to lose half of her active worshipers, she resurrected him. And with a very heavy heart she enacted the bargain that was stuck between them when the fight started. He lost his joy, and his end.

He was cursed to die repeatedly only to be revived by the mark he now bears. He is no longer able to settle down and is driven by a mad need to wander. For desiccating a holy shrine he was cursed to no longer be able to bear the blessings, or curses of religion. If in the presence of either the holy or unholy; site, beings or spells his cursed mark shall activate and repulse him from it. No longer can he set foot in church or be healed with the divine gifts of clerics. Not until his penance is paid can he know true peace or love.

His reverie is haunted with his deaths now, and where as always revives after battle he can not grow accustomed to the pains of death. Nor to the pain of life. For with each death he is offered a glimpse of what it is he is supposed to be fighting to attain. That was three-hundred years ago. Now he wonders the world with the mark of his curse visible on his cheek, telling all mystics that he is of the damned. Wandering the world, he seeks a way to pay his penance or to find some loophole so he can stay dead.

The strangest thing about him is that if he is defeated fairly in a battle he will almost always leave the field when he returns to life, believing that if he is beaten than the person who bested him is the true victor. Moreover, he will do he's best never to fight that person again, and if he does, he will never kill them unless necessary to fulfill his own twisted sense of honor.

Over the years, his deaths and the few aching moments he gets to spend in the land of the dead taught him something his Goddess thought she denied him. The knowledge that his brother is not in the land of the dead. Never in the hundreds of times he has glimpsed eternity has he ever seen a being identical to him, and Tristan was his twin. That means to him that he is not the soul survivor of his people. Moreover, that gives him hope that one day he will see his family again.

Without knowledge of where his brother travels or when he will find him again, he travels the world. He believes that fate will someday grant him the chance meeting to speak with Tristan again. So with the sun on his back and the wind in his hair he greets each day with the hope that he is closer to finding his penance and that he may yet see his twin.

((( ITEM IMAGES FOLLOW. All are clickable thumbnails))

Throwing daggers (He carries Four)
The Cursed One Jss00710

Yatagan Sword (He carries Two)
The Cursed One Angula10

Fighting knives (When carried he carries Two)
The Cursed One Kukri-10

Faith (His Mothers Blade)
The Cursed One Faith10

The Talon Queen (Lyo's Personal Ship)
The Cursed One 9-blue10

Raven's Bane (Necklace and Pendeant)
The Cursed One Raven-10The Cursed One 40755210

Blunder-Buss' (Usually stored in his bag of holding)
The Cursed One Turkbu10

The Aidan stone (An irremovable part of the Talon Queen)
The Cursed One Aidan10

To forget me deny's me that one true immortality. Of living on after my end in the hearts and minds of others..... To be forgotten is truly to die.

Image hosted by servimg.com

Suicide is like telling god " You cant fire me! I QUIT ! ! "
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The Cursed One
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