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PostSubject: The Light Is Not Always Good   The Light Is Not Always Good EmptyWed Aug 22, 2007 3:25 am

~ Basics ~
Name: Jamus
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Class: Spectromancer (Light Mage)
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

~ Appearance ~
Height: 6’1”
Eyes: Prismatic
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Windswept
Complexion: Light skinned but not pale
Build: Panther like, muscular without being big
Scars: None Visible

~ Personal ~
Weapons: Moon Blade – When un-summoned looks like a mage staff, when called on, the staff becomes the hilt of a sword and a blade of energy appears.

Clothing: Gentle light weight flowing clothing in prismatic colors.. When endangered, he summons Light weight medium armor made of what seems to be a glowing metal.

Important Items: His moon blade. and tome of mage spells

Magick: Able to manipulate Light, as some do shadows.

Light Summon – Focuses all the light in the area into one location, controllable only by the summoner
Light Warrior – able to summon a copy of the summoner out of pure light, has a less powerful version of the skills and weapons of the summoner
Ride the Light – Allows the caster to travel on light waves at their speed, from any visible light source to any location with light.
Light Shatter – Turns the light into prismatic blades controlled by the will of the caster. Light Blind – magnifies the light within 100 yards, blinding those in the area temporarily.
Solid Light – allows caster to create unbreakable objects, such as manacles, blades, or bars, which will last 5 turns.
Light Blast – creates a ball of glowing energy that can burn, stun, or shock depending on the intent, or can just give light.
Light Transformation – Gives the caster claws of light, glowing eyes, and surrounds him in blinding light.
Summon/Dispel – allows caster to summon and send away his sword and armor.
Shadow Stake - allows the caster to throw a blade into the dirt in some one, or something’s shadow and pin them to the spot they are in effectively immobilizing them
Shadow Hop –allows the wizard to move into one shadow and exit out of another nearly instantly. Though at greater distance some small amount of time might elapse

He also has a tome of more common place spells that he has yet to fully commit to memory. And an inverted form of most of the spectromancy spells he knows. he just perfers not to invoke the lesser magics, but will if he has to

Dialects Spoken: Common, Drow, Elvish, Wisp, and several arcane languages

~ Self ~
Fear: Dark
Dislike: Shadowmancers
Like: Light, summer, Power
Flaws: Quick temper, Arrogant

~ History ~
Skills: His Excel’s at most magical task’s and has spent some time training in good old fashioned hand to hand combat as well... He would never be considered a sword master .but with the combination of his swordsmanship and magical feats he is a difficult adversary to say the least

Personality: He is a nice enough person though generally he has a greater goal in anything that he does. He left his home because of a wanderlust he couldn’t explain and lets his feelings guide him on his quest out in the world. He is most happy outside on a bright day. And quite gloomy inside in the rain.

Character’s History: He had a relatively peaceful childhood and thusly it is unimportant to the annals of history... in fact very little he has done was of any note in the history books at all .. He hopes to change that … he spent his younger childhood and early teen years learning the arts of the wizard... at first it was the basic principles that governed magic and the simple laws that controlled the use of it... but after his second year at the academy he learned about shadowmancy... A power that could control the shadows of every day life and make then do nearly anything... he thought at first this was the most powerful form of magic he could ever learn... after several wasted years of soaking up all his academy could teach him about this lost and strange art he had emptied the library of every piece of knowledge he could find on this rare form of magic and in fact had become quite a fearsome wizard for his age … he turned depressed back to the normal curriculum and faced the fact he would never figure out more ..but his parents were intrigued by this what ever it was and when he lost heart they couldn’t bare to see their child saddened … using what resources his lesser nobility of a family had they sought out to hire a shadowmancer to teach him in solo tutoring.. Thankfully the one that took him on as student was well versed in the arcane and knew many things the young adept mage had not known... it was years of hard work to master everything he could before the tourney his school held for their upper classmen ..And he knew he would only get two chances to win

He made it to the finals and was in the final match. It was him and one other against the schools top mages... but he knew he had secrets that they could never match … unfortunately his partner was paid to take a fall... that crippled his chances. And ended him not the victor… it was a crushing blow he nearly couldn’t take. Unfortunately for unlisted reason his former partner dropped out of the school. He sighted family obligations...but no one believed that one… next year with his final chance to take the trophy he was driven in his research... and he found a deeply twisted spell to use to insure his victory... He entered against everyone’s wishes as a solo combatant... it was not against the rules .but very unheard of... after all one mage against two. The out come should have been obvious … unfortunately for the men placing the odds they were very wrong about who was the underdog … the dark arts he had learned were far more powerful then any one else could have dreamed...even the few students who had taken after him learning the ways of shadow magic’s… again he made it against all odds to the finals.. And he crushed his foes with dark spells that were nearly against the rule in every bout... by the final match he was facing one of the two that had bested him last year...in this fight he took off the gloves and held nothing back … after the schools amphitheater was destroyed and the poor boys partner was seriously wounded from falling debris he exacted what he thought as fair punishment and was going to cast his opponent into the abyss …. After all the rules said no killing... nothing was mentioned about banishing to another realm of existence were there was no light and only shadows and pain … but his combatant parried with his own ill educated shadowmancy …. Jamus was annoyed and reached for the most powerful spell he knew... if he couldn’t banish his foe he would dissect him... rules against it or not .. But as he summoned his powers his foe came in with a quick counter and caused him to fumble the words and invert the effect … spectromancy… after the blinding light was gone there was only a burned and grievously injured student and a glowing and somehow changed victor...

Jamus had won his trophy...but that day could never be expressed in a simple trophy... he found what he at least still thinks is a new magic art... one he has never seen used to the extent he has learned... With the proper inversion of his shadowmancy training he can make light...and as he learned shadow is the absence of light...without an object barring lights way it destroys shadow every where .. Only interference can stop the powers of light magic … he has turned most every spell he knows to this new form of power... and has had much success in the trials life has offered him... he left his home because his feeling told him it was time .. As far as he knows his family is alive and well .but the road is his only true friend...and the light his weapon... he will travel all his days to become an al powerful spectromancer... even if he has to kill every shadowmancer to prove to them their magic in inferior…

~ Pets ~
Name: Silma
Species: Will O the Wisp
Gender: NA
Age: NA
Personality: Loyal to a fault and cunning in ways mortals should not know
Powers: Where as IT is normally intangible and appears to be a soft, friendly, giant, firefly that follows Jamus around. IT is sentient and lethal to touch... IT if solid, can suck the life force out of the unfortunate if physical contact is made and IT is either hungry or provoked. Other wise Silma is rather harmless and amiable
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