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PostSubject: Oracle, The Death Seer   Oracle, The Death Seer EmptySun Sep 23, 2007 6:51 pm

Kingdom Citizenship: None Claimed

Name: Richter

Aliases: Oracle

Master: A fallen angel, whom he will not name

Race: Unknown (presumed very similar to elves, or demons)

Religion: Druidic in nature but he has neither explained it, or is it easily understood in this land

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Battle Commander

Place of birth: Carthage

Relatives: None he speaks of

Group Affiliation: Shadow Hunters

Education If any: He was only ever taught the basics of reading and writing, but makes it by on that. However his combat training is the opposite of his school education. He excels in group melees and giving orders. It is very likely he might have been an officer in an army or maybe just a Battle Commander of some kind. He prefers close quarters but is very accurate with throwing his blades or other ranged weapons.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180

Hair: Short in length and it changes from a light grey near his scalp to a bright crimson on the tips

Eyes: Red

Weapons of choice: Reason, Logic, and Wit... In combat he wields a pair of edged Sai's, or his Great Sword Tallang prodominently, but is equally skilled with most weapons he can pick up off a nearby corpse or that he choose's to summon to him.

Kill Move: Using his knife he will lance it through the neck at the base of the skull severing the spine and allowing any worthy foe to spend their last few secondsí pain free


Precognition: He subconsciously can feel future events moments before they transpire and it triggers his quicksilver ability. This allows him to react to incoming actions that might harm him whether or not he would have anyway of knowing it was coming.

Quicksilver: His reactions are ungodly fast. Somehow he can react instinctively to events he shouldnít even know are happening. His running is not normally affected but his ability to dodge or defend himself is... An example would be his seeming ability to dodge projectiles or maneuver out of harms way from melee combat or hand to hand, when he didnít seem to have had a way to register a fight had begun

Preternatural Senses: His sense of hearing, sight, smell, and taste are so supernaturally honed that he can see in near black out conditions as if he had infrared vision. Can hear a pin drop from about two feet, or hear heart beats from close to twenty. He can pick up scents with more accuracy then a trained blood hound and can follow them, if less then three days old. His sense of taste allows him to detect poisons in beverages with such small sips that few can affect him. He can even taste a personís sweat from near a foot away from them and knows exactly what ingredients are in anything he eats, if he has had them before.

Essence Drain: He can suck the life force of others from their bodies if in close quarters generally a range of about nine feet. By siphoning their life force he gains some of their powers temporarily (though not knowledge on exactly how they work) but more importantly he can use this extra energy to heal his wounds at incredible speeds. Using this power on a person affects their over all health and prowess very quickly. As they become slower, stiffer, and if used enough or in the right way it can bring down their immune system considerably.

Blink: This power allows him to move instantaneously to another location with in his line of sight. This power moves him in the same position as he was in and doesn't allow for any change in momentum either. This power can be used on others if he wants and is in physical contact with them. However this power cannot be blocked by being in contact with others he wishes to leave behind.

Split: This power allows him to make perfect doubles of himself. The doubles and he are psychically connected to each other and seem to have all of the others powers, though they don't seem to be able to use them as powerfully this way. This allows him to double any non-magical items he is carrying as well

Shield: He has the power to throw out small split second barriers but not to form lasting ones without concentration, and it is in fact draining of him to even try. The barriers he creates are highly visible as they slightly bend light and give off a very crowd pleasing prismatic look.

Summon: This allows the caster to pull his weapons or armor to him instantaneously. They will appear where he wills whither on or near him, and can even make them appear on another person if needed... This power also lets him return said items to wherever it is he draws them from.

Additional powers granted by a soul binding contract with Hell itself:

Hell fire: This formerly divine flame is one of the most powerful ability's the creator ever made. This flame is shaped by the will of its user and can take any form they want. But that is the least of its abilities. This incorporeal flame is as insubstantial as normal fire, except that placing a solid object into its path will not stop it. This flame does not burn its foe... Instead it burns the soul of its victim and if it strikes a foes hand then that hand can not be used again... Yet there will appear to be nothing wrong with it. If the flames touch the heart or brain of a foe then they will die. But their soul can pass on to the next world still... If this flame devours an entire body then the soul is destroyed forever and the victim can never be reborn or resurrected. Nor will they pass to the next world... This power will also affect the creatures made by the divine or infernal even though they have no soul... This power would burn them like true fire, with the same consequences it has to mortals.

Infernal flame: This power represents the mercy inherent in its user and is a power of healing... This ability has the power to heal even mortal wounds and resurrect friends that have fallen if used fast enough. It will re-grow missing parts and even begin the process of healing the soul. Even if it does fill the soul with a taint that can send it to hell. But this taint fades with time

All Seeing Eye: When this power is activated the caster becomes aware of all things done in his vicinity. It allows him to see through any illusion like true seeing or any shadow as if it was none existent.

Power of the Scales: This allows him to read the Sin on any soul and view the soul as if it was a physical thing. It lets him gauge a basic level of evil or good on a soul, but not an exact value because that is Saint Peterís realm.

Touch the Soul: When used in conjunction with the Power of the Scales it allows the soul to be touched by the user, and it is even possible to remove a soul from a body. The victim will live on after this power is used, but if they die before the soul is restored then it will vanish and they will be gone forever as if the fires of hell consumed them... It can also be used to take a soul from a suffering body to ease passage to the next world. Much like if a Grim Reaper were present or did it themselves.

Bind the soul: This power is perhaps the least use by Richter, it allows him to bind souls to things. Wither they are bound to him or a place the soul feels an uncontrollable pull towards the thing it is attached to. If done to a living soul it grants a state of absolute awe. And severely hinders the targets free will. It does not change their attitude or personality at all yet they are forced to do Richterís bidding regardless of their own wants, and the can feel his will in their mind at all times. This can force them to do many terrible things that even though they regret, or would never do if given the choice, his will makes their bodies do with out consent of the mind


Tallang: not truly a power but this great sword is bound to him through dark unknown arts. Whether it is magically linked or some other way is unclear but this massive five foot long six inch wide sword seems to weigh nothing in his hands. Tallang has the power to transfer healing energies to him from successful wounding of his foes. And even though the blade is serrated wickedly down its entire front cutting edge it is enchanted to cut armor like butter and then rips the flesh under it in jagged, bloody ways. The back side is jagged and serrated for more then half of its length as well but near the base it has a comb like look because of its integrated sword breaking teeth. These teeth are enchanted to lock around a foe's weapon and then will rapidly suck out power from its enchantment at that location so the sword can be snapped there as if it were merely drift wood. He can swing it faster then another can wield a rapier and is still as accurate. The blade can also be pulled back to him if he somehow loses his grip, but it seems the sword does this for him.

Dark Star- This object grants a very crude form of telepathy. It allows Richter to move objects with his mind but requires a bit of concentration to do so. This trinket can be used to lift, push, pull, or throw objects, or people in Richterís line of sight. The heavier the object the more concentration it takes. However, lighter or smaller objects can be moved with a minimum of thought rather quickly.

Scarf of the Unknown Mind: The simple, tarnished metal ring around his neck is generally hidden under his mask. This collar however does more then just identify his station in life. It is both a blessing because it shields him from Psionic powers, but a curse since if he removes it he has been told he will die, in a pragmatically explosive kind of way. The imperial collar shields him from being targeted by any Psionic power as if he simple wasnít there. Making it impossible to read his mind or effect his actions through force of will. It was enchanted thusly to both keep Richterís motives unreadable, as well as his masterís identity, and so that there was not much to worry about if he ever had to face down a powerful Psion while on assignment. This is the only magic item that splits itself when he uses his duplication power.

Items on Loan:

Blade of Redemption: This bastard sword was created for his Master, has a full two handed grip but is still light enough to be wielded with one. This sword is the bane of his enemies and has the power to banish demons out of the prime plane and is nearly indestructible. Its blade is shaped like a burning flame and its cross guard is curved up as a sword breaker.

Shield of Penance: This shield protects its bearer from the powers of the infernal. It defends against hell fire and sword alike this Shield is shaped by the wearers will and can turn into nearly any defensive item from a vambrace to a tower shield. It also has the power to create a divine barrier to protect multiple people or prevent infernal entities from coming to close.

And a good list of basic, old fashioned, non-magical, Ninja weapons and gear. (Shurikens, Darts, Smoke Pellets, Flash Bombs, Caltrops, Poisons, etc)


It is hard to tell exactly how old or where Richter came from. His complexion is as foreign as his features are odd. He has long pointed canines but isnít a vampire, and has slightly pointed ears but will not admit to any Elven heritage. His combat style and the way he fluidly moves in a fight are completely bizarre and not from any neighboring lands. It is as if somehow he has made it here from some land so distant that it might be the other side of the world. Yet his mastery of the common tongue and several others tell a lifetime of use.

All that is known about him is spoken very low in tone, and under ones breath. But only after looking over your shoulder twice to make sure he isn't listening. It is not clear what has made him undertake the journey to a land this far away, but what is clear is he isn't here for a picnic.
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