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PostSubject: For Sale!   For Sale! EmptySun Oct 21, 2007 5:50 pm

Word of the newest shipment had spread throughout the underdark, whispered and rumored until many who often refused to dally in the filth of the slave pens had been convinced to come inspect the newest wares. The rumors were unclear, a child, a woman, a creature...born of fire... it was going to be sold today. A faint glow, a red shine like that of the embers of a banked fire rose from a small figure huddled in the corner of a cage, guarded on all sides from view. These traders knew thier methods worked, when they caught sight of so many Matrons and priestesses waiting for the sale to begin.

Inside the cage a young girl huddles into herself for warmth, and for courage. The last week seems nothing more than a nightmare to her fragile mind. A fortnight ago, she wandered free in the forests outside of Imperia, living wild as an animal might, sheltering in blessed groves and at peace with the wild-life. Her guardian, a great pheonix had told her to step out into the city of Imperia, to wander those streets until purpose found her, in her fear of the thorngs of people, she had refused that command, and wandering near the outskirts of the city, had been captured by this group of slavers.

They had long been hunting her, since she had stopped a forest fire with a wave of her hand to save a small family trapped in the woods. She had known they hunted her, and that they sold men, but it had not occured to her until she bound by the cold force in the collar on her neck, that they would and could sell her. The sound of the crowd outside the cage would startle her out of her memory, causing a flush to rise, and the light surrounding her to brighten for half a second before returning to darkened embers. For a second her young face would be seen behind the guards, and whispers would break out amongst the crowd below...whatever the being was, it looked young...and female.

A shouted command would cause the guards to move as one, lifting the cage onto the stage for the bidding to begin. A harsh command would cause the being inside the cage to gasp, and stand in pain as the collare forced her obedience. Visible now to all, they would be able to see for themselves the vision behind the rumors. She was small, and young, perhaps twelve at most. Long red hair was shot through with sparks doubly visible in the gloom of the underdark. Her dress looked like what it was, a childs attempt to protect themselves from the elements, the sheen of dragon skin was what made it so odd on the young one. Tongues of flame danced around her for a moment, as if seeking to free her from the collar, before simply dropping into her skin leaving a shimmer like glitter.

The slavers let her stand, unsure and scared in front of the dark crowd before shouting that the bidding was open!
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PostSubject: Re: For Sale!   For Sale! EmptyMon Nov 26, 2007 10:51 pm

*Loud shouting took a moment to begin, as one bid after another was thrown towards the Auctioneer, as inwardly the slave master smiled imagining the heavy weight of Gold he was about to partake in for just this one child. Standing there on the block the heavy gloom of the place weighed down on Ember, almost as much of an encumbrance as the collar around her neck. For one used to freedom, and daylight, this cold imprisonment in the heart of the underdark was not possible, yet here she was, standing before so many strangers. She would begin to shiver in cold, and fear, realizing all at once that more people than she had ever even seen were here, all to attempt to ...buy.... her, and the others she sensed huddled in thier cages. A sudden rush of fear would flush her face, and just as suddenly a silence would fall as a briliant flash of light blinded those whose eyes were adjusted to the perpetual gloom of the city. A faint clink noise would be heard and as vision returned for those poor unfortunate bidders, and the soon to be even poorer slavers, the empty collar would be bouncing down the stairs, as the young flmae-child had vanished, without taking the collar with her.*

*In another part of Tallendon a young girl would appear to be thrown from a fire, unconscious onto the ground. She would not know how she had transformed into flame, nor that that's how she escaped, all she would know was the warmth around her neck where the collar used to be, and now a slight scar rose from her pale skin.*
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For Sale!
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