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 Out and about.

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PostSubject: Out and about.   Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:43 pm

Unity enters the pub. Her friend Hyme stays set on her shoulders as she finds her way to the nearest bar stool.

"I would like some blueberry pancakes please, and maybe some peanuts for Hyme this morning. That is all, thank you."

Unity smiles gently at the man in charge at the moment. As she waits for her breakfast she readjusts the green feathers that she placed in her red hair. Then she picks up Hyme and places him on the table. "There ya go buddy."

Hyme starts to hop along, with some tweets here and there.

"Last night was a rough one wasn't it? I know life seems to be so stressful lately, but I assure you things will start to get better. Just keep your chin up, alright?" Unity speaks to her bird friend, Hyme.

She continues to pick at her hair, pulling one twig out at a time. Unity has been running about all night long. She is starved, but her patience is high. It's nearing 10 in the morning, shes been on the run since 7 of last night. Things haven't been the same since Barkley left. She really does miss her big brother.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:32 pm

Hungry was a powerful thing, it could make a person do unspeakable things in other to survive. This was a known fact to those who had experience before, but for Arnoldo it new and he never wanted to experience it against. His body moved towards the door of the pub as it presses against the door, opening it slowly. The sound of people was a good thing to ear since it meant there was food nearby. He tried to force his skeleton frame to take a step forward, but it wasn’t allowing it. He was weak it had been close to a three weeks since he had any type of real food in his stomach. The one way he manage to survive was due to the fact he manage to pull water from the nearby surroundings to drink, but one couldn’t survive off of that by it self. His memory was fuzzy he didn’t know everything that had occur in the three weeks, the only thing he was for certain was his name and the necklace around his neck. Without a warning the boy’s body collapse and hit the wooden floor with a soft thud. His fall was cushion thanks to his father protecting him. Who was his father you ask? No other then the air we breathe. Arnold was raised by the water and air elemental and they treated him like he was their son.

Air began to whirl around the motionless figure of the child, as the boy lifts up and moves towards an empty chair. Placing the child in the chair the air support the child’s boy not letting him fall. The necklace around his neck began to flutter as two separate energy made it’s presence known; one’s a Holy nature and the other an Unholy nature. It was acting up due to the different alignment that was within the pud.

“I...I...” he tired to speak but it was no use, he was in a weaken state and needed food. This boy was starving and was on the edge of life and death, but would anyone step up and help him out?
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:32 pm

Unity's attention quickly turned to the sickened boy. He looked as if he was death himself. She automatically turned her own breakfast to this stranger.
"You are sick, you need to eat. "

She then nodded to Hyme, she wanted him to keep a good eye out on this stranger. Unity's eyes drifted towards this young mans necklace. Because of her past mistakes with curiosity she lowered her eyes.

"Sir!" Unity speaks out to the man in charge of the pub.
"Grab this boy some water, will you?"
Her eyes went from worry to complete sympathy.
Unity started twirling the feathers that were in her hair as she sat there waiting for a response.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:38 pm

The words she spoke didn’t register with him, but the smell of food did. He tried to raise his hand to pick up the fork to cut the pancakes, but it was no use. He was too weak. But that when something happen, a gust of wind blew around the child, as a hand would be formed. The hand picked up the fork, cut the pancake and brought it to the boy’s mouth, like a mother feeding her child. Feeling the warmth of food in his mouth, he slowly began chew the food. Piece by piece the pancake would be fed to the boy, by the windy hand, and each piece of be eaten hungrily by him.

As the bartender brought the water to the table, the liquid began to do something strange. It levivated out of the glass and slowly enter the parted lips of the child. Is foster parents wouldn’t let him die and it was their oath to protect him. And this is a prime example of it. After the water was all gone, the boy’s eyes slowly open to fall upon lady twirling the feathers in her hair. Slowly he began to stand up his father supporting him. “Did you help me? If so thank you.” He said in a calm voice. The necklace around his neck began to flicker as the holy aura began to become the more dominant force as the unholy aura was weakening. This sudden event was from the cause of the females good nature.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:11 pm

Unity sat there waiting until this young boy finished his meal. She knew automatically that he was feeling better. She exhaled. Hyme and Unity sat there in awe as they continued to stare at the force protecting this child. It was incredible.

"No problem. I hope you are feeling better. You seem to be getting some color into you." Unity smirked.

"You worried us. I'm Unity, and this is my friend Hyme." She nodded to her bird friend.

"What is your name? Whats happened to you?" Unity placed her hand on this young boys shoulder. She then lowered her head as she realized she was asking too many questions.

Hyme the flew onto the boys lap to get a closer look. Curiosity has gotten him into trouble once before. Unity gave him a quick look.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:53 am

The other people in the pub had stopped what they were doing and was also amazed at the force protecting this child. However, once the girl spoke the wind that was around him, died down to just a gentle breeze and brushed up against his cheek. He would be fine for now his hungry was gone and thus his parents didn’t have to worry about him. “I actually do feel better and we thank you for your kindness. “, his voice had an unique accent to it, almost Russian but yet not. “Nice to meet you Unity and Hyme. My name is...Arnoldo Le Mort. I’m sorry for worrying you all.”

“As to what happen to me. Well let’s just say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My powers were cancel and I became a personal slave, but I escaped and I wonder the lands for three weeks searching for food, no one would help me...and it wasn’t for luck I wouldn’t have stumbled into the pub. Feeling her hand on his shoulder the necklace around his neck began to dim and the holy aura soon vanish from site. ” A gentle breeze lick across the girl’s face, lifting it up “No need to look down, don’t worry about it okay? His eyes divert to the bird that landed on his lap and a smile spread across the face “He is beautiful. How long have you had him?”, he asked, holding his hand out towards the bird, wondering if hyme would jump into it.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:00 pm

Hyme hopped onto Arnoldo's hand, apparently he was delighted by the compliment he received. Unity smiled at this. As her smile became apparent so did the color of her hair. Since shes now happy, her hair color has turned more orange and sunny. Same goes to her eyes. They are now an amazing view, just like a beautiful sunset.

"Hyme's been there for me as long as I can remember. It's nice to meet you as well. Food is the least I can do for you. I insist you coming with me to my home."

Unity gives the boy a looksie. "Uhh.. It wouldn't be a bad idea to maybe get cleaned up a bit." She smiled sweetly at him. "It's by far the least I can do."

Hyme continued to step onto the boy. He began to climb up onto his shoulder.
"Hehe, I think he likes you." She giggled to herself.

This is when Unity finally noticed everyone else in the pub. They were in utter shock and in complete confusion. Their eyes were wild, and looked frightened as if Arnoldo was a monster. Unity thought to herself: Of course this boy is different, everyone is different.. Unity may be a little bit naive but she felt no need to be alarmed by this interesting little boy.

"So what do you say Arnoldo? Would you like to come with?" She spoke to him with a persuasive smirk, then gently shrugged. As she continued to look at this boy her hair became an even more brighter and lighter color. Unity's beaming with excitement, she loves to help people.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:01 pm

The innocent of nature it’s such a pure thing when it was calm that is. A smile caress the young boy’s soft face as he watched the bird perch on his finger “He is cute.” Turning his attention to the girl’s air he notice the change of color “Does it always change color according to your mood?”, he asked calmly “The nature is in your eyes.”

He thought about going home with her for a moment before he answered “You actually consider taking me in? No one never asked me that before I’m lost for words to be completely honest.” His fair skin soon went to a strawberry red as he blush slightly “Yea you are right. “ Feeling the touch of Hyme climbing on his shoulder he giggled a little “Yea I think so too, amazing how I have met friends in such a short period of time

Feeling the eyes of the people in the tavern, he would speak in a calm voice “ If you anyone of yall have a thing against me, I will make sure that the water elemental strips this land of it’s drinking supply. Or even worse I could always cut off you air supply. My parents don’t like nobody messing with their child and thus would defend me no matter what.” The necklace around the boy began radiated a more darker aura reacting to the evil alignments of those in the tavern “No!”, his teeth clicking together. Looking at Unity he will tell her something “My necklace it contains halves of two different souls; one being of an Angelic nature and the other half is demonic. I was born from an Angel mother and a Demonic father. I was also born with two complete souls...one angelic and one demonic. These souls threaten to consume me from the inside out, so to solve this. My real parents asked a powerful mage to split my souls in half...putting half of the angelic and demonic soul into my body to form a whole soul. The other half is well...in my necklace. Now here is the scary part depending on who I’m around determines what soul takes over my body. So either I will become an Angel or a Demon. I have to be around the person for four years to fully transform. To protect till then a pact was signed with the water and air elements, that makes them my adopted parents. So yeah now you know. If you going to take me home with you, you must at least know that.” He said with a smirk.

Standing up slowly he would look at Unity “If you don’t mind can I get cleaned up somewhere else, I got a feeling these people don’t like me much.”
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:05 am

Unity smiled as he was so quick to notice her ability to change hair and eye color.
"Yes, they usually change color without me even noticing. Its just something I had to get use to."
"I'd take you in, in a heartbeat. I might have just met you, but you need me."
She stood back a moment and thought about what he said: No one has ever took him in.
"Oh Arnoldo, I'm so sorry that you've been so treated badly in the past. I will accept you for who you are." Unity smiled sweetly.
"And, I hope you can do the same for me?" She added.

Hyme is still perched on the boys finger, and continues to listen to everything the boy speaks out. "Tweet, tweet" He tries to include himself into the conversation.

Unity's thinking about what the boy has said to her. Hopefully she can keep the demonic Arnoldo away, and keep the angelic Arnoldo to continue to show. What a harsh thing to live with. Two souls, this poor boy. She would have never guessed.

First off she laid a few gold coins onto the bar. She nodded to the bartender and then started towards the pubs entrance. Hyme flew from off of the boys finger and landed back onto Unity's shoulder.

"Please come with! I can not take a no for an answer." Unity begged.

"Tweet, tweet, tweet!!!" Hyme spoke to Arnoldo. I think he is begging as well.
As they spoke out Unity's hair began to turn a dark blue, as did her eyes. She was feeling down. She couldn't help but feel complete apathetic to this little boy.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:32 pm

And there is happen for the first time in this young boy’s life, someone finally cared for him. Not because he asked to be cared for but because they want to. They actually wanted to take him in. Could this really be true? Is he finally going to have someone in his life that loves him despite who he was? Can it really be truth? Is it no longer a dream to have someone to actually care for him? He hoped it wasn’t a dream but if it was he didn’t want to wake up from it. He open up to this girl as if he knew her his entire life but yet they only knew each other for an hour, maybe? He told her his biggest secret in an act of trusting her. What happen to him? He never did tell others about his secrets in fear that he would be used again and then thrown away like a piece of trash. How would his adopt parents would react? To see that their son finally found someone who cared for him? They probably wouldn’t care because they wanted the best for him.

His eyes finally met with hers and it was then that the softness of a child who had walked his entire life alone was finally seen. How sweet and frail this child looked. He had suffer through slavery and torturement, to being used to kill the innocent but yet he had survived it all. But the hard personality that he had made to protect himself had now crumbled and the truth about this boy was seen. “You are to kind. Thank you for taking in someone who you barely know.”, He said in a soft voice. A tear rolled down the cheek of this boy as he felt something release from him. He didn’t know what it was but whatever it was it made him feel better.

“Yes I can accept you for who you are because, you offer me something that nobody has never. And that is a home.”

The sound of Hyme chirping caused the boy to laugh as he turns his attention to it “I see that you like to talk to.”, he said, gently petting the bird. “One boy...two souls...two different fates. And it lives within those who I’m around.” Watching the girl place the coins on the counter, he would follow her out to the entrance of the pub “Fine, I will go. Since it seems Hyme not going have it any other way.”, he said giggling. He notice the quick change in her hair color but he didn’t say anything. A new life is beginning for him.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:44 pm

Unity's mood changed automatically once he accepted her invitation to her home. Her beautiful hair has turned into a shade of a gorgeous red rose. She was completely thrilled.
So they went on to their journey. Unity desperately wanted to take care of this young boy, for he seemed to not have anyone. No one seemed to see past his lost and unknown looks. But Unity knew better, he is just a boy that needs kindness and support. She was glad she went to the pub today. Her hand securing was placed on his shoulder as they continued forth towards the deeper parts of the woods.

Hyme flew from branch to branch leading the way.

"So how old are you? Where are you from exactly?" Unity spoke as they continued towards her home. Her smile was directed to him. She kept one hand on Arnoldo's shoulder, and the other on her sword, just in case. Unity's eyes began to race around them, you can never be too careful.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:33 pm

A giggle would come from the boy’s mouth as he notice the instant change of the girl’s hair. He take it as she was glad that he accepted her invitation. Kindness that’s the one thing the boy craved and wanted more then anything, and he hope that she would give him that. His skin twitched a little feeling her hand on his shoulder, he would smile at her warmly as they went deeper within the woods. What a beautiful day to go walking into a place he was so familiar with. His eyes darted from branch to branch watching Hyme flying “ I’m 10 ˝ years old. Well I don’t know exactly where I’m from but what I have been told. I was born in a small villages miles, miles away from here. I don’t know the name of it though.”, he said calmly.

Unity would feel a cool breeze grace her face as it was no other then the boy’s adopt father “It seems like my father is also protecting us.”, he said calmly, referring to the gust of wind that came out of no where. It is true if any harm would come to the boy or the girl his father would protect them
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:52 am

Unity then felt an urge of relaxation once she felt the random wind through her hair. She smiled at the young boy. The words the boy spoke was very calming. Her hand moved from off Arnoldo's shoulder to her eyes. She was searching for Hyme for he has gotten a little farther ahead then she'd like. No doubt though, Unity knew these woods as if it were the back of her hand. They were heading west. The day was beautiful, early noon. Birds were singing, gusts of wind through the branches, the leaves tussling. The setting was beyond graceful, and so alive. She just loved it.

"You've been through so much, and yet you are so young. Just experience you should keep. Lessons to be learned, and remembered."

Unity then noticed Hyme waiting a distant branch, she then nodded to herself and headed on ward.

"He sure is in a rush." She smiled at Arnoldo.

"He wants those fresh fruits at the house that we gathered yesterday. Those peanuts didn't do it for him." She giggled to herself.

"It must be nice for someone to protect you, god knows you need it." Her smile widened. "Just a bit father..."
As they continued onto their journey Unity couldn't keep herself from picking the wild flowers. Placing some in her hair, and keeping some for her vase at home. She absolutely loved nature. Everything about it was extraordinary.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:22 pm

He continue his casual pace as his eyes darted from tree to tree, as he took in the wonderful sights of nature. Feeling something lift off his shoulder, his attention turned to Unity and smiled warmly. Seeing how she looked like she was looking for something, and then it clicked with him. She was looking for Hyme who had flew off further into the woods. Yes the setting was beautiful, very beautiful indeed but yet he had seen it many of times.

“Yeah I know but something worth forgetting.”

A smile caress across his face “Yeah, I know. But he is so cute thought. You can get mad at him. Ah so that’s why he is in a rush to get home.”

He shook his head slightly at her question “It can be a double-edge sword but most of the time it’s a good thing.” he said in a calm voice. He smiled warmly at her as he watched her picked some of the wild flowers, picking one himself. He would smell it...it’s smelled so good. Like her, he also loved nature since it was a product of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:43 pm

Unity continued to walk on with her dear, new friend Arnoldo. The journey was so peaceful. She walked gracefully as she inhaled and exhaled deeply. The forest began to thin out. As the trees began to disappear so did the landings for Hyme. Therefore Hyme decided to use the boy as a resting spot.
"Do you see the large rock in the far distance? Well once we hit that we'll find a stream, and we'll follow it. It will lead is directly to my home. Trust me this walk is far worth it. " She smiled.

An addition of flowers continued to place themselves into her hair. Many daisies, tiny sunflowers, petunias, and few magnolias were present in her arms. Lovely butterflies joined the three of them on their journey. She didn't mind what so ever. But, once Hyme noticed there were flying company he couldn't help but leave his safe spot from Arnoldo and leap straight into the air. He continued to circle them and continuously chase them. Unity giggled to herself, she knows how he can't stay still for very long.

The clouds were thickening, slightly spinning, and darkening as they continued onto their journey. The time was only middle afternoon, but the wind was definitely picking up. The temperature is obviously dropping, compared to earlier. Oh for the unpredictable summer weather.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:21 pm

True indeed the journey with his new found friend was peaceful...peaceful. What is that again? Oh now he remember it’s when everything consistent with each other, without no other influence. It’s when the forces of darkness takes a day off and allow the forces of good to bask in the light...no pun intended. As the forests began to clear out little by little, this could only mean that their were close to home. Home...another thing he wasn’t familiar with. He never had a sturdy place where he could call home but maybe the Gods will grace him with one now? He doubt it since fate was hardly ever on his side. Orbs flicked in the direction of the bird who decided to rest upon his shoulder, the child only smiled. A simple but yet rare gesture for him.

“I hope so.” He said nodding.

His eyes watched Unity ever so carefully as she pick up different types of flowers, attracting butterflies with them. He didn’t mine the additional company as well, heck he was just enjoying the fact that it was peaceful. Looking on his shoulder to see if Hyme was still there...he wasn’t that wasn’t a big surprise to him. Looking back at Unity he would see a bird dart by chasing a butterfly. Then he placed one and one together, and came up with the conclusion the bird was Hyme chasing the butterflies that had been following them. A laugh escape his lips as his eyes darted back and forth watching Hyme chase the butterflies.

But as quickly as the laugh came...it disappeared as he felt the shift of the weather. Looking up at the darken clouds that was forming in the sky, a chill travel down his find. Thoughts of the past flooded the young child’s mind, as both of his arms clenched around his now shaking body. It wasn’t because he was cold, something had happen on this day that haunts him even now. “Two years ago, I was captured and beaten every time I didn’t obey. When it rain or the present of rain was near I was beaten worse. I was told it was my fault that it rain and that I should get punish. Today was also the day...I was born.” The words he spoke was broken up.

He was afraid that he was going to get beat, even though he knew Unity would do that to he. The psychological damage was already done...it stemmed from his previous captive. The wind continue to pick up as he father tried to calm his son down but with no prevail, he knew that this would happen but there was nothing he could do about it. It will be up to Arnoldo to break the chains that still bound him.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:25 am

Unity felt terrible for Arnoldo, he was shaking with fear and there was nothing she could do for him. She quickly threw an arm around him, he needed comfort. Thankfully, she was there for him.

"I am so sorry, I will never let anyone cause you pain again. I will do my very best to look after you." She continued to pat his back with her hand.

Hyme is now disappointed, his butterflies have flown away considering they sense rain coming. The weather is still drastically continuing to drop. Thankfully, they have finally reached the large random rock in the field.

Unity sighed. "Lets rest for a few minutes here, it will give us shelter in case it rains any moment."

She begins to open a wooden box with many tiny carvings and symbols all over it that was left at the base of the boulder; it was her brothers.

"I have some jugs of water and some fresh bread from yesterday. I know you'd like some." She spoke to the boy, and smiled. Hyme and Unity sat down and waited on Arnoldo. Unity sighed again as the rain started dripping down.

"How could anyone do such a heartless thing to you?...You are so innocent, so young." She shook her head, and continued to pat the ground from impatience. She giggled, and then put her flowers in the wooden box.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:32 am

The sky suddenly darkens more as lightning danced across the sky. The once calm wind had picked up tremendously, the sound of trees snapping in the forest behind them was heard. The ground underneath them began to shake violently as fissure occurs. A red mist slowly leaked out of the ground, where Arnoldo was standing “Arnoldo . . . Arnoldo . . . It has been a long time hasn’t it?”, an eerie voice said in the distance. The boy’s body shook more as he knew that voice way to well, it was him! The ground explodes a few speak away from Unity, large chunks of rock and roots sped toward the girl. “No!” Arnoldo screams. He tried to move but he couldn’t . . . his legs wouldn’t allow him to. But why? Why did they betray him like this? The one time he had someone to protect, but his legs defy him. So now he stands there unable to move. A tear rolled down on his cheek as the image of losing Unity crossed his mind, but before the rock hit her something happens.

A large gust of wind wrapped itself around Unity, shattering the debris that was heading toward her. “Well . . . well they are still protecting you? Aren’t you too old for a babysitter?” A voice said in the distance, there walking toward Unity and Arnoldo was a man in his late 30's. He wore simple black attire and if one didn’t know better they would have thought he was of a good nature, but Arnoldo knew differently. “Why after all this time. Have you sought me back out? I escape your grasp because I didn’t want to be used as a weapon.”

A smirk played across the man’s face as he stopped 5ft away from them both and smirked at the boy “You know why I sought you back out. I wasn’t finish with you as long as that necklace around your neck. I will hunt you down. Placing people into your lives to make you turns into that I desire. A demon. Do you have any idea the power that comes with becoming a demon? You wouldn’t have to rely on others to protect you. You would be respected as an individual and feared as a demon. You will finally have control of your life. Don’t you want that? To be in control of something for once?”

The words that the man spoke hit Arnoldo deeply, to be respect that what he wanted. For as long as he could remember he never was respect. But did he really want that? To be respect only because he was powerful and could possibly kill them? No, he didn’t want that he wanted to be respected for whom he was, not because of his power. “I...I...I...” he was lost for words, he didn’t know what to say.

The man smirk he knew he had hit a nerve within this child “Think about it . . . power, fame, glory and respect will all be yours if you so desire it. I know what you thinking. It takes two years for you to turn but I got a small device that will turn you in 48hrs.” Slipping his hand into his pocket, he pulls out a small sphere the shape of a marble. The sphere was crystal clear and within the sphere there was a black mist “Sphere of Change. It was made to speed up the reaction of your necklace by tenfold but this one only allows you to turn into a demon. Here takes it, keep it, look at it. “, He said, tossing it to Arnoldo.

The child easily caught it and held it within his hand, he felt it the demonic nature of the sphere. “I will give you five days to think about it. On the second night when the sky turns red, the sphere will react. On the third day there sphere would begin to change you into a demon but on the fourth night it will stop. By the fifth day I will return for an answer, got it?” He said, turning away from them and began to walk away from them. “Oh don’t try to throw it away. The sphere will always return back to you.” He said as he vanishes in a puff of smoke. The once violent wind had suddenly stops along with the lightning. Everything was calm once again.

Looking at the sphere, he wouldn’t know what to do. Shaking his head slightly he looks at Unity “Are you okay?”, he asked, slipping the sphere into his pocket. The wheel of fate had sped up more and it was up to him if he wanted to break it or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:05 pm

Unity's hand was grip tight on her sword. Her face was in utter shock, things seemed to happen far too quickly. The thoughts in her mind were a blur. Finally she released her death grip and put her bird friend into her leather pouch just in case that strange evil man returned. She gulped.

"I'm fine..But, are you really considering his offer?" She looked bewildered. She rubbed her hand through her now white and grayed hair. Her skin was white from the lack of blood. "I..I..Well.." She tried to speak, but couldn't.
She exhaled deeply.

"Are you okay?"She walked over to Arnoldo and placed her hand on his shoulder to let him know that she is still there for him. It was still sprinkling slightly, but fortunately the wind died down. She stared at Arnoldo as he placed this new gift into his pocket. Her thoughts were starting to become more organized. Demon, she thought to herself. He is stuck with this decision, the sphere, told him he'd hunt him down, 48 hours to be created. These words kept repeating into her mind over and over again. She just wanted things to go back five minutes, back to a more simpler time. This poor innocent soul being persuaded into darkness and pure evil. What can she do?
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PostSubject: Re: Out and about.   Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:35 pm

So another path was laid in front of him but will he take this new choice that grants him respect? He really don’t know what to do at the current time since it happen to quickly. Time seem to stand still for a split second as he tries to take in everything. The sound of Unity’s voice snapped him back to reality “I...I don’t know. It seems like that’s my only choice. If I try to get rid of it...you heard what he said. It will come back.” His voice had changed to the point it was hardly reconizable anymore. Shaking his head he would sigh softly, feeling her hand on his shoulder caused him to shiver slightly “Mentally no. Physically yes.”

The sprinkles of rain that was falling arched around his form as if afraid to touch him. “A demon...A demonic being of pure evil something I would rather not be. Come lets go home and I rather spend this time with my newfound friends.” The last phrased he said it with a smile and a glitter in his eye. Yes, he was scared but he wasn’t going to let fear ruin him. He will live and learn how to defeat the demon that he was becoming.
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Joy came from hearing what he said. Maybe he is ready for a change in his life. Her sorrow has turned her beautiful hair into a dark navy torched color. Even her eyes had barely any color in them, just pitch black. He can say one thing, but she knows he is thinking another. Hyme is pirched onto her shoulder as they both watch Arnoldo. They are highly concerned, and very alarmed. Her hand moved from his shoulder to her bird, handing him a grape she found in her purse. Her vision is turned to Hyme. She wants to be there for this little boy, but this situation is far bigger then she is. Unity wished she could make some sort of difference. She then pointed at the path ahead of them as if welcoming him.

"There we are. Just a little farther down this stream."

The weather has went to bad to wonderful. The birds are chirping once again, and the butterflies are back out to play with Hyme. He flew off her shoulder. Now he is back in the air with his insect friends. The air was a little bit chilly still, but nothing unbarable. They headed on the small pebble rocked path. You can see from the distance the trees start to thicken. No signs are present anywhere, meaning her home is very secret. She'd like to keep it that way.

"Who was that man..How do you know him?" Unitys mind was wide open and she wanted to know everything.
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What he really wanted was death or at least turn back time to the few minutes before they met. So that she wouldn’t have to be with him when he turned. His act might seems selfish but it wasn’t he didn’t want nobody to get because of him. But this wasn’t said for the simple fact he knew she wouldn’t have that...she would stick by him no matter what. His eyes look up hers as they met the onxy orbs of hers “You know I’m not accepting this right? I have come to far to allow that cursive thing to influence me now. Yes, I’m afraid but that won’t stop me for changing my so called...pre-set destiny. “ His voice was back to it’s normal self and his once tense body had relaxed. His eyes darted up as a cool breeze brushed up against him “Father, mother, Unity and Hyme the toughest days of my life is ahead of me. I’m sorry I pulled yall into this but I need you to be there for me. I don’t think I will be able to defy destiny without you. The journey will be long and...” there was a sadden look on his face “Unity if I turn fully I want you to promise me something. “ He paused and exhaled slowly “Promise me that you will kill me. Don’t argue with me. You and Hyme are my friends and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that I hurt you. So if I turn completely kill me without a thought, father and mother will help you if things get out of hand.

Since the time they met a connection was growing between them and that connection could be the only thing that could save this child. His eyes darted ahead as a smile appeared on his face once more “So I get to stay with you eh? You sure you can take care of child?” he asked jokingly. The sounds of the birds calmed him down even more and a laugh escaped his lips as he watched Hyme chased the butterflies. The change of terrain caught his attention as he look at Unity and then at the path. Guess it means they are getting closer to her home but god no one would think to look out here. It’s soo far away from everything, which was a good thing.

“Zureal is his name. A mage with an infamous reputation. Him and my father use to real close till my father married my mother who was an angel. Since then he had hated my parents and me even more. A demon of darkness and an Angel of light should never bare offspring. That how he felt. When he found out my soul had been serperated and placed into this necklace he tried everything to turn me into a demon. Saying that, that is my rightful heritage. He kidnap me once but my mother saved me and I guess this is another one of his plans to turn me.”
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Unsure how to handle his demands, Unity lowered her head as Arnoldo continued to speak. She was by far impressed by how strong this little boy was.
Kidnapped, seperated from his mother, and his father being a demon. This child has been through so many things. Her eyes gazed towards the
sphere in his pocket once more, her thoughts were racing once more at what the future may hold. Her hair and eyes rapidly advanced from pure black
to a more light and upbeat shade of green. Arnoldo was asking something she never would of thought in her wildest dreams of doing: ending a persons
life. He is in need of her hospitality, not in need of her to finish him. Her morals tell her no, but his plea is so powerful. Unitys head shook, as if telling
him no. "I...I...I..really couldn't do that.." She placed her right hand on her forehead as if her world was spinning. Hyme stopped in mid air as if hearing
the immeditate situation. His head cocked sideways as if trying to comprehend the whole conversation. "Tweet?" was all he spoke. He then landed on
the boys shoulder once more, forgetting all about the bugs and butterflies just recently ceased racing with. Unity then interupted Hyme with his open
concerns. "So you're parents fell in love, like opposites attract? Love is love, Zureal apparently hasn't ever felt something so great and wonderful as that.
It's sad really." The romance changed her mood once more, her eyes and flowing hair are now rosey pink. The thoughts in her mind spoke to her, she
knew that Arnoldo didn't want to hurt anyone. All he wanted was reasurrance that, that would happen. That everyone around him would stay safe.
"I'll do my best to protect you, but If I can..... not, I will do my best to pursue.... your demands." Unity exhaled very deeply as she finished her sentence.
She then looked up into his eyes and felt his soul. His true soul.
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He wasn’t that strong he just didn’t want her to get hurt. Through the short time they have known each other he had grown feelings for her in a brother and sister type way. “Unity...” he paused for a moment as he thought about what he was going to say “I..I..care about you. You is like an older sister I never had. The only person who ever care about me, so thus my feelings are the same.” His hand brushed up against her hand as he held it within his “Don’t worry about the future for it’s uncertain, think about the present so maybe you can change the future.”

His eyes diverted towards the bird Hyme as he smile warmly “ Yep surely did. Both of my parents got kicked out of their respected races an angel should never marry a demon and vice versa. No he hasn’t everything is a new toy to him, a very sick person.” Noticing the change of her hair he smile slightly at the answer she would give him “Thank you.” His eyes connected with hers as an holy aura covers the boy’s body “ And let the those of an angel be the guide light for those of a dark nature.” The sphere within his pocket began to shake violently as the holy aura was disturbing the demonic sphere. “Let it begin.” was all he said, as the holy aura around him got more intense, his normal colored eyes now glowed a golden color. “Unity, believe in change. Believe that anything is possible. Believe in me for you believing will change my destiny.”

Animals from far and wide surround the two individuals as they all watched. The once sleeping sphere awake with a fury of darkness. “Move Unity!” he shouted as the darkness began to kill everything it touches. But before it would reach Unity the image of an male demon and a female angel holding hands would stand in front of the girl. “Son, we are proud of you.” The firues then look at Unity and spoke once again “Thank you for helping him.” And with that the male demon took the demonic sphere and absorbed it into his body.

Arnoldo wept at the sight of this “Mother, Father I miss you!” he cried out, as the two figures disappear. The necklace around his neck suddenly broke as a white sphere hovered just above him. This was his angelic soul, slowly it descended into the boy’s body overpowering the half demonic soul. A pair of angel wings appeared on his back as the holy aura subsided. The animals that was once around both of them dispersed back into the wildlife. Dark yellow eyes looked at Unity as the angelic wings folded around him.

((sorry for the delay))
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Unity stared in awe as she was confused with such a dramatic sight. She jumped
out of the way, unsure what exactly was going to happen. Her face was in utter
shock. His sphere began to shake severely! She thought for sure he was about to change.
Arnoldos' parents, one a demon and the other an angel appeared before them, and
disappeared in one instant.Opposites attract in case it seems. But, they were gone. Unity
ran toward Arnoldo for she felt his heart was broken. Everything has changed for this young
boy within seconds. She stopped not even a foot from him as her eyes traced his newly
created wings. "They are beautiful.." Unity smile shone brightly. She was completely
mesmerized. "Are you alright...? Your parents love you so much! They know you deserve
the best."

Her hair is pure white and stripped with pink, her eyes the same. She was feeling excited and worried all at once. Hyme has returned from a far off branch, he left from cowardliness. He landed on the boys shoulder as his eyesight was mainly focused on the new angel wings that were present.
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Out and about.
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