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 Starting the wheels of faith

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Starting the wheels of faith Empty
PostSubject: Starting the wheels of faith   Starting the wheels of faith EmptyThu Apr 01, 2010 6:28 pm

Somewhere in a disclosed location a man walked through the busy streets of his kingdom. Everywhere he turned there where merchants selling and peasants trying their best to haggle the prices. Everything was about getting the best product for the cheapest price. It’s the same way in the world outside of this everyone tries to get into a higher status in society without wanting to pay the price for it. Pay the price . . . that was something he was familiar with all to well. Leaving his once lover to come back here to kill the tyrant called his father. Into allowing his daughter to get kidnaped and almost killed by a jealous ex . . . yea he had paid the price. But to what extent? That has yet to be seen.

But now he walk through these streets amongst his people making sure that everything is running smoothly. It had only been two years since the restoration had been completed. And he was surprised at the resilient of the people able to bounce back and to be at a better point in their life that they haven’t seen during his father reign. Moving through paved roads he smile warmly at the next generations as they played without a care in the world. He loved his kingdom dearly and wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Walking pass a bridal shop something within it caused him to stop. There laying on the counter was a red wedding dress covered with flower imprints with small diamonds embedded in the center of each flower.

It was that dress that caused a memory that he thought could never resurface to surface again. It was around the same time of the year that he had surprised his ex-lover with a wedding dress of the same design the only thing that was different was the color. His sister had made the one he had given to Rosaria so it was specially made with love and care. He really thought that his life was going to be perfect but faith had a different idea. It called him back to this kingdom and told him to take arms against the man he called his father and thus he did. After the successful attempt the kingdom enters into a restoration period in which old things was getting thrown out for more efficient practices. It had taken four years for it to come to a point of stability but yet there was still a lot to be done. It was in his heart that there was no limit to the capability of his people.

But yet here he is staring at a dress that remained him of her “I wonder how she is doing? Nox told me she was doing fine but that was years ago.” He said softly to him self. Him and Nox had kept in touch but till recently he haven’t ever anything from his once student. “Maybe it’s time for me to visit and to see for myself.” He said walking to his palace. Once inside he told his wife and children about where he was going “I’m going to visit my old friend Nox, remember him? The boy I trained. I haven’t gotten word from him in awhile so I somewhat want to know how everything was going.”

“Okay honey, How long will you be gone?” Aki said.

“At the most three weeks I will write you every night and bring you something back.”

“Okay baby be safe. I love you.”

“Love you to.” He said before leaving the kingdom to take a journey to the lands he had almost forgotten. Leaving the gates of the kingdom he never did once look back, because he knew that everything was in good hands. His wife and siblings wouldn’t let anything happen to their home.

The trip wasn’t as long as he had expected it to be and one would have thought he would had forgot how to get here. But unknowing to everyone he had visit Tallendon more then once since he had disappeared. Coming to the gates of Tallendon he nod at the guards who stood watched and just stood there for a moment taking in the scenery. “It seems some things don’t change with time.” He said in a whisper. This was true for him since he only age everyone a hundred years, even though he hasn’t age some of his figures were different his once dark blue hair was now a bluish white color.

After a few moments of sight seeing he began his walk toward the clinic. He had some unfinished busy with the woman who own the clinic and it were time for him to settle it. It has been more than three years since they had seen each other and to say how he left her didn’t bother him was a ly. He knew what he was about to do could cause him pain and even death for hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn. Knowing this he had already accepted his fate and is going to embrace it.

Walking into the clinic he notice there was a note on the door and it was her hand writing. “So she wants Nox and this other man to meet her in this location for days from now eh? Well then there will be another person joining the party” He said in a calm voice, before turning around and headed deep within the city. The wheels of faith were in motion once again and this time things have changed
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Starting the wheels of faith
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